VP Opinion Poll

Name : Digvijay Gagneja
Department : Department of Electrical Engineering

Year and Course : 3rd Year, Dual Degree

Hall : Nehru

  1. Head incharge of Finances of Kshitij 2009.
  2. Conducted Successful Guest Lectures by ‘Mr.Prahlad Kakkar’ and ‘Dr. Philip Emeagwali’ who captivated an audience of jam-packed TOAT.
  3. Conducted workshop on Forensic Science by CBI and the workshop on Filmmaking.
  4. Initiated and was instrumental in the creation of the online payment gateway for Kshitij.
  5. Soc-Cult Participation: Won GOLD in Inter-Hall Western Vocals, Open-IIT Elocution, SILVER in Inter-Hall Western Groups, Western Vocals, English Elocution, BRONZE in Inter-Hall Choreography, Open-IIT English Dramatics.
  6. Tech Participation: Won SILVER in Inter-Hall AD-Design, Part of Inter-Hall Case-Study Team of Nehru hall.
  7. Sports Participation: Part of Basketball team of Nehru Hall of Residence.
  8. Member of the Western Technology Music Society.
  9. Offered an Internship in ITC, the first company visiting campus for selections.
  10. Anchored Kshitij’s Internal Workshop by iVIZ and External Workshop in Kolkata
  11. CGPA of 8.49 in the department of Electrical Engineering.

Clarification from TSA : The Elocution Gold was Open IIT and not Inter Hall

  1. Establishment of a body for student’s welfare with 3 major objectives:

    a) To establish a centralised mechanism for providing students an opportunity to work under professors in their projects during summer and winter breaks.

    b) Providing a stipend for such students.

    c) Formalising a training procedure for final placements by means of GDs, Assessment Tests and Interviews.

  2. Collaboration with NGOs to educate students and provide internship opportunities
  3. Introduction of Department Representatives in the Traninig and Placement Committee to make the placement process more effective and penetrative. (Proposal clarified by candidate)
  4. Streaming of news channels on the LAN

Name : Shubham Matah

Department : Department of Chemical Engineering

Year and Course : 3rd Year, Dual Degree

Hall : Azad

  1. Sponsorship Head of Kshitij 2009; brought Sponsorship worth INR 9.25 Lacs.
  2. Brought Incubation worth INR 25 Lacs for BPlan competition.
  3. Incharge of Fest’s Audio-Visuals, Photography & Videography.
  4. Soc-Cult participation : Won GOLD in Inter-hall Western Groups ’08, SILVER in Inter-hall Choreo ’09.
  5. Tech participation : Won GOLD in Inter-hall Ad Design ’08.
  6. Sports & Games participation : Won SILVER in Inter-hall Cricket.
  7. Anchored National Education Day celebration of IIT Kharagpur & Kshitij’s Kolkata workshop.
  8. Interned in Ranbaxy after 2nd yr; going to Bharat Petroleum after 3rd yr.
  1. Formation of the “Alternate Careers Group” under the TSG in order to provide students with information about alternate career paths.
  2. Introduce changes to improve the placements in IIT Kharagpur
  3. Provide additional infrastructure to student groups for conducting meetings.
  4. Tie-up with Big Bazaar for home delivery of merchandise at discounted prices via tele-shopping.
  5. Get Sponsored Industrial B.Tech and M.Tech projects for students

UPDATE: The poll has been taken down due to people casting multiple votes. We will try to start a more representative poll soon. Please bear with us.

DISCLAIMER : Information regarding the proposals and achievements has been reproduced exactly as given to us by the candidates. The Scholars’ Avenue is not responsible for any misinformation contained therein.

UPDATE: The VP SOP videos are available on DC++. Search “[ScholsAve] SOP 2009″.


  1. gg says:

    Where are proposals for food, mess, cleaning or any basic necessities ?

    Proposals like news channel and big bazaar home delivery are very childish in nature.

    Addiction to placement can be understood from VP and his friends, adviser being all queuing up for jobs. But i don’t think thats what a 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year dual, phd, RS, MS would want. This is quite pathetic and sole reason or KGP being a pathetic place as there is no notion of even a single thought about how people live or how acads can improve. Only thought is how placement can be better.

  2. sandeep says:

    Its true that both the VP’s didn’t included any thing on basic necessities.
    but may I write what I get from proposals:

    student welfare body(does student welfare means intern and stipend only), intern(in NGO’s), placements(sm ll b directly benefited n others hv to wait 4 videos, in that case I ll prefer youtube), structural reform in training and placement cell(what kind of ??? may be I missed tht part in SOAP box),News channel streaming(I guess its of no use, since every 1 can watch it on internet).

    Alternate career group(beneficial 4 sm students), changes to improve placements(I was thr during this part but it shld be published here also),additional infrastructure 4 students group(how it can help each of us ????), Tie-up with Big Bazaar(it ll help but, smthing more on basic needs shld be included), Sponsored Industrial B.Tech and M.Tech projects(this 1 is lookin good)…..

    so proposals-wise both give stress on career aspects, but I find Mr. Shubham’s proposals better than Mr. Digvijay.

  3. Achintya Nath Sexena says:

    The VPs in IITs are not administrators and they should not be. Any question regarding basic necesities are therefore pointless and reflect upon the ignorance of the junta who’s electing them. Please remember junta that we are electing a VP for the Gymkhana which is for all its purposes a students activity centre, and not a Director or administrator for IIT-Kgp. For basic necessities we should directly approach the institute administration with our grievances. That is how it is the system here and that is how it should remain if IIT has to maintain its academic atmosphere and not got the way of other ‘politically active’ universities across the country.

  4. Avinash says:

    hello sandeep,

    I don’t know how much idea you have about student and administration interaction and representation in various activities. But I will like to tell you one thing VP is a post which on basic necessity level is allowed to represent in only one place HMC. And I think when point of private mess was raised both of them had information about that.

    Proposals are things which can be done anew, and at basic necessity level its the duty of VP to ensure everythng is going smoothly and thus not a proposal.

    And even your views on proposal is quite charming you think proposal like TV channels are useless and people can see them on internet, tell me if 50 people start streamin news channels form internet what will happen to the bandwidth, secondly tell me how many hindi news channels (or better to say Indian news channels) can you watch from internet , I guess none.

    so sandeep first analyse why and what proposal stand for and then comment on them.

    You know you act like the cricket fan who has never played a single ball in any level cricket but jab koi player out hua to di usko gali bhar ke ki shot galat tha.

  5. Prashant Gagneja says:

    We r in IIT …we should follow Meritocracy not democracy propagated by foolish people…Mr Matah has been a very influential Core team member of Kshitij ..the one which entails the maximum effort….

    this sole point makes Mr Matah a much better candidate than Gagneja


  6. Anish Shenoy says:

    I am a first year student and I also had this question in my mind that why aren’t the proposals of both the candidates covering basic amenites and just focussing majorly on placements. However, upon direct interaction with Digvijay Gagneja after the SOAPBOX, I got to know that there are a lot of initiatives taken by the current VP Arnav in this direction, like the introduction of student committee in the BC ROY hospital, in the Hall Management Centre, in the Alumni Cell and there is also a plan of a Restaurant Quality Monitoring Committee in the pipeline. Thus, these being the sowing seeds, it will be a challenging task for the next VP to sustain these new committees and ensure that they perform to what they’re expected to do. Thus, I think that Digvijay’s proposals being oriented towards providing us all with more internship opportunitites, and an effective placement process or streaming a news channel at the comfort of our rooms is totally justified.

  7. manGO says:

    I dont know which proposals are good … but here’s my two cents

    1) Tele Shopping with Big Bazaar … lol … last thing we need is KGP is a few more lazy asses

    2) Streaming of news channels … another lol … there is enough news on net .. video and otherwise

    I dont know why every VP election, people become hopeful. Just for clarification, even though he is VP Gymkhana … he is the premier student representative. But what do you want him to do about basic necessities. He cannot stop the string of “cholbe na” and “murdabad murdabad” (that too on a mic .. these people cant even protest properly). In the end the VP has constraints. and obviously his priorities will be Placements, cos thats everyone’s priorities.

    Personally, though i would love an alternate career group, for people like who have no idea what to do with life … prolly get us some free career counseling … (operative being free, i am not gonna pay for it).

  8. sandeep says:

    Thanks guys 4 gyan abt VP post.
    when d election campaigning starts, I got to know that VP is the the premier student representative, so I thought that VP has something to do with basic needs like mess n others. now for me its clear that VP is to “ensure everything is going smoothly” not “for basic needs” and our dedicated IIT management is thr to look 4 it.
    so sorry for my ignorance.

    about news channel, I want to say that its VP post yaar, so is it worth full to include it in main proposals.

