Situation Update


What follows below is a comprehensive look at the events of the 22nd of March 2009 and it’s possible outcomes. This website will be updated as and when new information comes in. Keep checking back for more.

The Incident

This Sunday, the 22nd of March, shall go down as a black day in the history of IIT, Kharagpur. It was with great sadness and considerable anger that the residents of the campus received news of the demise of one of its own; third year Electrical Engineering student, Rohit Kumar. A resident of the LLR Hall of Residence, Rohit had been visiting the hospital since Friday, the 20th of March, complaining of headaches. On Sunday, the headaches became increasingly painful and it was on his way back from the doctor that he fainted and fell from the rickshaw, resulting in major injuries. Following this, he was taken to BC Roy hospital by two students of LLR. The doctor on duty (who was present at the time when Rohit was taken to the hospital), Dr. N.K. Som, recommended that he be taken to Apollo Hospital, Kolkata and shown to a neurosurgeon. He stated that BC Roy did not have facilities to handle such cases and that it was best to take him to Kolkata as soon as possible. However, problems (such as filling of petrol) and the extensive paperwork involved in arranging an ambulance caused a delay of 2 hours during the course of which nothing much could be done.

He was finally sent on his way to Kolkata with 2 students for company and an untrained attendant. En route it was realized that though the oxygen mask had been placed over his mouth, the tank had still not been turned on. Soon after this, Rohit started coughing up blood. The students who accompanied him had the attendant call up Dr. Som and the students followed his instructions; pumping out blood without any help from the attendant. At the time, it was decided to take Rohit to the Spandan Hospital in Midnapore since his condition was deteriorating rapidly. In spite of asking the BC Roy officials to call ahead and inform Spandan of the impending arrival, there was no one there to receive them. By the time a doctor was found, Rohit had passed away and the hospital declared him dead on arrival. At present, his body lies in the mortuary at Midnapore medical college.

Questions and Answers

There are a lot of questions being asked and a lot of unfounded rumours flying around. Some of these questions can be answered and some of the rumours quashed. One of the major questions being asked is about the absence of a trained medico in the ambulance. The rules of BC Roy stipulate that no doctor can accompany a person in the ambulance. Unbelievable but a possible reason for this is that since there is only one doctor on duty, such action would mean that the hospital is left unmanned.

Another confirmed fact is that the doctor was present when Rohit was taken to the hospital. All delays were entirely due to the unavailability of an ambulance. The problems with the ambulances were apparent a week earlier when Mithun Madhusudhan, a 4th year student had to be taken to Kolkata for an operation after he fractured both his hands. At that time, the ambulance broke down and could move only in reverse gear. This is a very serious problem that hopefully will be corrected at the earliest.

The Reaction

An incident such as this, calls for the strongest possible reaction, and it was with this intent that the students on campus walked out of their hostels in protest. A crowd started forming with about 100-150 people gathered in front of the Director’s Bungalow demanding an audience and a strong reaction from the man in charge. Unfortunately, he delayed addressing the gathering, which had by then grown to nearly a 1000 people, all of whom were getting angrier and more restive by the minute. The Director’s subsequent equivocation about committees and ‘looking into the matter’ only made matters worse, as students understood these to be standard bureaucratic responses that were ineffective. Convinced that the authorities had still not correctly gauged the frustration and anguish of the students, they took matters to the next level. As tempers ran high and numbers swelled, an already dark day became uglier as the students resorted to destruction of property in a bid to demonstrate their anger. At all times, however, there was a strict student-enforced cordon around the officials, to pre-empt possibilities of physical assault. Such student conduct, while admittedly regrettable, seemed to be what caused the authorities to realize the gravity of the situation.

The Fallout

The raw emotion displayed by the students finally convinced the Director to step down after prolonged protests from the students. This came after nearly four hours of deliberation during which the students took to ransacking the director’s residence, smashing window panes and his car. Soon after at about 8 p.m., the Deputy Director convened an emergency meeting of all the Heads of Departments, Deans and student representatives to work out an immediate action plan to resolve the crisis. The points decided upon in the meeting are as follows:

  1. An independent commission composed of doctors from AIIMS/Apollo and other such medical institutions of repute must be setup to examine the current state of affairs and issue recommendations that must necessarily be followed.
  2. An external independent enquiry commission composed of civil servants (possibly members of the judiciary and IPS officers) must be setup in order to fix responsibility.
  3. B.C. Roy Hospital is to have better trained staff henceforth.
  4. The Institute will procure 5 new state of the art ambulances and these should be allowed to transport patients without waiting for the requisite paperwork to be completed.
  5. A database of all specialists in and around Kharagpur should be maintained and freely accessible.
  6. The Institute must pursue tie-ups with medical NGOs and nearby hospitals so that students can avail emergency medical care when needed.
  7. Deputation of central government doctors to Kharagpur must be looked into.
  8. The facilities must be upgraded so as to handle emergencies and at least 2 qualified emergency doctors must be present at all times (including weekends, off hours and night time).
  9. There must be greater transparency in the hospital’s operation. A review committee made of students, professors and one emeritus professor nominated by students, must be formed with the authority to review the progress at BC Roy every 15 days,
  10. Revision of pay scales for doctors in employ of BC Roy so as to attract better doctors.
  11. Adequate compensation for Rohit’s Family

The points put forward by the student representatives regarding the improvements in medical facilities at B.C. Roy Hospital were read out in an unprecedented jam-packed open session held at the Tagore Open Air Theater. Unfortunately, here too emotions were running high and the lack of discernible strong action and resolve on the part of the administration did nothing to help the situation. The situation spiraled rapidly out of control into one where the nearly 4,000 strong crowd demanded the resignation of the Dean of Student Affairs and the Chairman of the BC Roy Hospital, which turned out to be the Deputy Director. All this was in spite of the fact that the Deputy Director agreed to all suggested changes. In the end, the Dean of Student Affairs, in principle, resigned and the Deputy Director has also resigned from his post as the Chairman, B.C. Roy Hospital.

