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Cycling Without Pedals

Dream Or Reality?

A group of students from IIT Kharagpur has developed a technology, which, as it claims, could help solve the speculated energy crisis of the future by reducing the energy requirements of the people drastically. The technology involves building townships where commuting from any point to any other would always be a matter of travelling down the slope. This apparent replacement of the non-renewable sources of energy, which have been traditionally used for powering vehicles of locomotion, with gravitational potential energy has received copious appreciations in research circles and is being widely regarded as a peculiar show of innovation. An implementation of the technology is soon to be seen in the KGP campus.

The development stage was never trivial for the group. The team faced several challenge throughout the process and had to go through many brainstorming sessions at Bondhu’s. One of the biggest challenges was to be able to come up with a feasible model in less than seven dimensions, which was later resolved by the seemingly simple suggestion of fixing elevators at some strategic locations.

The apparent elegance of the idea has baffled many of the experts of the field and has left them pondering over the question, “Why didn’t I think of it?” The members of the group behind it are themselves not very clear about the motivation behind the idea and mysteriously ascribe it to an overdose of Black Dogs and heavy metal. Some even go as far as calling it a result of a supernatural activity.

Though the implications of this new technology have not been fully worked out yet, there are some who believe that it will only lead to an uninhibited economic crisis by hopelessly eliminating all the demand for motorized vehicles. However, for those who have gone through the frustrations of cycling up the slope, it is going to be a source of immense pleasure and satisfaction.

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