  9. wonder says:

    @avinash .. Your guess is wrong .. you can actually watch hindi news channels (or for that matter Indian news channels) from internet. And there are a quite a few of them. But yes, I agree on the point of bandwidth restrictions

  10. gg says:

    “The VPs in IITs are not administrators and they should not be. Any question regarding basic necesities are therefore pointless and reflect upon the ignorance of the junta who’s electing them.”

    Who the hell is VP then? Everything is assigned to someone. There is an official post in institute for everything. Why do you even need a VP? News and counseling? The thought of that itself is humorous. You want to see *** news channels ? I would expect being an IITian you would raise the bar on what information you get. And counseling, wow how many of you believe that is going to benefit say more than 100 guys while institute is made of 10k people. The thought itself gets an ire from me that VP is just for sake of placement improvements. Ok lets take that too in a positive way. Count the improvements in the history of 60 years.. Ohh you are falling short of words. And none the less, its only the final year who is dying for placement and surely VP is not the VP only for the final years.

    For god’s sake VP is representative of every etch you want get scratched from administration. And that includes proposals like private mess, washing machine in every hall, continuous water supply, juice stalls and so on. But if everybody is happy living with *** then yeah everything is fine. Nevertheless I know all dirty politics played in election which is like hitting hammer on your own head.

  11. Rohit says:

    Is it even legal to air channels on LAN ?
    Do you know that the streaming of cricket matches done is also illegal, but that is something done in hiding.
    But, how can a candidate for VP of TSG IIT-KGP propose an ILLEGAL thing ?????????

  12. manGO says:

    ah … rohit you are not supposed to say that out aloud :)

    Disclaimer … no matches are streamed in KGP … we are law abiding people who dont share pirated stuff on our LAN :)

  13. abcxyz says:

    Digvijay won gold in inter-hall elocution .. really? could someone please remind me when was it?

  14. dipanjan says:

    In the sop Matah appeared to be much more approachable than digvijay. Moreover he is surely a more hard working guy.Matah is assosiated with Ktj for 3 years and is one of the most widely respected core team heads. But gagneja, who was not even a core team member is quite the contrary SO i believe Matah is a much better candidate than matah

  15. Frederick says:

    “Streaming of news channels on the LAN” …. first of all…we dont need a VP for that !!! just ping ak_rulz!!! thats a lame proposal…secondly, as Rohit said, its not legal unless the news channel itself streams it on the net(which is not true for all the channels). But that aside, shouldn’t the VP proposals be on more serious issues ?? A person standing for the post of VP is expected to think over his proposals in a better manner.

  16. manGO says:

    Gold in Inter-hall Elocution
    diggy .. you are smarter than this

    dont say things that can be contradicted by poeple
    or is it a ScholsAve faux pas … get your facts corrected man

  17. arpit says:

    i ll not comment on whos’ better or so…
    but ya alternative careers group is a nice idea…
    seein at the placement scenario this kind of soceity ll help a lott in choosin others alternate as well as good paths..

  18. Johnny says:

    I’m sure that Digvijay wouldn’t have been foolish to propose something like streaming channels at the comfort of your rooms if it was illegal. With the amount of groundwork that he did which clearly was more than Matah’s, I’m sure that he would have contacted several Channels and their Editorial Boards for permission. I think the panel didn’t ask any questions on this and hence, he might not have been able to discuss the groundwork he did with regard to this proposal.

  19. FYI says:


    hehe…how the f**k could Digvijay think of such a proposal. ZERO groundwork. lol….n he even managed to get away with it in the sopbox.

  20. Raju says:

    I loved Digvijay’s proposals…after seeing him in the SOP I can tell with confidence that be it by way of SOP, credentials or proposals, he was outright MR. VP.

  21. Frederick says:

    “Literary Secretary, Nehru Hall, 2007-08

    Member of Inter-hall Ad Design team, Nehru Hall”

    its like trying to fill up ur cv with whatever u can write

  22. Amit says:

    See the proposals of both the candidates and their priority (the proposals are priority-wise according to the candidates as they accepted in SOP).

    Shubham Matah: in reality, his best proposal i.e. alternate carrier plan can be of use for at max 100-200 students (who prepare for IAS, CFA, ACTUARIES etc. etc.).

    Digvijay Gagneja: his best proposal considers 1st and 2nd yrs for projects related issue and 3rd, 4th and 5th yrs for TnP related issue. So, Digvijay Gagneja’s proposals include the welfare of all students whila Shubham Matah’s include only 100-200 (at max 500) students.


  23. anu says:

    when digvijay came to our hall(MMM), he promised to increase the allowable percentage of DepC from 10%.We liked this very much. I was just wondering wheather a vp can do this?
    and another thing, did he mention this in his proposals yesterday?

  24. onemore says:

    both of them have really lame proposals.. close to ridiculous actually.. anyways.. there should be a review every quarter or so tocheck the progress on these. Most of the VP’s end up implementing (sort of) only a small fraction of their proposals. There has been a lot of talk about making the institute admin accountable and so on. Why not start the process at home. Lets us make the student post holders accountable first

  25. Kishan Srinivas says:


    My reply is to the very first post. The things you are talking about are surely required and you I agree with you that the VP can intervene in this. However, like pointed out in the SOAP Box yesterday, these things are something which have already been worked out by the present and the past VP. Things like privatisation of mess have already been proposed and whoever becomes the VP, will persist with it (I do not remember hearing either of the candidates mention that all they will do during their tenure will be to stick to their proposals).

    Streaming news channels, Digvijay has categorically mentioned that he is going to get only those channels which allow free streaming. So we really cant compare this to the cricket match can we? As for Shubham’s proposal on home delivery from BigBazaar, I get a feeling it is going to be one of those ideas which will be mocked around by people, but when implemented, will be a grand success.

    Other things apart, placements remain the most important issue on campus. To understand the gravity of the issue, lets just examine two situations.
    1) We have air conditioned rooms to live in for our 2,4,5 respective years and in the end, 1/3rd of us are left unplaced.
    2) We live like we have lived during our stay on Campus and go on to get a lucrative job which will help us have Air Condition and the best of lifestyles for the rest of our lives.

    Well, if you say “We are here for research and govt spends so much of the tax payer’s money on us.” In the final year, out of 1400 students graduating, 1359 were registered for placements and over 550 of them are still worrying about a job.

  26. gaurav says:

    @anu …
    No digvijav had no proposal of such kind yesterday … and I think
    It is not in the reach of VP .
    If digvijav said this .. it was pretty cheap on his part.

  27. HARSH says:

    r u even aware of the number of students whom the profs take in thr 1st or 2nd yr for any project.
    its not even a fraction of the students and gagneja thinks he will be able to provide them with paid projects and the profs doesnt even will to take them as they dont have the required knowledge yet to do any project. i think this proposal of him is the same as that of giving loppilop to a kid as he and his mates did in MMM hall by doing NMQ in every room or two and giving them cholcolates for some silly answers.

    SHUBHAM MATAH caters to much more relevant issues

  28. choclate says:

    Digvijay said ‘prajak’ is an initiative by kgpans. BTW it is outrightly wrong. IT is not an initiative of any kgpian

  29. hari says:

    I think rather than playing politics, each one should vote for the deserving candidate only. Though both candidates performed well, shubham did have an edge over digvijay in yesterday’s soap. He succeded in answering all the questions while digvijay was at loss for words many a times.Any neutral person who attended the soap yesterday would definitely agree that shubham would be better for the post of vp.

  30. anu says:

    thnx Gaurav
    but then how a vp candidate of iit kgp did such a cheap thing??
    shame on him if he really cant do this

  31. anil says:

    i agree with hari in the sense that vp is the representative of students and choosing the correct one is what we need to do… regarding yesterdays soap , shubham definitely had an edge … and dont play these stupid poltu’s ..we need to take the correct decision and its shubham for me…

  32. Ashutosh says:

    It seems that after deleting the following comment……

    “I had never ever thought that scholars avenue would be favouring a lossing candidate(hope all had seen the SOP) ie gagneja and is doing the so called poltu in IIT lingo. all know that Shubham Matah has been been associated with ktj as volu then core team member and then an excellent head and proved his caliber but ur the just scholars avenue team just writes that he had been ASSOCIATED WITH KTJ is totally unjustified whereas u r elaborating even the small participation of gagneja is totally unjustified if u elaborate the achievements of Shubham Matah the page would need to be scrolled several times. This is a direct YELLOW JOURNALISM done by THE SCHOLARS AVENUE.