A meeting with student representatives from all halls of residence will be held on Monday morning at 10.00 a.m. to implement the proposed action plan. The deliberations and outcome of these committee meetings will be made public and available for everyone to view (on notice boards and on The Scholars’ Avenue). This committee will be meeting every 15 days in order to review progress and these progress reports shall also be made public. Such a move towards greater transparency is indeed heartening. Classes on Monday, the 23rd of March, have been cancelled in mourning as a mark of respect for Rohit. Monday shall also witness a candle light procession from the Gymkhana to the Main Gate at 6 p.m.


While many resignations were demanded and many tendered in the heat of the moment, the long term implications of the day will only become clear once the dust settles. The details of violence at the Director’s residence will eventually take precedence in this topic in the national media, taking focus off its cause – the complete absence of effective protocols and facilities at the B.C. Roy Hospital. This might have thus squandered an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of the national media and force the authorities at the highest level to implement concrete steps to make B.C. Roy a place to get better, not worse.

It was indeed heartening to see the entire student community come out in unison to protest the death of a fellow student. However, there is an urgent need to channelize this spirit in the right direction so as to achieve what it set out to do. We need a better hospital on campus, not mass resignations from officials and destruction of public property. We need positive action from the authorities, not negative action from the students. Rejoicing at the suspension of classes is downright despicable in a situation such as this. A serious question that must be asked is, “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?”

The urgency of the problem is now amply clear to the authorities, and now it is time to work constructively with them to resolve the issue. Each one should play his part by informing the authorities of the improvements he has in mind through his respective hall representatives. It is imperative that any pictures or videos depicting violence or people engaged in such acts be suppressed. Negative publicity, especially in the national media, can only take us away from the goal of standardizing the systems for medical aid. Non-violent methods of protest are the need of the hour and it is best to refrain from mob behavior in the coming days. They will truly define how we KGPians, as a student community, respond to a crisis of such an unprecedented magnitude. Let us not forget that we are torchbearers of a premier institute of the country and that our duty to maintain the dignity of the institute is as important as our right to proper healthcare.

We, at The Scholars’ Avenue will continue to bring updates as the story unfolds. We urge all the alumni who are reading this to put pressure on the administration, via their own channels, to help improve medical facilities on campus. Let Rohit not have died in vain.



All information contained in the article above has been verified from people who were at the scene. This is the true version of events.


  1. It is an extremely disturbing news. My deepest condolences to the family of Rohit Kumar. Being an alumni of the Institute, although I would like to express my solidarity with the student body, I also cannot support the violence and vandalism that has been reported. This is not at all fit of an IITian. The poor medical facilities of the IIT KGP hospital has been an issue since the days we were students (eighties), and it is really unfortunate that nothing has been done to improve the facilities. During our times, the facilities were not great, but we had excellent doctors and I can say for sure that students never had to go to Calcutta for a broken bone.

  2. Sridhar says:

    Mr. Bhawmick….. may be in Eighties doctors were good…. I believe the present budget of BC Roy hospital is somewhere around 5-7 crores annually. Still the service sucks….our BC Roy doctors are very mediocre… Firstly most of them never come on time to their duties. Secondly they are more interested in browsing rather than treating patients. Every doctor has got his own computer in his consulting room. I am not against doctors having compu…but why in consulting rooms?? let them have a special browsing room….
    Thirdly there are certain “specialists” who visit BC Roy hospital… like ENT specialist, ob & gyn, Heart etc… but these guys only come in evenings and that too for 2-3 hours and believe me they are paid very hefty sums.
    ACCOUNTABILITY is what our IIT lacks…. no one is accountable for their actions…Administrators are enjoying their power…

  3. SURAJ says:

    Do u think a reply from the authorities would have come if it was’nt taken in a protest way….. So, why the statement “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?”” arises here..

    Also, I would like to mention one more thing here, they (authorities) knew that back benches of TOAT are weak. Why did’nt they take their action as a responsible person? . It is NOT ONLY BC ROY, that is a problem , it is about their functioning as officials.

    So, this is the time to take necessary action against them, in order to make a happy living in KGP.

  4. Sanjay says:

    Being an alum, I fully understand the sentiments of the students. Not having adequate facilities was always a problem and from this incident, it seems, no improvement has been made in the quality of the healthcare facilities since the late 90s when I graduated. Sure, more accountability is needed. And more resources need to go to the hospital. Its shocking to read the deplorable condition of ambulance, paperwork necessary while someone is struggling for life, untrained students trying to save Rohit’s life enroute Calcutta without any medico with them. Where is IIT Kharagpur in the world of basic, life-saving healthcare. Quite deplorable and sad.

  5. theja says:

    adequate compensation?? wat shit.. can the institute authorities compensate the loss of a son. and why haven’t the institute authorities waited until now to come up with such an action plan (The fallout). this is sickening that only the death of a person can shake the authorities awake. worse part is that the diro, when he finally made his appearance outside his house, smirks at the gathering and blurts out, “I appreciate and sympathise your support….” wtf????? and the DOSA has not feeling of remorse or regret that had he taken up responsibility as DOSA to improve the medical facilities, such, and an infinite number of other, incidents would not have taken place. pure apathy. do they even consider us to be human?? we are not dogs in their homes… and any person holding a responsible post must do his duty properly.
    I strongly justify the anger vented out by students at the diro’s house. how else would the authorities know the gravity of the situation. and this unfortunate incident is not an isolated case. a 5th yr student is battling for life in ICU, Apollo hospitals, Delhi, after the BCR’s “doctors” have diagnosed him with 3 different diseases in 6 days… whereas the actual diagnosis was a simple case of malarial infection. such is the pathetic situation of the institute’s hospital and the authorities utter negligence to improve it….
    it really scared the shit out of me last night while returning from the TOAT, after seeing the dosa’s reaction (absolute apathy – an understatement). it’s absolutely sickening and frightening and i feel really scared and home-sick… i want to go home.. i don’t want to stay here anymore

  6. Prashant Raj says:

    My condolences to Rohit’s family and friends. It is painful to know that things have turned worse in the campus since what they were 5-10 years ago.

    Perhaps, this will jolt us into making some contribution.

  7. meenakshi says:

    a really disturbing turn of events. hope the authorities learn their lesson and take some concrete steps and not just words. though i have left the place but this leaves a deep scar in the pleasant memories related to the place.

  8. Chitta Baral says:

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Rohit and the IIT KGP Community at large.

    I hope this will lead to a long term solution to IIT KGP’s health care system.

    Since healthcare is not the core competency of IIT Kharagpur, I hope the people who are thinking of a long term solutions consider a contract between IIT KGP and a reputed healthcare company, such as Appolo Hospital. A committee of employees and students should formulate what health care facilities should be provided on-campus, take bids from private companies, and award it to the company with the best reputation.

  9. rahul says:

    My deepest condolences to the family of Rohit. Let us all keep this feeling fresh however deep and painful it maybe, let us not let it all go away, let us all stay awake. What has happened was necessary and spontaneous. Don’t you say it was deplorable. This was just necessary and was a repercussion to what has been happening from quite a good length of time. I donot feel any regret for what has happened (the ransacking and all protestation). Why do you try to save the image of an institute the administration of which is so hollow ? What makes us so full of fear ? At this moment all that matters is truth. People have stood a lot and now, can stand no more. The media coverages have been somewhat derogatory concerning the students because they have stated the students as hooligans. Let us all subvert this tyranny and show them the power of our unity. This is all a result of their dark deeds and we cannot have Rohit died in vain. Never !!

  10. Reena says:

    It is not enough that, the director, DOSA and chairman of BC Roy hospital(Acting Director), resigned from their respective posts,but there must be a criminal case filed against the chief medical officer (CMO)of the BC Roy hospital of being negligent and that too ASAP.

    I pray for Rohit to dwell in a perfetual peace.

  11. Subbarao says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit and his family, friends.
    This is truly unacceptable event. Unfortunately, this negligence and irresponsibility of the authorities became common practice in most parts of India. This kind of problem will be solved only when students union have enough power.

  12. SG says:

    Arent our hospital admin more responsible than our diro? Is it anyway appreciable for a hospital supporting about 10K lives runs on not more than a couple of ambulances (or may be even less!)…and that too which are in a condition worse than vintage cars?! A hospital (by any means if u call it) with a handful of good for nothing incapable junta! I have been in Kgp for quite long….complaints from a lot of authorities remain unheard here…their mild pain calls for no less than 10 painkiller injections, which might themselves prove fatal!

    And on the other hand…we find constructions in n around TSC….roads built n rebuilt….fences broken n reconstructed….just for some unhealthy souls to live within?

  13. borna says:

    I feel that the protests were needed. We have been silenced repeatedly by these people. Its high time. It is the protest (please do not call it riot or vandalism) that has brought the issue in the national media. Though I still feel that the price of a student’s life was too too high to pay for the issue to be finally raised.
    However there is another issue that we should raise at this point. It is the corruption deep rooted in the IIT administration. Why was the multi-speciality hospital project abandoned? Where did the money go ? Why are hostels still in such pathetic conditions. When I was in IG the balcony was falling off and could have caused fatal accidents. H.N.Mishra the HMC chairman was rumored to have swindled some crores of funds allocated for new constructions on campus. Things have been rotten to the core. B.C Roy is no exception. And BC Roy had good doctors in eighties ????? What did you go there for ? common cold ? I lost my cousin brother in 1984 to an accident in Kgp. It was the same story. Accident, holiday, lack of prompt medical action, delayed transfer to Kolkata, and death en route. It is 25 years and things are exactly same.
    Its is not just about students of IIT, it is also about employees, their children, proffs, and so many locals who need medical facilities. It will be good if the students would reach out for support from these groups. I am sure they will all support a cause that affects all of them.
    And as far as this is concerned, “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?” Please do not shame the pain and trauma and angst that everyone is feeling by making such a statement. The situation demanded action, and it has been taken, i am proud that the student community has shown guts (like Scholar’s Avenue did 3 years back) instead of being silenced by DC threats . I as an alumni would be too too happy to lend my voice and support in whatever way I can.

  14. P says:

    Situations were bad in the 90s … and I guess are worse now. This is not the first time that students have suffered miserably in the hands of nincompoops in BC Roy (from personal experience). It has always been fashionable of the people working at BC Roy to put on oxygen masks while not opening the cylinders (again from experience). My deepest condolences go out to Rohit’s friends and family. It is about time that the premier institute of the country recognized and respected its most prized assets – the students.