    Scholars Av trying to fool around the junta.It its quite clear that by updating the profile of Shubham Matah what kind of poltu is going on in favour of gagneja.

    Whoever is the moderator i hope this comment will not be deleted.

  33. manGO says:

    why is the achievements sections full of irrelevant things
    how are the CGPA and intern info gonna help me decide who to vote for?

    candies cmon … this is not a resume to send out to companies …

  34. mohit says:

    @mango if u see gagneja ahievements is full of irrelevant details of hall contribution …bt matah its not …a nd now the poll has been taken down …..why is schols ave being bias towards gagneja ….??
    it wont help guys

  35. 2nd one says:

    after the sop, i think that digvijay can be a better VP than matah. although i favoured for matah, as i know him personally , n i know tat he is capabke of being a good leader… but i think digvijay will be a better VP… digvijay’s proposals may be lame, but matah’s are lamer… i mean he was completely concentrating on placements n careers…

  36. mohit says:

    @ 2nd one wow another one from nehru ….have u been paid to write all this and how much !!

  37. Matahisworthless says:

    Matah….for the conduction of his own event in Kshitij, comes at 9 whereas all the other seniors and participants where present there at 8 as the time printed by Matah.

    This shows he is irresponsible and when asked in the SOP, to hide his irresponsibility he says “IT WAS A MISPRINT”
    (good spontaneous reason) :)

    Such a person who cannot conduct a small event properly, I admire how the insti will come down if he becomes the VP

  38. mritunjay says:

    i suggest 2 every one 2 see the vp’s SOP then decide about ur vital vote.
    because ur wrong vote will affect not only u but the whole junta.
    i saw the vp’s SOP and can surely say that “Subham” is the “MAN”.
    but u decide for ur
    and best of luck for both!

  39. mohit says:

    guys writing matahisworthless wont spoil his image or his cally everyone noes it!! …and if u have the balls why dont u write ur own name and give ur view !!

  40. admin says:

    @mohit Please read the updates before you comment. The poll was taken down since there were reports of certain people casting upwards of 10 votes for a candidate. We felt the poll was no longer an accurate representation of the KGPs opinion and hence we took it down. Please do not make unfounded allegations.

  41. matahisworthless says:


    who guarantees that ur name is mohit

  42. mohit says:

    hmmm gt it !

  43. sai says:

    if u really knew matah personally and u attended the soap ur favour for matah would have increased .so according to u the proposal of airing news channels on lan is not lame? he didn’t specify in the sop
    whether he plans to do it legally in which case huge amount of money would be required… u dont decide whose proposals are lame, the janta will decide….

  44. mohit says:

    the same who guarantees that u r a** from nehru hall !!

  45. mohit says:

    if he had thot that way he shuld have given it inhis 6 page proposal dude ….he had done ground work in everyother thing why not this !!

  46. matahisworthless says:

    you have claimed “2nd one” has been assigned a duty.
    But as far as I think, seeing the no. of posts you have send here and replied to each of them…….I guess you have been given the duty of favouring Matah.

    So how much are you paid?????????

  47. matahisworthless says:

    @ mohit:

    Matah lacked grdwork in every proposal

  48. 2nd one says:

    @ mohit…
    i am not frm nehru… n i dont know if u r not frm azad, but sont let hall tempo come into this…
    i mean how come u r supporting him to such an extent that u wont even consider the opposite view…
    n by his cgpa, we can see that digvijay is an an allrounder who could organise bothe his acads n extra acads very well…

  49. anonymous says:

    the proposals by digvijay are irrelvant and nothing else. In evey question he was just trying to loop in his comments, without giving authentic figures and satisfactory answers. Nothing that he talked yesterday seemed logical. lemme ellaborate-

    1. Streaming of news channel, well thats crap and nothing else, nobody can do it officially(its close to officaily giving flag to piracy).

    2. Internships- well i was in first yr in kgp and lemee tell u for the sake of all first yr who became ***** after what this manipulative man said, since students mainly freshers dont have that much dep knowledge , hence they are never encouraged for the projects. Plus the only thing I saw students doing was making programs for mean and variance. Even in 2nd yr, nobody has guts to officialy take a project(coz this all requires a lot of research and dedication ), then how can he say all this rant. maybe he thinks fucches are too stupid…

    3. he says he will provide internships in renowned ngos, why not local??? coz the ngos of international repute may end up giving u the certis which may land u in harvard business school. How can u think of clubbing a good work as social work to be done for ur personal pursuits??

    4. Plus never smile in formal discussions, it makes u look stupid…

  50. mritunjay says:

    STOP! mataisworthless . who r u?
    why r u hinding ur name…..and blaming on other. shame on u man.
    let junta decide for their vote. who r u to force them for a particular ..
    ***! stop this yar. it is not a which is joke going on.
    don’t ply politics here.
    u r an IITian and behave like that.

  51. mohit says:

    @ 2nd one because u were trying to make ur wrong point correct !digvijay has got 8.49 cg all he could say was internships and nothing else
    do u get my point !

  52. mohit says:

    @ maahh i is wrothless …dude make ur thinking worth first …!!

  53. Ashutosh says:

    can nyone tell the junta anything about Digvijay’s proposal as given in MMM hall about increasing the Dep C percentage?Does he give different proposals to 1st years and Sop box?

    one more thing we heard a lot about chocolate distributing case by Digvijay in MMM hall….

    Does he think junta is fool and they will vote like a rickshawala who favours a candidate who gives him sari,kambal and bottle….?

  54. mohit says:

    and guys stop playing hall poltu ….read the propsals see the video …decide who has more cally …??

  55. matahisworthless says:


    As I said before, if I hav not specified my name ,…. I dont think you can guarantee your name is Mritunjay.

    Through my posts, I am just trying to express my views and leaving the rest for the junta to decide.

    Why are u gettin so much affected, if u cant find any facts there??? Just keep ur mouth shut and let others decide whether they are true are not.

    As said by you, because everyone here is an IITian, let them decide of their own……They will certainly not be affected my mine or your posts…they have brains and most of them hav seen the SOP yesterday

  56. mohit says:

    @ matah is worthless…..and they certainly be affected by ur name :)

  57. matahisworthless says:

    I also like to express my views through my name…. I care a damn if you are getting so much affected by that name(@mohit).

    I dont think any person having brain will change his views by this name.
    Those are just my views

  58. junta says:

    matah lacked groundwork on his proposals

  59. anu says:

    @ ashutosh
    i too have the same questions.
    can someone plzz clarify why digvijay told that depc proposal to us, in MMM when he even didn’t mention it in the sop.
    by the way, giving chocolate by digvijay is good. i think matah should do that too :P

  60. mohit says:

    i am certainly affected …and many of others are to..
    .bt we very well noe jst becoz u need that wht u r writing to be read (publicity stunt )

  61. mohit says:

    he said he would increase the dep c by 10 per how can that happen !

  62. mritunjay says:

    @matahisworthless owe!
    u have copied my views and saying 2 me
    really u r…
    bhai tere bolene se digvijay jeet nahi jayega aur tere bolne se owe hare ga bhi nahi
    then why r u cring.
    and one thing more my name is MRITUNJAY
    GOT IT!

  63. zapper says:

    if smeone distribute u chocolate that dosn’t means you shuld vote him for vice president…..this is a post of vice president not a game of distributing chocolates
    @junta……..if u have any comment then specify it cearly by taking at least one example…if u find something is wrong then describe in detail……people are here to response…..

  64. mohit says:

    yep @anu be a man

  65. Ashutosh says:

    Yo Schol Av Ka moderator…

    u r really a ram bhakt for digvijay….

    by updating the digvijay’s irrelevent achievements again u hav proved this…

  66. mritunjay says:

    Mohit ask this question 2 matahis worthless
    i think he know more than mr. digvijay :)

  67. mohit says:

    i must say again IRRELEVANT details !

  68. zapper says:

    change in % of depc case is out of reach of vp……..this point is worthless to discuss…….and if digvijay told this to first years then….how can he make this possible as this is beyond his powers…

  69. mohit says:

    @ mritunjay i think ‘IT’ read ur words !