  15. rahul says:

    I support borna to the fullest…please donot make meaning less statements like “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?”….what is needed is needed….everything is fair in this rioting and i mean it !!….and yes plz donot show any kind of disrespect however slight it may be or pass any sophomoric judgement about what the student community has done…there are times when “an eye for an eye” holds full justice.

  16. Pradeep says:

    My deepest condolences for the family of Rohith.May his soul rest in peace.

  17. Sarmistha says:

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Rohit Kumar. The incident was very tragic.I feel all the violence that occurred was totally justified because for extreme cases extreme actions have to be taken. This case would simply had been covered up if such an action was not taken. The reaction of the DOSA was absolutely shocking. The image of the institute that students have is not that of admiration but of hollowness… The conditions of the “Institute’s” hospital has always been pathetic. A life is not something to be toyed with. A criminal case must be filed against the chief medical officer (CMO)of the BC Roy hospital ASAP.

    The solidarity and unity of the students was commendable. I just hope that this does not get under the wraps.

    Though the loss of Rohit can not be compensated but I hope for a change for the better.

  18. Kgpian says:

    When voices aren’t heard , actions have to speak. My deepest condolences for the family of Rohit. :(

  19. Anirban says:

    “We need positive action from the authorities, not negative action from the students. ” — what was that again ? This is a highly positive reaction, the most positive that could be hoped for. Throughout my stay in IITKGP, one thing I felt very strongly was that the IIT-s at some level was structured to create apathy among the youth — nobody ever cared about anything unless it seriously affected their career prospects. That the students have defied this structure in such a bold manner is really the best thing that could have happened. Hats off to everyone single one of the students present there !!!

  20. Shashikiran D says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit’s Family. May god grant you with the strength to bear the loss.
    I will speak my mind today.I am here to do my MTech after working for 6 years(in hyderabad) after missing out on my MS in CS in Univ of Texas since US visa was delayed due to my work background.
    Even then, I had great expectations about being in an IIT…but realized that this college in many ways is a shit hole…..unplanned & chaotic registration processes, no proper roads(in and out), administration with the west bengali attitude the really sucks and the worst thing was that the word ‘TECH’ is used so ‘unfittingly’ to everything…. tech market(nothing really technical about it)…tech swimming pool(even the application form is not available online)…tech this and tech this. I feel we, in IIT KGP are really insulting the word ‘TECH’.

    BCROY Hospital was always referred or spoken with utter disrespect….lack of facilities…lack of snake bite antidotes(with snakes living in abundance in IITKGP) and lack of what BLOODY NOT. The present incident had really sent a chill down my spine. This could happen to me too. I guess as most indians, i do not think or act until something would impact me directly.


    Let the whole college top management resign and their names be marked so that these people are never appointed to a position of responsibility ever again.

    Let the post of Director and DOSA not be political as it is now. This incident(and last night DOSA’s attitude) is ample proof of how incompetent old fools can be and are.
    Let us have an election for the important post of this institude….the director and the DOSA. We the students of IIT KGP will vote.

    Revamp BCROY (with recommendations suggested by the student representative) within 1 month. if we do not give a deadline for these old/incompetent authorities…no work will be done.

    Last and the most important:
    The authorities seemed to have acquired the working culture of West Bengal. Shift IIT Kharagpur to another progressive state where the local government is also keen on development.
    Why should other IITs be in places where facilities are easily available? Let us also shift out of west bengal to a progressive place such as Ahmedabad or Bangalore.

    Hoping for rapid changes

    IIT KHARAGPUR ( to hell with you)

  21. rahul says:

    Amidst all this chaos there will be people who shall be trying to cover their asses and save their skins….DO NOT LET THEM !!….we must get them….any abuse for them is an understatement….how can u ask me to placate and b sedate ?…is their anything beyond a someone’s death ?…that we humans have this trait of hostility has a reason…and the reason is to show and prove how evil is comes back to people who spread evil….

    what is their intention ?…they have always been turning deaf ears….earlier the director said that it wud be his responsibility if something happened to a student outside campus…so wot followed was this 11 pm bullshit ban…and now….my fellows now…when something has happened INSIDE the campus….the director disowns responsiblity ?…damn it !!…fucking bastards !!….damn them !!….

    burst their inflated egos!!…those swellheads!! those philistines!!…they be damned in hell!!

  22. Gautam Sinha says:

    My deep condolence to Rohit’s family. I am a alumnus (2003-2007).
    The situation at BC Roy was always worse.
    I will always encourage the students to what they did yesterday.It was not a riot or violent act. It was a protest which was required very early, at least not at the cost of some one’s life.

    The student unison has definitely created pressure over the authorities. And it is the peak time to get the situation better.

    The sad part is that actions are taken when someone died. Otherwise, earlier steps in the demand of action were taken by my friends of Scholar avenue and they were threatened for DC.

    I as an alumnus extend my full support to the student community at Kharagpur in the way they want.
    email me at

  23. Jeevan Jadhav says:

    No doubt that, BCR (The hospital cum mosquito’s sanctuary)performing at its worst. force to resign the IIT kgp director was good act by the student of IIT kgp, however at least coz of this incident authorities of IIT wash their gloomy faces and work to improve the facilities at BCR.
    Issues related to BCR infrastructure/services are come in to light coz of the incident happed with Rohit, but its sure that issue related to Halls and Depts. Also need attention and act to improve their situation.

    Deep consolation for the loved one of Rohit

  24. n??? says:

    Having an excellent casualty service itself would take care of such extreme conditions. For this, a public body like AIIMS can make suggestions.

    Many other diseases that turn dangerous here are due to the utterly poor food and hygienic conditions from which there cannot be an escape for students. Periodic inspection of such conditions by Government Health agencies may help mitigate much of the limitations. Since these services are likely to get ignored within a corrupt public service system, experts could be setup to conduct periodic (surprise) checks.

    The food-handlers of all messes have very little sense about importance of hygiene. Their toilet facilities are in shoddy conditions. A student taking food is bound to carry all the germs of the food-handlers in the kitchen. The more food-outlets a student visits, the more are the chances for diverse germs to get inside the body.

    The drainage and sanitation facilities are damaged almost everywhere – leading to excellent and safe breeding spots for mosquitoes. Public toilets within resident-halls are swarmed with mosquitoes – it would need miracles for one to escape without contracting any serious illness during a course of stay here.

    With an excellent hygienic condition, perhaps the necessity for a hospital may also get reduced. In the long run, the problem may turn out to be elsewhere and not exactly where we all appear to be focussed on – which is the hospital and its doctors. That even the doctors here do not sense such dangers is a different issue altogether.

  25. Munish Goyal says:

    Very much hurt to come to know this and express my sorrow towards the everyone involved.

    One, KGP is in such a pathetic remote location where there are no basic facilities. Students if choose this campus and dont find good hotels, shopping markets etc. atleast IIT admin. should provide good basic healthcare facility.

    If it would have been some metro like delhi/bombay or even kanpur, the boy could have got required medical attention and may have been saved. IIT KGP MUST spend on BCR, whether it spends on upgrading its research lab or not. Basically students and staff community should feel secure to be in campus. There is always a possibility of accidents happening (with all sorts of sports, student acitivities like ILLU etc.) , atleast one can rest assure that BCR is capable of handling the case till further help can be arranged.

    Also, it will damage IITKGP’s repo with future students shying away from selecting it.

    Anyway, access to good medical healthcare is more important than getting provided PCs and CICs.

  26. loki says:

    My deepest condolences to the family of Rohit. Mind just went numb when i heard this news .Chills of fear ran across the spine .. for a minute i just felt unconscious . Then with strong will i overcame to write a comment .” fellow kgpians , the things i can say with utmost clarity is this :
    1. There will be many rohits if we don’t care enough and just left the matters to some ppl( student reps, deans , officials ) … each and every student has to fight for this . It is our right to demand a good care from one of the so called premier institute.

    2. The things that happened at director’s office are good ( yeah !!!!).. this proves that we are not profs puppets( dying for cg) and we dare to fight against “unqualified profs in higher authority” .I think the time has come to show what we are .. and what we can do .. i urge fellow kgpians not to loose the fire in you till we win .

    3. We all know that there are lot of compromises we make everyday , starting from mess food to water problem in wings … to medical needs . If this things continues to go on … a day will come , where kgp is known as a jail.( there are lot of instances in which iit administration has tried to suppress our privileges our lan system , previous articles abt bcroy ..etc). Enough has happened . Now the change has to come . The change should mark the beginning of better and healthy future to us as well as iit.

    and finally unity among students, this unity can achieve the impossible . Be united in this matter and be the architects of future of iitkgp . we all are so concerned about him/herself , caught up in strong competition , fight for better cgs, … dividing us among ourselves. Trust me unity and integrity are the basic pillars of any foundation .Don’t just give up on this cause , lets fight to the core and lets build a good society for future generations .

  27. Arindam Mukherjee says:

    At the outset,my deepest condolences to Rohit’s family! While I feel the protest was justified,perhaps the vandalism wasn’t..But perhaps this has made the administration understand that the students are the main stakeholders of this institute..I would urge the students, the alumni and the administration to be united in this moment of grief and work together towards the improvement of student facilities in the institute…Let’s carry forward the spirit of unity to achieve the best standards..feel free to contact me or any of the alums for any help whatsoever..

  28. vithika says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit’s family. This incident is definitely a black mark on the kgp administrations capabilities; their typical beuracratic mindset has always been a hurdle in effective implementation of student-care system. If administration finds itself incapable of handling such issues, we alumnis need to pitch in to maintain the world-class status of the institute.

  29. abhishek kashyap says:

    why the fuck does media has to potray things so mildly?do scumbags like our “diro” own their petty ass??jst chk th news reports….

    come forth n state if their is a single person not hagridden in this godamned place.v came with high hopes,thinking it 2 b an esteemed institute…bt if it cannot cater to our most primal need of being safe then all i can say is WTF!!!

    i heard someone say in the protest ystrday “yeh sab se kya hoga.baat karte hain”…i say to hell with the diro n to hell with further delibrations.becuz if breaking panes,defiling gardens n turning an Innova turtle is what it takes to make th fucking bureaucracy(dis bein an “institute of national importance”…bah!!) sit up n rwalize the gravity of the situation,then thts wht v r gonna do.

    as axl rose said..”whts so civil abt war anyways”….bt then,whts so civil abt these morons???i totally support yesterday’s act,even if it gives the hungry media some juicy fodder n brands us vandals…

    Rohit Kumar,bro may u R.I.P…u may be gone but ur memory shall always linger…

  30. Debangshu Mukherjee says:

    To all the Schols Ave people

    Be objective in your news. Please do not preach. You of all people know how many “peaceful” sessions were held, and how many points were raised. And how many of them were addressed by the authority? Nil. This was a professorial body of a premier institute of a democratic country. But what we find are a bunch of corrupt people, resembling the Taliban in their outlook and Pakistani civil government in its effectiveness. Any single student who protested or just spoke out was threatened was threatened with disciplinary action, and effectively silenced. Dictators can’t be pleaded or reasoned with, they have to be deposed or removed,which always mean violently.
    Scholars Avenue, deplorably tries to take a moral high ground here, to pander to what sensibilities I do not know, but anyway you know very well the ground situation here,and could have reported correctly, taking into account the buildup of this situation. I am extremely disappointed today with you all. Nothing more to say.