  70. gg says:

    To, Kishan Srinivas post 25 …

    None of these VP has done anything towards placements. Whatever improvements have come, have come through dedicated students who have nothing to do with VP. Whoever has achieved anything has achieved on his own willpower. If you want to live in cheesy dreams like what you had said, my best wishes for you. For every freaking notice take cycle and run to notice board, after 8-9 years of LAN installation thats the pathetic status of institute. Every notice should be published on LAN, that was one of the motives of installing LAN when first these idea of LAN had come. Besides private mess comment of yours, let me tell you truth.. national ads were published, 3 months of tiring process it had gone through, HP, VP warden from each hall were there, whole thing got scrapped by 1 line in 1 meeting. Tell me when did VP gave explanation to any student that what happened ?? KGP director was the first to sing that we will increase seats when reservation stuff happened, tell me how ?? People are living like animals, 2-3 stuffed in a room supposed to be for single. Here it goes dream of being an international std institute.

  71. Siddharth says:

    People over here are saying that Their proposal are concentrated on career,
    I think people are here mainly for that, correct me if I am wrong, and if you need to do different thing, you don’t need a VP. You are capable of doing many things on your own.VP’s prime concern in IIT KGP is Placement and representing student’s view to administration,He is not like Prime minister of India,So Don’t Expect too much,Expecting too much is childish and emotional.So Please Kgpian come out of the ***** culture of Hall And Vote for whom you like Don’t impose your Opinion on other,
    Posting Like I think he is better him is not something Expected from us.
    And Don’t to do campaign over here.

  72. Avinash says:

    As people talking about illegal streaming ,,

    Please refer to videos and ask for clarification from man himself,, he mentioned he has taken permission from 4 channels falling inside two network groups, the point is ki he is trying to stream channels legally and its not like wat is done on lan a person changes channel and many ppl have to suffer. It will be 4 or as many possible channels streamed parallely.

    Proposal was based on the fact ki in past schlum , mcknzie, cat interviewer have commented that general awareness (about national and international affairs)of Kgpians is quite low as compared to other iits.

  73. mritunjay says:

    yo! siddhu i m with u
    ask few guys to control their hall tempo

  74. ankit says:

    @ mohit
    I am a first year student and I can’t even understand why you are wasting your time in supporting a candidate who doesn’t suits for the post of VP at all. And do you think, that by writing against Gagneja you can make the first years fool, then you better keep it in your mind that we are not fools, we know very well who deserves to be VP,he is no other than Gagneja.From your post I got a feeling that you are afraid of your candidate being loosing.

  75. Avinash says:

    And people talking about administration and basic need issues, VP is a gymkhana post who is given representation in a couple of comittees namely HMC and senate, in this comitees also he doesnt have a decision taking power.

    Besides this both candidates kept their proposal to TNP because VP is a member of TNP and TNP is a place where in past Professor-in-charges have given weight to student’s advice.

  76. mritunjay says:

    @ mohit sorry,i cann’t get u
    wht u said.
    have i said somthing wrong?

  77. mohit says:

    dude we didnt hear anything from him yesterday how come now !!

  78. anu says:

    who gave u authority to speak for the whole 1st year batch?
    i’m in MMM. at first we thought in favour of gagneja as his proposals in mmm was sounding lucrative. but now we know that he was falsifying and was trying to make us fool. i can assure that ryt now matah is much more popular in MMM
    Atleast he doesn’t falsify

  79. Vivek says:

    @Ankit… I’m quite sure u are not a first year student… and stop being the ‘representative’ of first years. You are just giving way to your frustration by making pointless arguments

  80. mritunjay says:

    ankit r u allright?
    don’t give the wrong direction.and mr. wht r u doing here?
    invest ur time yar :D

  81. zapper says:

    @siddharth….iam agree wid u…..nowadays the condition of placement is even pathetic in some departments……..even average pakage has gone down…which was near about 7 lakh last year….students are not able to get job till now….so whats the reason if someone coming to iit and not getting a satisfactory job….so vp main work should concentrated to improve the condition of placments as this is the primary dream of every iitian……other work are also important……but primarily placements condition needs improvement

  82. mohit says:

    no mritunjay nothing against u peace :)

  83. Ashutosh says:

    I dont undersatnd one thing u alwayz mention ‘i m a first year student’.
    by doing so do u get ny reservation or some extra power to favour gagneja? This clearly shows some poltu….nowhere its written to mention in which year u r.

  84. Siddharth says:

    And fachha, you think you are not a fool , this is the first sign of you being a fool.Everyone knows what a first yr is at KGP .Specially first yrs please don’t post whom you liked

  85. Anurag Srivastava says:

    This is a stupid game being played in the comments here. Stop attacking the candidates for personal reasons and be logical. Watch the SOP video and make your own opinion instead of crappy poltufied discussions here.

    The BC Roy incident is so fresh in our minds, it doesn’t seem like Matah would be able to handle such incidents. He didn’t have authority and spoke immaturely for the most part of the SOP.

    And his major proposal was home delivery of Big Bazaar goods which is essentially something to be decided by Big Bazaar management for their personal benefit and is independent of what the VP or VP candis think or want. Moreover, Big Bazaar supply to messes was banned recently because of low quality so why would any body want it’s home delivery too.

  86. anu says:

    Simply saying, i just want to say that a lier shouldn’t be a VP. I really didn’t expect this kind of behavior from 1 of my seniors, who claims himself to be ‘reputed’

  87. Vivek says:

    @Anurag… y dont u stop attacking the candis??
    “It doesn’t ‘seem like’…” How can you predict??
    As far as Big Bazaar issue is concerned, it was clearly elaborated in the proposal that the supply was banned because the prices were too high… and the reason for high price was ‘much better quality’.
    Dont post arbit info

  88. mohit says:

    anurag how do u thik can gagneja handle anything when he who is considered to be a good pulic speaker was not able to meet anyones expecations while giving the proper answers and gt contradicted so many times on his own facts !

  89. zapper says:

    @ankit….as u r telling that mohit is wasting his time in supporting his candidate…….so i need to ask u what r u doing here…just pointing gagneja name repeatedly….so what this means……that u r also supporting ur candidate in a cheap way………
    if u have some supporting point to put here then put them……..so that kgp junta can able to know better about candidates…..

  90. Anurag Srivastava says:

    It would be pleasant if you shut up and watched the SOP video once, twice, thrice and straightaway voted. Everyone knows who was the better of the two candidates, who did the most work, and the maximum groundwork for his proposals. We don’t require your illuminating poltubaazi on behalf of Matah here.

  91. dipanjan says:

    have you seen the whole sop? i dont think big bazar was his major proposal.
    and matah had the courage to face opposition. digvijay was talking luking at his pact brothers only. matah is the only one who addressed one and even directly answered to the ‘booing’ of opposition. MATAH has much more stamina & courage than gagneja

  92. kaun hoon mai? says:

    what the hell is going on here in this opinion poll, fachaas are being made a means by the seniors to preach for the one they support. its no fachha here , only some dude who think are very smart, are trying to play a game an pass time.. go and do other stuff rather than being an idiot and posting like some freak

  93. mohit says:

    did groundwork of 6 pages so that no panelist can question him also….if he would have straight forward it would have better !

  94. Palkush says:

    Enough Said.

    What do you guys thing? Any uninitiated guy will actually see the poll results, read your worthless comments and then decide his VOTE?

    You yourself are again and again saying that we are IITians and we can think for ourselves, and you hypocrites are still trying to converse on a public forum thus thinking you can actually influence someone’s vote.

    If anybody actually cared to read another good poll on this website, it states that 48% of people think that Elections should be pactless, each Individual for his own. So why don’t you just let that happen?

    People like you bunked thier classes, so that they could cast multiple votes online. Wow, Way to go! All what this shows is that you have no confidence in your OWN CHOICE, and are desperately trying him to WIN.

    Our alumni are reading this forum, do you want them to read this biased and groundless allegations of you people using fake Names?

    I would have never thought people like us, supposed to be the most intellectual people in India, will drown our logic and reasoning to politics! Use your own sense, and stop campaigning(Negative or Positive).

    If you want to make people AWARE, then just tell them to VOTE, don’t try to tell them whom to VOTE.

    People must have been there in yesterday’s SOP Box, if they weren’t tell them to watch the videos at least.

  95. anu says:

    i’m not playing any poltu here.
    who did poltu is gagneja. he made false promises to us
    he is no better than our street politicians who make false promises to win vote
    and who are u to stop me?
    and for ur kind information i haven’t commented on sop. I’m just saying a truth that is “GAGNEJA IS A LIAR”
    if u want to deny that plzz xplain his stand on depc

  96. Anurag Srivastava says:

    Again, Gagneja was always the person who took the initiative and gave the first answer when a question was put to both the candis. He gave the most elaborate, well prepared answers and was incredibly detailed with his proposals. Maybe you have a distorted field of view, either get checked by an ophtalmologist or kindly make yourself available as a VP candi in the next possible opportunity so that you can show us how better a candidate can be, because Matah clearly wasn’t good enough.

    I’m not speaking stupidly here, with no base. Watch the SOP video and make your own decision. If you are unbiased, and have no poltu or pact affiliation like mohit and company above who have been sitting here since morning voting for Matah and praising him as if he had machaoed yesterday when in fact the opposite happened. Maybe Matah himself should take some initiative now and find out who these people are who are publicising him in so obvious a poltu fashion on The Scholars’ Avenue website and stop them.

  97. angshuman says:

    great,every tme i visit this page mrDIGVIJAY’S achievemenys are increasing,has he done all this today itself?great work then.. lets put a page listing his achievements where all fachhas and others will keep on adding new achievements at their own will… it will help the candi..

  98. dipanjan says:

    is it a true that digvijay promised falsely to increase dep c %?
    its to much yaar
    how can any responsible kgpian do that?

  99. Anurag Srivastava says:

    The DepC topic in this thread started off from a baseless unproven allegation and was fuelled by poltu Matah supporters and pact waale like yourself. If he hasn’t mentioned in his proposals during SOP then he hasn’t promised it – clear?

    Everyone make your decisions on the proposals and the groundwork presented in SOP not on the baseless allegations like “X said that he would give me more DEPC opportunities” that are being fuelled by supporters and cavalry men of one of the candidates on this site.

  100. mohit says:

    yeah mr gagneja supporter @anuraag shrivastav …calling me someone supporter wont help it man !

  101. zapper says:

    @anurag…..ok as u said “The BC Roy incident is so fresh in our minds, it doesn’t seem like Matah would be able to handle such incidents. He didn’t have authority and spoke immaturely for the most part of the SOP.”
    ‘He didn’t have authority’…what this sentence means???
    what is ur definition of mature behaviour??
    as u r saying that matah spoke immaturately…..give atleast one example….dont give any point widout any proper proof
    and one thing to pay attention here if u r saying something just support ur views by some solid points……..not just general observation………..

  102. dipanjan says:

    “Candidate Digvijay Gagneja’s Achievements have been updated at the candidates insistence”
    is anymore proof we do need to tell that how much self oriented a person digvijay is?
    will he care for anyone after being a vp
    he is actually insisting people to lengthen his achievement list !!!!!!!
    what a vp candy

  103. Ravi says:

    @ People who are supporting Matah…
    Before attending the SOP box I have completely neutral views about both the candidates and after the SOP I felt Digvijay is a better candidate compared to Matah…

    Matah’s proposals lacked ground work and gave lame reasons for that.
    He said that around 150 students wrote CFA Exam (He told that some senior told him) while its only 8 students who gave the exam). Later he said using this platform Level 2 students can advice Level 1 students. Keep in mind for a person to appear for a level 2 exam he must have at least a bachelors degree in his hand.

    Coming to that “KTJ experience” where the seniors and participants arrived at 8oclk he came late and he stated that it is a misprint in the kshitij schedule.(Again a lame reason)

    People are talking about Digvijay’s CGPA as an irrelevant achievement then what about this “Interned in Ranbaxy after 2nd yr; going to Bharat Petroleum after 3rd yr.” what do you call this…

    Coming to the proposal of tie-up with big-bazaar he could give no of items that are coming from big-bazaar to a certain hall.. and he stated that as a finer details and said that he didnt want to waste time mugging up these numbers… keep in mind these finer details are the one which creates problems.

    Overall I found Digvijay confident and did a good ground work on his proposals which Matah lacked.

  104. mohit says:

    @ravi at the end of ur story u wrote
    “Overall I found Digvijay confident and did a good ground work on his proposals which Matah lacked”
    does writing that proves ur point !

  105. anu says:

    plzzz don’t call me a liar anurag
    if u have any doubt, i’m openly challenging you that Digvijay himself told these. if u want to test it just go to any guys from HK blck. they all know about it as gagneja addressed them during campaign

  106. mohit says:

    now say something mr gagneja supporter aka mr anurag shrivastav !i think u like it

  107. sachin says:

    Its shocking that inspite of so many cases of typhoid, jaundice in Kgp, no proposals have been made to improve the hygiene of the eateries in the campus, which still use unfiltered, germ-stricken tapwater. An aquaguard is a must at these places. The Veggies’ guy says he doesnt have an aquaguard as they dont provide service to private eateries in campus. WHAT THE HELL???? Sure the VPs can do something abt it!!!

  108. Anurag Srivastava says:

    @zapper To all the crap you are saying, I answer – go watch the SOP video again.
    And to make it clear I stated my personal preference above but that doesn’t mean that I want everyone to blindly support the candidate I like – quite opposite of what your gang is trying to do here.
    I am blatantly hurt by your unprecedented and blind cheering for one candidate independent of all established procedures to determine the better candidate like the SOP box, the proposals and the groundwork.

    And unlike you, I am differentiating my personal preferences and my public request. My personal preference is definitely Digvijay Gagneja, yes. And my public request is to kindly watch the SOP video to make your decision instead of vague and poltufied forums like this here. I believe any sane person would definitely vote for Gagneja after watching the video.

  109. Vivek says:

    @Ravi.. all that was told was.. ‘this year 150 students are preparing’

  110. mohit says:

    is this a joke …..
    “I am blatantly hurt by you unprecedented and blind cheering for one candidate independent of all established procedures to determine the better candidate like the SOP box, the proposals and the groundwork”
    how can u even write something so baseless

  111. mohit says:

    and u find ur comments so good and others comments as crap !
    mr gagneja supporter aka mr anurag shrivastav

  112. Anurag Srivastava says:

    That statement of ‘this year 150 students are preparing’ couldn’t be justified by Matah – he just said ‘my senior told me so’ whilst the panel concretely justified the fact that only a single-digit number of students had appeared in the entrance exam last year.

    Again, this is a straight transcript from the SOP video. No more additional masala added unlike zapper and anu.

  113. rahul says:

    After the SOP, i can safely say that the deserving candidates are :

    VP : Digvijay Gagneja
    Soc-Cult : Abhimanyu Dikshit , Mandar Chandorkar
    Tech : Akshay Sharma, Deepak
    Sports : Angam, Ghanshyam

  114. Anurag Srivastava says:

    Dude, stop quoting me again and again, 90% of your comments are lifted from mine with a single line or two added with an exclamation mark. Either explain yourself logically like what I’m trying to do here and make this a fruitful discussion and you can simply stop commenting just for the hell of it(or in this case, your pact or your hall or your friend who’s the candi)

  115. ajay says:

    I totally agree with rahul…

    VP : Digvijay Gagneja
    Soc-Cult : Abhimanyu Dikshit , Mandar Chandorkar
    Tech : Akshay Sharma, Deepak
    Sports : Angam, Ghanshyam

  116. Rohit says:

    the only thing that Gagneja told hat there is new rule in place from this year which says that this year onwards, the department strength of any department can’t fall below 10%,so in departments like MSc. Chemistry,Physics.. not many people would be able to have their Depc…
    again..it was not his proposal… its a new rule in place from this year and Gagneja was just informing the 1st yrs about this.

  117. dipanjan says:

    untill i read ur posts in the group i thought gagneja is the most irresponsible person of the world who makes false promises and a lot of incorrect statements in the sop-box. but now i’m amazed to see ur irresponsibility and “brainlessness” how can u say that your personal support is such a candidate
    by the way i too request everyone to see sop box video to get a flavor of how well matah did in the sop

  118. mohit says:

    pact politics shuru ab !aur likh do teen chaar log

  119. Vivek says:

    I can’t believe this .. Does the TSA team plan to do anything (to stop, precisely) about this game of allegations being played in the comments forum, because am pretty sure this wasn’t your aim exactly in putting up this post. It’s really shocking to find people sitting on both sides maligning the other candidate and trying to exalt their own. Instead of a fruitful discussion, all we find are jaundiced views leading nowhere ..

    a shame .. It couldn’t get worse..

  120. Bhaskar says:

    Everyone watch the SOP videos……the conclusion would be the same as rahul and ajay….

    VP : Digvijay Gagneja
    Soc-Cult : Abhimanyu Dikshit , Mandar Chandorkar
    Tech : Akshay Sharma, Deepak
    Sports : Angam, Ghanshyam

  121. mohit says:

    ek baar aur dost mugg liya hain na ache se ek baar aur …..