  31. Abhishek Ghosh says:

    I am proud that the students of IIT KGP have finally risen like men. Those who look down on student rioting and protests need to be reminded that non-violent methods are pointless in a system which ploughs on no matter what.

    For the record:

    From 2003 to 2008, every year at least one KGPian died on campus. All of these incidents were brushed under the carpet to “preserve” the image of IIT. I can say this for sure because I was on campus during that time.

    May the faculty rot in hell. I support the student community, my alma mater in all their protests. Let blood be repayed in blood.

    Abhishek Ghosh,
    RP Hall, B.Arch,
    Class of 2008

  32. Rizurekh says:

    I do no think that demanding the resignations of incapable people is wrong. The DOSA and Deputy Director have shown no concern for the students or our demands during the open session….they were just reading out whatever they have planned in their meeting. They must step down after the initial plan of action is drawn. Also, if these incapable are allowed to carry on with their duties, then the admin might get complacent.

  33. Anirban Naskar says:

    Students are the biggest stake holder of the IITs. Administration has never admitted that. Students, please speak out and be afraid of those DC bullshits. You have reasons to be violent in this hour of crisis.
    2002-07 (Mech, RK)

  34. rahul says:

    Mr Debangshu Mukherjee ….i don’t think u have the power to empathize with the pain of the parents’ of Rohit and the entire student community and I dont even see u expressing ur condolences…so it is u who is preaching….everyone else is coming up with their real sentiments …that’s it !!…do not show ur disrespect in this manner…

  35. It’s really sad and disappointing to hear this news.

    I am a student at IIT Kanpur and the health facilities here are in a similar or probably in a worse condition. Doctors are never present during emergency hours; when they’re present they just don’t know how to handle an emergency situation. Most of the doctors are very mediocre and prescribe some fixed standard medicines for nearly all the problems. Rarely are they able to diagnose a disease in their first try.

    The point is that this problem is not just at KGP, but probably in all the IITs. A collective effor by the student and alumni bodies of all the IITs is required to deal with this issue. Simply resignation of one or two officials won’t help at all.

  36. Aritra says:

    The way i see it, the authorities have been playing for time all along, since they are pretty sure this will die down in a few days. I am afraid that this will end up in the same fashion it always does….enquiry commissions, reports, files….and then rest, unless we are really vigilant. It is really time for us to act. If in two months we are all back to square one, i think we will begin to become shameful of calling ourselves men. I hope schols’ ave will keep track of developments not just while public sentiment is flared-up…but for a long while after that too….

  37. Ashutosh N. Bagaria says:

    Whatever Happens, dont let this movement die down. For the first time am I seeing Kgpians rising up like this. Hope the committee that is formed isnt the usual sarkary committee which is still investigating and proposing after 20 years.

  38. Shashikiran D says:

    To the Student representative,
    This is one of the best oppurtunities we have ( and unfortunately the saddest)…
    The following SHOULD be taken care of
    1. MESS Cleanliness.
    2. Cleanliness in Tikka and all other restaurants in IIT KGP.
    3. Availability of Drinking water everywhere…departments, campus, restaurants. They should use latest water filters….which are serviced regularly.
    4. General Cleanliness in the campus.
    etc etc etc etc etc etc etc . Others can fill in.

  39. Ashutosh N. Bagaria says:

    It is time to act, but for some reason, I am also reminded by the cliche at kgp: “Kicchu Hobe na”.
    Hope this cliche gets removed form the kgp system once and for all!
    Chorna mat is baar!

  40. Indrajit Das says:

    My heartfelt condolences to Rohit Kumar’s family! Its really tragic that one of us had to be sacrificed at the alter to stir up the administration like this. Guys please don’t let this incident end up like the Mumbai attacks in which lives were lost, protest marches followed, a few heads rolled, but the situation was far from remedied. What is more important is sustained follow up action. Kgpians have a very smart political head on their shoulders and i trust them to know what to do best. If you are promised 5 ambulances , make sure u get them. Also in a country which is bean sprouting IITs in every corner, the biggest one hasn’t got a single ambulance , imagine what the condition of the rest of the IITs will be. This requires a very holistic approach. I don’t know how much I can help but we should try to think this matter out till the very end.

  41. Tulika says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit’s family.

    How can they(authorities)play wid someones life..its so sad that too a place like IIT..Where the best of talent come to b shaped..and contribute most to d nation building…also it cant be so poor an institute to invest in req heltcare facilities dat every individual deserves…its a shame…


    Hope things will change for better ..please guys do something…

  42. hardika says:

    i support yesterday’s acts. but now is the time when we need to be careful…. already we are hearing comments like this wouldn’t have happened if students’ union had more power….everybody will try and take advantage of the situation and it is our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen. we have to take constructive steps, make sure that the media and political parties don’t get their scope and we get what we deserve – better health facilities. also, we need to ensure that no more violence takes place – this much was enough.

    P.S. the budget for B.C.Roy Tech. Hospital is not between 5-7 crores, it is 4 crores ( i am quoting Deputy Director, the erstwhile Chairman of B.C.Roy Tech. Hospital.)