  122. dipanjan says:

    if you really think that ghanshyam, deepak, avimanyu, akshay and digvijay performed well in sop then u seriously need a nerve treatment

  123. Anurag Srivastava says:

    I request the TSA team to block comments on this post as people have been discussing illogically and without sound minds. It’s become a game of ! and quoting other people now that they don’t have anything else concrete to say.
    Please block comments. And everyone watch the SOP video.
    THE END.

  124. mohit says:

    yeah they really do !everyone noes wht to do …dnt be a** people …

  125. dipanjan says:

    I”M Picking the worst performers in soap
    VP : Digvijay Gagneja
    Soc-Cult : Abhimanyu Dikshit
    Tech : Akshay Sharma
    Sports : Ghanshyam

  126. Rocky says:

    Yes….Akshay Sharma – GSec Tech !

  127. Rocky says:

    Akshay was the best candidate in the SOP….totally deserves to be the next GSec Tech…..watch the video

  128. mohit says:

    ek aur aur likh be apne apne hall ke candi sab likh do yaha pe !

  129. dipanjan says:

    how on earth someone say that deepak/akshay gave better sop than pranav ?

  130. mohit says:

    dipanjan peace maar they dnt noe wht they are writing ….

  131. dipanjan says:

    by the way
    akshay was my pick 4 worst soap performer.

  132. Rocky says:

    GSec Tech top 2 would be Akshay and Pranav…

  133. Lalit Sen says:

    I agree with Rocky….

  134. Palkush says:

    @dipanjan & ashutosh, you are actually employed by your hall to defend matah on this forum or what?

    By retorting to everybody you are actually encouraging this unhealthy campaign.

    Get a life!

  135. mohit says:

    matah kaha se aa gaya yaha to gsecs ki baat ho rahi read carefully palkush !

  136. prashant says:

    Abhimanyu Dikshit was the best in Soc-Cult SOP box…panel bilkul nahi maar paaya uski…….just see Sahir ka kya haal hua….watch the SOP video

  137. zapper says:

    @ravi………ok so taking ur story
    about KTJ experience…..printing the schedule is not under work spons head.if there was any printing mistake then those are responsible who handled the printing work.
    and as u told about experience thig then tell me one thig that where as credentials says that digvijay was active in hall from second year so why he was not a core team member in 2nd year???and he was forced to become a core team head in 3rd year by hall seniors……
    CGPA is one thing …..ok so make vp to IR 1..who has higest CGPA…
    and “Interned in Ranbaxy after 2nd yr; going to Bharat Petroleum after 3rd yr.”….this means that both trainings industrial …..and bharat petroleum is a very good company………

  138. dipanjan says:

    dude plzz dont attack personally in this way. we know ur hll. and to speak about being employed by hall we still remember what you were doing in ‘bengali drams’ interhall
    so bttr don’t get personal
    get a better life :)
    c u

  139. priya says:

    @prashant….good observation ! totally apt

  140. ankit says:

    seems that u r the new a**saver for nehru and gagneja. how many chocolates did u get for this.

  141. mritunjay says:

    mr. bhasker this is very bad 2 publicity ur decision
    but let me tell u this not going 2 affect anybody
    all the best for u and ur candi……

  142. mohit says:

    pura dabba de diya hoga bhai !

  143. priya says:

    @ prshant…seriously Abhimanyu handled the panel very well…on the other hand, Sahir was left speechless, his whole proposal fell flat

  144. aabhaas says:

    all the survey by gagneja were done only in nehru hall … n half of the things what he said were not correct

  145. mritunjay says:

    some cashhhhh?

  146. Ketan says:

    My Picks:

    Soc-Cult: Abhimanyu & Kavish
    Tech : Akshay & Pranav

    sports i didnt see…

  147. Frederick says:

    “when digvijay came to our hall(MMM), he promised to increase the allowable percentage of DepC from 10%.We liked this very much. I was just wondering wheather a vp can do this”

    did this really happen?? digvijay never mentioned this in SOP…..i dont think its in the vp’s power to change such rules in any way…shame on diggi if he said this to lure the first yrs….

  148. ankit says:

    @anurag srivastav
    u r no one to tell the TSA to block somebodys view
    if something needs to be stopped, then it the stupid game that nehru candi (gagneja) played by distributing chocolates and saying that he will increse the depc %. the vp is not entitled to be in academic meetings.

  149. aabhaas says:

    let me make 1 thing clear 2 all of u that gagneja was not the core team member but directly became the cthead which shows that his experience is much lesser than matah

  150. mathur says:

    Digvijay for VP !

  151. Tudu says:

    and matah did survey in his room/bathroom in azad and all the things he said was wrong(except his intro)

  152. mritunjay says:

    aaabhas bhai.
    u missed one thing MR. digvijay was survey only in nehru hall and eletrical dept.
    and wht a answer about the dimension of arrena……
    *** great poltu
    question decided ans decided…….
    great !!!!!

  153. mathur says:

    Digvijay has experience in hall and societies as well as the core team……Matah is nowhere near to him

  154. mathur says:

    Digvijay surveyed in 5 halls

  155. ankit says:

    @mathur r u the new paid worker for digvijay
    because if he wins ( which is not going to be anyway) then he is going to treat everybody like his maids.

  156. Ravi says:

    Soc-Cult : Abhimanyu & Kavish
    Tech : Akshay & Pranav

  157. mathur says:

    I’m in Azad and I’d vote for Diggy so stop the poltu pacts here and watch the SOP video

  158. choubey says:

    my top 2 :

    Soc-Cult = Mandar & Abhimanyu
    Tech = Deepak & Akshay

  159. Rohit says:

    Digvijay was only informing you about a new rule that department strength of any dep can’t fall below 10%..that’s it… he was only making you aware.. he didn’t promise any thing

  160. zapper says:

    @anurag…….ok waht u said….i read it….but the problem is there that i have asked u something reagarding ur sentence which u did’t answer…inspite of that u wrote another long sad story…….we r not here to write stories……and as u said..”And unlike you, I am differentiating my personal preferences and my public request. My personal preference is definitely Digvijay Gagneja, yes. And my public request is to kindly watch the SOP video to make your decision instead of vague and poltufied forums like this here. I believe any sane person would definitely vote for Gagneja after watching the video.”
    just read again what u wrote here….u have pointed gagneja name according to ur personal views….as well as…u r saying that….any sane person would definitely vote for gagneja after watching the video……..so how u know this…..let the people decide whom to vote…..and if u r saying this….then definitely this is ur publicity stunt……..shame for this…..

  161. mritunjay says:

    first of all mind ur language. and if u don’t know about mr.shubham then see the sop video if agin not getting ur answer then ask ur heart and again u r not getting the answer then TERA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA HAI WE ALL R SORRY FOR U.

  162. ankit says:

    speaking about kavish desai
    i know him from last 3 years and i strongly believe that he is the best candi for G.Sec soc-cult
    he has unlimited cally and a good determiniation
    he even made a depc in first yr

  163. patel says:

    i go for sahir……maana uska SOP bahut makh gaya but he is a nice boy….i knw him

  164. Frederick says:

    “and matah did survey in his room/bathroom in azad and all the things he said was wrong(except his intro)”


    on a more serious note….please watch the sop video on dc, try to find out if rumours u have heard r true or not..n thn vote….not by hall pacts or ne crap
    “[ScholsAve] VP SOP 2009.avi” @ “magnet:?xt=urn:tree:tiger:7O5LEV7JMTM3DOMP4BP3SI7CEM4GLXFM26FTQHY&xl=614596002&dn=%5BScholsAve%5D+VP+SOP+2009.avi”

  165. anony says:

    iam picking up the best candidates according to me:


    Soc Cult:




  166. mritunjay says:

    we all r not intersted in ur decision
    so ….

  167. Frederick says:

    @ rohit

    i just quoted a first yr student hu posted here….n wether he promised anythin or not, the facchas sure seem to think that he convinced he cud make somethin like that happen…

  168. himanshu says:

    @patel….nice boy se kya hota hai…Sahir’s SOP went really bad as you admitted….his funda was really poor on his proposal

  169. anuj says:

    @anony no 167

    after reading several posts i find this as the first pactless and non poltu reply

  170. himanshu says:

    watch the SOP videos…….make your own assessment….let the best candidates win

  171. mritunjay says:

    mr. mathur it clearlly shows that from which hall u r
    thanks for this information

  172. mathur says:

    @anuj no 171
    This is the first and most pactful and poltu reply. Thank you for your great intelligence in showing us how poltu is done like a linked list.