  43. Aritra says:


    The whole motivation behind our reactions is the realization that the people who are being hurt by this negligence is US….I think u guys should feel the same way as we do, that the death of rohit is exactly equivalent to our own death, and ensure that u take this opportunity to enforce changes at your hospitals too…..the agenda is not just the fact that someone has died at kgp, but that there has been shameful mismanagement for years and we’ve all kept our eyes closed…in fact, in that manner we ourselves, each one of us, is responsible for that death…let it not be that u people wake up only after a life gets taken, like we have done…

  44. Tanmoy Sanyal says:

    I am only a first year student having spent a little more than 8 months or so on campus….yet I know how hopeless paperwork at b.c roy in the times of crisis can really get on your nerves and beyond…we had a friend injured while playing football a little late in the night around 1.00 and when taken to b.c roy the authorities were more interested in confirming our statements about a football ground injury…..they thought otherwise suspecting violence ….it was only when we really pleaded that they were ready to put a stitch……

    I welcome this mass uprising of kgpians but at the same time …as has been rightly pointed out by the Scholsave team….the negative emotions that ran high during the destruction of property could have been better controlled….

    My condolences to all friends and family members of Rohit bhayia….i did not know him in person…but i pray for his soul and i know that his death will not go in vain…..

  45. Purnendu Pattnaik says:

    Lets do it professionally,
    Lets call for a press conference and TV Channels. Let them air the dilapidated conditions of the Hostels (Especially PAN Loop).During Rains, water flows through the rooms in RK Hall.The back seats of TOAT are weak and we just wait for it to demolish.
    Borna has very rightly said,25 years and it has not changed. Its not just the responsibility of the office bearers. Everybody is equally responsible and should proactively act.
    Its also a shame that the media (most news papers) have sympathised with the plight of Director and Highlighted the Violence instead of hitting the root cause which is death of a Student.

    My Deepest regards and condolences with Rohit’s Family. Let his death not go in vain.

  46. Devanshu Agrawal says:

    to hell with media & to hell with image of IIT….with lives of so called cream-of-nation at stake, one would care less with those petty things. Why students only keep thinking about this only. I am really surprised that no physical violance against diro/dd/dosa has been heard. either this is suppressed very effectively or u guys shown a very composed nature. breaking some windows or a car is nothing in front of a life of some1. forget this shitty media. they are now as corrupt and rotten as our dear politicians. first think about ur lives before thinking about some brand image.
    each and every one of us will stand by you.

    Devanshu Agrawal
    RK Hall,

  47. Srijita Singh says:

    Amidst all the confusions nothing actually turned out to be in favour of students and the one whom we have lost. In the end it was just a series of resignations, which itself is not a solution.
    I would like to raise a point that one of the students wanted to say on stage but could not because of the chaos.

    Even if the Director, the Deputy Director and the DoSA resign, an official FIR should be filed against them. Wake up now friends. It is high time.

    They have enjoyed their positions for quite an appreciable time and surely have a healthy bank balance to go on a world tour after resignation. So what is the point unless they are made to suffer for their repeated negligence? The student body should file it so that the right course of actions is taken? At this moment of crisis, it is difficult for the parents of Rohit to do so. We all understand that. Even if the parents of the dead do so, then the student body should come forward to support them. It is high time that some official action be taken, or else within a short period of time all will be forgotten.

    Apart from the above point,
    Right now we do not have a Director, DD and DoSA, so it should be made sure who appoints the external investigation committee and all should be made official and transparent. We are In IIT, so we can officially approach the governor, the police commissioner, the chief minister of the state also. It is just a suggestion and whatever best is should be done keeping in mind that it should be beneficial as well as keep the reputation of the students intact, because always the students have suffered the consequences with the higher authorities turning a deaf ear to their requests and very basic demands. Legal advice should be taken and we should find out who, from the institute or outside the institute, on behalf of the students, can do so.
    Individual complains against BC Roy, in writing with evidences to be obtained (if possible). It’s a request from all those who have suffered. We shout in open houses as well as in meetings, but no one keeps track of what we say actually. It should be done so that when the external team of doctors is appointed, they can refer to the cases as examples of negligence. Because by the time action will be taken, it may be that many of the students who wanted to voice their experiences will be pass outs. The authority will say that there has been lack of evidence very casually.

  48. loki says:

    Mr. Rahul , i think Mr Debangshu Mukherjee is proving a point . all he requests the scholars ave ppl is that this body must report exactly what happened during peaceful sessions between profs and students , not just final conclusions , but the discussion that shows their responsibility and their attitude

    don’t make statements like this
    ” i don’t think u have the power to empathize with the pain of the parents’ of Rohit and the entire student community “

  49. S says:


    What is that logic you are talking about? There’s sense in improving our so called hospital: in making it a hospital indeed; in improving its budget, staffs n fecilities. What on earth brings u to shifting the ‘oldest’ (it means a lot more than the word itself…you know that) IIT itself?

  50. Aritra says:

    @loki, debangshu and the authors of the initial article….

    firstly, do you think ANYTHING AT ALL would have occurred had the rampage not begun?? I have personally believed all my life that destruction is nothing but an opportunistic show of might, but on this occasion, can anyone come up with ONE step that would have been taken had the mob not turned violent?? Clearly, the authorities had already turned their backs on the matter, as they had done a year back in the case of Anshu Gupta.

    the point is really being missed here. yesterday in the open meeting were present in the row right behind mine students who were laughing and joking and then shouting as soon as someone began to speak. For instance, they would shout ‘dosa dosa’ one instant and then say in lowered voices ‘chapati chapati’ before breaking out into laughter. I am sorry to say this, but we ourselves are these people. If there were 100 people rampaging yesterday, i’m sure ten actually felt about the issue, while the rest merely showed off. And the critics of the rampage either blamed the entire crew or stayed silent. It is also true that 90 percent of us are treating this as an opportunity of bunking classes and ‘peace maaro-ing’ in our rooms. But i’m afraid there’s no point in saying all these stuff, because nothing will change till we begin to feel shameful of our own selves.