  173. himanshu says:

    @anony…….yeah u really seem to have chosen fairly & not on any pact…..kudos to you !

  174. mathur says:

    clearly shows kya didn’t you read the above posts?

  175. Frederick says:

    ppl can decide themselves whom to vote for…limit urself to ur campaigning mode….bando ke views pe comment marne ki zaroorat nahi…fanboy mat ban

  176. mathur says:

    @ anony…….but really its good to see someone is thinking fairly….really appreciable i must say

  177. Ramesh Chandran says:

    I liked Gagneja…and I was there yesterday in the SOP. I am not going to get swayed by the stupid bikeshed discussion going on here.

  178. mritunjay says:

    @ mathur
    i have gone throug it
    bhai mere keep ur self cool yar
    and give ur vote :)

  179. iitian says:

    Bot VPs proposals sucked,if only dey had promised bring bak 2 wheelers

  180. anuj says:

    @ mathur
    giving chocolates is the cheapest work done ever in the election campiange and this was done by nehru hall , it clearly states that u r frm nehru and just falsifying urself being an AZADIAN, u dont deserve it

  181. Tudu says:

    bhai anuj
    maan le baat… mathur azad ka hai…

  182. Akshay says:

    for vp i think digvijay was better candidate, Proposal worked out nicely was clear about funding and teams he will be needing them.

    wehere as subham’s proposal seemed ki he will render communique useless

  183. zapper says:

    @mathur….dude…dude…dude…….here we are presenting our views about candidates…and about SOP…if u r telling that u belong to this and that hall…..this means that u r playing here hall poltu……no one is asking here about u….just concentrate on the main motive of this talk…..if u have something logocal to say about candidates then proceed otherwise peace maao na…….

  184. zapper says:

    @tudu …….no hall poltu plzzzzzz

  185. Pessimist says:

    are zapper dost poltu karne walo ko ye bat kaun samjahye akal dhele bhar ki nahi hain

  186. dipanjan says:

    matah didn’t say that he will render communique useless. he said he will let communique work more on improving communication skills in geneal & willl give the specified job of preparing for gd, PI and other job interview requirements to a new society specialized in those aspects

  187. dipanjan says:

    hope u got the point

  188. mohit says:

    i think he did !!

  189. rajiv says:

    Its Clear…

    VP: Matah
    Soc-Cult : Kavish , Sahir
    Tech : Patwardhan, Sumit
    Sports : Ankit, Naidu

  190. amit says:

    finally someone talks sense….yo rajiv….couldnt agree with you more

  191. Ankita says:

    @TSA….plz block such posts….this is is shameless publicity….such pact politics is really dirty….let ppl make their own decision

  192. tarun says:


    u hit the nail on the head….thankfully, the other candidates are not as shameless to go about playing such dirty propaganda….i respect their dignified stance

  193. mohit says:

    rajiv u shuldnt need to do that !

  194. anuj says:

    rajiv and amit are right….

    VP: Matah
    Soc-Cult : Kavish , Sahir
    Tech : Patwardhan, Sumit
    Sports : Ankit, Naidu

  195. mritunjay says:

    @ tudu and mathur
    bhai mere tum log ko itni bhi himmat nahi hai ki apne hall ka nam bolo
    aur aise bhi who has asked about ur halls. yar jish hall ke bhi ho why r u behind the azad hall.
    shit man
    improve ur mentallity

  196. tarun says:

    anuj – u and ur candis r totally shameless now…this will not help u

  197. Hemant says:

    haan bhai…..these ppl r really depserate it seems….lagta hai darr lag raha hai inhe ab…..Matah, Surana, Pranav & the reamining pact……A REALLY POOR ATTITUDE….one must always try and win on one’s merit….not on such pact propaganda

  198. Mayank says:

    shame on these ppl….

  199. andre says:

    i think gagneja is a better candidate…

  200. mayank says:

    Yo Az vs NH -

    sab paagal hai!!!

  201. aabhaas says:

    some of my 1st year friends in mmm said that yesterday night some of the nehru hall seniors came to their room and told them that matah was not in the inter hall cricket n music team which is 0% correct. he is among the best spinner in the iitkgp and a very good synth player .he had a sure chance of inter iit but he quit bcoz of his dedication towards kshitij. it shows how responsible a person he is.

  202. RAVI says:

    My dear friends – whoever u r… i want to make it clear.. Matah will win .. come wat may…. Our team will make it happen …

  203. Tribhuvan says:

    Why has such a forum been created on scholars avenue on first place where mostly nehru people are spamming. Just see the result few days later and see who will win. Yo Shubham!!

  204. Varun says:



    Sahir’s sop was good but proposal lacked depth and groundwork and all loopholes were exposed.

    TECH : There is no doubt that AKSHAY & PRANAV were the #1 & #2 candidates.

    SPORTS : Only ANGAM was impressive.


  205. anidea says:

    hahahaha @ aabhaas, aur poltu machao !!!!! peace maaro n let th junta decide :)

  206. A.S. says:

    HAHAHAHA HOHOHOHO @ anidea, bahut poltu poltu khelne ka mood hai kya??….I am also saying let the results come and then we will see who is right…me or you….sab jaake MMM ke fuccho ko ulte seedhe fundae dete ho….SOP box mein jitne aaye the unko sab asliyat dikh gayi….ab 3 din baad tum bhi dekh lena…and hello @ Scholars avenue administrator….my wingy in first year won gold in open iit english elocution and has participated in western musical events with awesome results…use bhi VP bana dein kya??…You have written so much about gagneja and I dont know how much of it is true but why all of Shubham’s achievements are not written?? You don’t know them or don’t have any space to write about it..

  207. anidea says:

    @A.S., chor na yaar…. Everyone has seen the SOP… Let them decide… tu peace maar…. all the best to everyone!!!! See the SOP, achievements and proposals and decide for the betterment of the institute.. Forget the pacts for a while !!!!!

  208. Avinash says:

    wo dikh raha hain kaun spam kar raha hain i see more spammers on name of matah saying ki gagneja’s supporters are spamming ppl decide urself

  209. Ankit says:

    Well, for that matter I am a 1st year in MMM and till now I have only met people jo Digvijay ki anti-campaigning karne aaye hain. I am sure that all 1st years in MMM would agree with this. It clearly goes to show who’s the insecure and weaker candidate.

  210. Avinash says:

    well said ankit i dont want to say more

  211. Pranav Mathur says:

    Hi I am Pranav Mathur …i am sure you are referring to me as Mathur ( as there is no other Mathur in Azad)
    It is so shocking to see someone else using my surname and posting such messages …shame on you people . I never said such things ….please do not drag me into this ….whoever you are – you are playing a dangerous and dirty game .

  212. plz change says:

    I feel that both candidates were good.But some of my opinions about the conduction of SOP are that the V.P.,T.S.G,I.I.T Kharagpur who is asked to coordinate the event should behave unbiasedly which has not happened.And the V.P is also a representative of 7000 students of the institute and not of his own hall of residence.His behaviour clearly showed that the event was not being organised in a proper manner.It also shows the pitiable condition of the students in Kgp.Hope,whoever becomes the V.P will behave unbiasedly during the comimg years.All the Best matah n gagneja

  213. Goswami says:

    Well, if I am correct, then Shubham, were you not the narrator for your team in the Choreography competition. I, being a part of this event for the last 3 years, having won a gold, a silver and a bronze in the meantime, wonder as to how a 3 line English narration makes someone a part of the Inter-hall “Choreography” team. Do you know that Digvijay too was the narrator for his hall and they won bronze too but still he did not mention this in his achievements. I am sure you have a reason for doing so. I hope you do not just want to add stuff to your small list of achievements, do you.

  214. Avinash says:

    @ ashish nawal and @ a nehruite

    stop insulting ur fourth years u stupid i knw neither was tat nawal neither u a nehruite

    cummon janta have some sense

  215. plz change says:

    My picks

    V.P:Digvijay Gagneja
    G.Sec Soc ‘n’Cult:Abhimanyu ‘n’ Mandar
    G.Sec Tech:Akshay ‘n’Pranav
    G.Sec Sports:nil (no one was good)

  216. plz change says:

    Plz guys dont use arbit names of the seniors who hold respect in our hearts n also the names of halls.Dont take tempo off to other aspects of Kgp life

  217. KGPian says:

    Everyone please review the statements and comments made by all, on these points.

    1. Is the commenter, ‘stating the facts’ and ‘putting allegations’, actually an authority on it?
    2. Are you judging the facts on the basis of ‘fundas’ given by beloved seniors and/or your assumptions?
    3. Why does the commenter insist on explicitly stating his choice?
    4. Are you applying your own logic or a fed logic?
    5. If any information is available on the website, check for citations or the authority of the website. For example: – wikipedia, blogs, etc. cannot be cited.

    Also ask the candidates their official statements and then get it checked. You can also ask them for any supporting documents. Any statements made during the soapbox are also official statements. Listen it out again through the videos.

    For any gymkhana related queries you can ask the people sitting in the gymkhana and ‘those who are not students’. Similarly for HMC and other places. Try refraining from asking students about facts.

    For the commenters: This is not the DC main chat where you ‘should’ spam anything you want. Our alumni and general public can very well read this string and estimate the mentality of an average KGPian of this generation. Some of you may hide behind you nicks but all of you always will be identified by having that mentality, the creators of this string.

  218. Asutosh says:


    You out of all people should know that quality of participation in a group event is judged not on the basis of one’s singular performance, but on the basis of the wealth of experience and contribution that an individual brings to the event. So you have a Matah who despite his busy schedule used to take time off every single day and attend practice sessions even though he was just a narrator. Maybe that is what people mean when they speak about “hall tempo”…

  219. Goswami says:

    Lol….Thanks for bringing out that.
    You just proved that Digvijay is 10 times more dedicated and responsible than Matah. Dont have to say anything more.

  220. raghu says:

    Good work everyone,
    With due respect to both the candidates I would say Mr.Digvijay Gagneja has better proposals and very good ground work to back them.As for Mr.Shubham Matah’s proposals I dont know about the ground work he has done ,as he didnt show his ground work yesterday if he had one.But if you guys have some issues with the candidates proposals you need to ask them for a clarification and they would definitely give one and just not speculate anything on a public forum as this one (One who think he knows all is a FOOL).Just stop chanting your personal views or rather pact’s/hall’s views on a public forum, and see the video of SOP and you will find who took the initiative to answer every question to put forward the question to the candidates and was confident enough to put forth their views . Best wishes to Mr.Mata and Mr.Gagneja .

  221. Asutosh says:


    Next what? The sun is bright and yellow because Sonia Gandhi is the Congress President. Get a life and draw inferences which are logical.

  222. AB says:

    wen did digvijay get a gold in western vocals?

  223. Harold says:

    Look at Digvijay’s cally

    Nehru did not win any medal in only one lit event last time …and that was the event in which digvijay participated …English elocution [:P]

    And yet the Nehru people have the audacity to write that he has won an inter hall gold in elocution . Plain blasphemy for all to see .

  224. Avinash says:

    that was a mistake on the part of schols Avenue “A Misprint”

    and that has been rectified a long time back

    and it was open IIT gold as clarified

  225. admin says:

    @Avinash That was not a misprint created by us. That information was *copy-pasted* directly from material given to us by the candidate. If there was a “misprint” it was created on the candidate’s side. Once again I urge comment authors to base their allegations on facts.

  226. Harold says:

    Ha …so there you have it . Blatant lies and then even more lame denials …….
    There is Digvijay Gagneja for you .

  227. andre says:

    @ 205

    wat u’ll rig the votes??? how can u be so sure??

  228. andre says:

    @ 203…lemme make u dis clear…its not between azad and nehru…this hall politics made it look so…so please use ur brains and vote for the deserving candi..

  229. Avinash says:


    It might be misprint on the side of author then but not intended becoz in sop box he clearly mentioned open iit

  230. AzadkiJai says:

    We are proud to win 1 tech GC in last 20 years.. because we still win elections every time.. We r best in politics.. Matah does not need proposals or ground work to win..
    Azad ka naam kaafi hai
    “ye Gulaal hai”

  231. md jawaid says:

    guys come above this hall politics . You would get plenty of opportunities for doing poltu , But keep this post, post of VP above poltu . VP is the most important post as far as students interests are concerned . Give the most deserving one the opportunity to serve your interests .
    Do not vote for reasons that one of the two is from your hall or your department or pact or even your friend . Think for the benefit of the whole student community . Every vote will count and will make the difference . Show that you students of this elite institution . make sure that you go to vote and even motivate others to do the same.
    If you have any confusions or you missed the sop , go and download the sop video from DC and have a look.

  232. Avinash says:

    badhai ho @az ki jai !!!!

    you showed what kind of mentality you have, go everyone follow azadkijai’s example and you will get gulal’s situation in KGP soon

  233. tanul says:

    First of all let me congratulate you all for documenting the single most enlightening conversation ever read by me in Karaghpur. I really got to know a lot of “facts” by your above conversation, and i really wonder how much of it is true.

    I am a PG student of HJB Hall of Residence, and honestly I don’t even know which “pact” i belong to. Incedently i happened to be present at yesterday’s SOP Box, for the vice preseident post. And I must say that who ever wins doesnt matter much to me as I will be passing out. But Almost all the information given in the forum against the candidates is wrong.

    I have my younger brother P.Tharun (Mechanical Engg) in 1st yr in MMM Hall, and we together watched the SOP yesterday, He also mentioned that he like Digvijay better, because he was smart, and he liked his proposals, and about this DEpartment change percentage, he did not know about it, and i really think that no one outrightly will lie to innocent first years. I on the other hand found that both the candidates were not as good as a VP should be, but all i can say is that Mr. Shubham Maltah was little vague about his proposals, and could not answer and satisfy the panel delegates present there. I don’t know how election works as i did not participate in last year’s elections, but i would suggest that stop the yellow journalism above and watch the video if it is available on local share. Mr. Digvijay Gangeja i really do hope you do not back off from your proposals and complete the job which you have taken at your hand.

  234. Srikanth says:

    I believe each of the candidates during the VP SOP Box were asked to begin with the defense of their best proposals.
    Subham’s idea to promote the alternate careers group was ill-conceived. CFA, FRM are qualification examinations for people in the investment profession. Not withstanding the over enthusiasm with which some of us aspire for these qualifications without the requisite credentials, it is very irresponsible to divert funds from the gymkhana for their promotion.
    Our technical education is being partly funded by the tax payer and it is ludicrous to divert funds from the institute to defeat the very purpose for which they are being provided.
    Candidates have in the past appeared for such examinations and should be left to spend their own time, money and resources to gather information about such alternatives.
    It would have been very noble if you had atleast made a mention of promoting IES ( Indian Engineering Services) as an option whose popularity is sadly way below that of CFA,FRM,UPSC among our students.
    I can assure everybody that fewer than 30 people are appearing for the CFA Level 1 examination in June and not around 150 as claimed.

    I would wish both the candidates best of luck and ask that the above proposal be not implemented even if Subham ends up winning.

  235. PG_representative for Vote_Selfmade says:

    ***** Shubham Matah ***** will be good choice for PG’s ………but he should fulfill proposal of increasing Placements of PG. and number of representative to ’3′.

    Best Luck to him form all PG.

  236. Utkrisht Shandilya says:

    This was the masala schols ave lacked over years.. The last time they made such news was when they published a KTJ biased article three year back (I belong to SF; u mite have guessed that :D) We ensured a tie up with Schols ave for the remaining years :P
    M not too sure what purpose this comment section fulfills but its entertaining nevertheless.
    Just a suggestion.. please ensure you have an equally active forum n articles when the elected candidates complete their term and grill them on reasons they could not fulfill their proposals. This mite be a deterrent for people to put up any hollow or eye catching populist proposals.
    n yeah even the disclaimers astonish cos u have all the information n rights to tell chalk from cheese. At least schols ave as a neutral body can certify the facts n clear the confusions.
    aur Ali da high time spons deal crack karo :D :D

  237. Cweeter says:


    and aah, Black Sunday already down the pile :)

  238. prabhat says:

    I have seen the sop and I can certainly say that Matah has an edge over his competitor. The answers were wil composed and nyone who saw the question answer round could not help but get impressed by his confidence and command on stage. As VP (oh he will win….) if he maintains that confidence cum effort, I expect to see some meaningful changes in KGP.

  239. umang says:

    “Just a suggestion.. please ensure you have an equally active forum n articles when the elected candidates complete their term and grill them on reasons they could not fulfill their proposals. This mite be a deterrent for people to put up any hollow or eye catching populist proposals.”

    pretty neat idea I’d say… anyways we do need to have something of this sort… will be good fun :)

  240. PKT says:

    vote for N-1,H-1,I-1

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