  51. Aritra says:

    Or else, we have to begin becoming manly enough to ask these asses to shut their mouths every time they begin acting like what they are. But instead what all of us do is sit in the crowd, shout from within the crowd, and then disappear into the dark.

  52. Rahul Sharma says:

    My deepest condolences to the family of Rohit Kumar and the entire student fraternity of IIT-KGP.

    Availability of quality medical care is one of the primary rights of a citizen, unfortunately like most of our rights we are deprived of this too. Needless to say, the authorities in IIT KGP are responsible for this mess within the campus and should be taken to task.

    Its a matter of great shame that people need to travel around 150 kms to reach a well equipped hospital. Such an incident would probably have not happened in a IIT Delhi or IIT Bombay campus, only due to accessibility of proper hospitals nearby . But most of the country does not live in such places, which effectively means most of the country lives at the mercy of fate.

    I appeal to the students of IIT-KGP to address negative coverage of this incident in the national media, and to come forward through TV Channels, print media, online media strongly and put forward the appalling conditions for medicare in the campus and the country as a whole.

  53. Chandra says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit`s family and friends, me being one of them.

    D K Tripathi, Dean of Students Affairs at IIT-K, said: “The student had a history of epilepsy. The hospital authorities had sent him to Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata but he died on the way. Doctors cannot be charged with medical negligence.” WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???? i have known rohit from almost 3 years and i have ever seen him even talking about epilepsyor anything related to it…and the same person who gave this statement, gave an open dhamki to almost 5000 students standing in front of him in TOAT last night.. i think a person like this who is not in his right senses should be sent to an asylum first.

    The ex-director coming out after a long discussion before the protest with the so called concerned authorities had a smirk on his face and gave vague statements like “i appreciate and sympathise your gathering..”, “what is the big deal??….”, ” this is just the first time…” as if we need the deaths of a hundred more to make him allocate another crore rupees to the hospital. How can these people who said that he will not be giving any more money to BC Roy hospital in the first ever open house session and then changed his way saying he will get some CT scan facilities(which never materialised even after 1 month) in the second open house session be entrusted with posts as responsible as the director and the dean of the most premier technology institutes of India( i am ashamed of saying this as we lack in the basic health facilities in this premier technology institute). They forgot their responsibilities when they canceled a project of multi speciality hospital, eating away the money, they forgot their resposibilities and basic human rights of students when they introduced the 11 o clock ban citing some stupid reasons, they forgot their responsibilities even afer repeated and “peaceful” pleas from the student community. and yesterday, we, as a whole student body united to show them that we have lost our faith and patience in listening to their promises and words and we made a point that people who are highly irresponsible cannot be made to sit in such a responsible position. It was after the director(ex) shameless tried to hang to his chair even after 7000 students protested with one voice demanding him to get down, that students were forced to resort to breaking of window panes and car of the director and i think this should definitely teach a lesson to all those people who got in by politics and warn all those people coming into the shoes of the director and the dean of student affairs that we are united about our problems and any part of administration which neglects them will face a similar consequence or may be a worse situation.One thing that made me proud yesterday is the gathering of almost 2000 people in and around the director`s bunglow within a short notice of the incident and the proceedings and the united spirit of all the KGPians saying we will no longer go in silence, we will fight for our basic rights.

  54. Bharat says:

    I am an old kgpian and have known the system inside out. The department or the Institute has not even condoled the death of the student, let alone taking responsibility! All I saw these years was a dormant and indifferent student group. I am glad that the student community has ultimately risen and made noise and is demanding action. Arnab, the VP desrves a pat on the back. Nobody else could have downed the mighty and haughty diro other than the student community. Other heads must roll too. My sincere suggestion is :protest in every possible way to improve the facilities and services, but do not get violent. An incident of this nature is the first of its kind since the inception of the Institute. Hence the student community must come up with the correct version of what happened and why it happened and circulate it by gmail to stop the rumour mills from working overtime.

  55. Nishad Kenkre says:

    To the question ” Have we become what we despise most .. blah blah ” … I have only one reply… For the first time in my life, I actually appreciated the Bengali system of protests and violence, inspite of being the most non violent person around …. Having seen with my very own eyes how the Director smirked at the non-violent public and went inside by passing a very bureaucratic ” I will set up a committee” comment, I am extremely proud of the guys who took the initiative to vandalise his house … It should be noted that nobody murdered / raped the Diro or his family, because then it would have been an inhuman protest … But if it takes destruction of property to make an as***le realise who he is up against, then so be it …. In the first glance, even I was supporting non violence, but one deep look at the situation and you will realise that had the students gone back from the Drio’s house, the matter would have remained hidden beneath the rug of negligence… People like H N Mishra ( one of the most corrupt officials in India currently ) and the Diro should be brought out on the streets, hung in public and then interrogated …

    May Rohit’s soul rest in peace…

  56. Sridhar says:

    4 crores annual budget for a dispensary….. its ridiculous…and did that DD told how much of this goes as salaries???
    Some time back (maybe 1-2 years ago) our Registrar announced that BCRTH inked many tie-ups with prominent hospitals…this including CMC of Vellore, Shankar Netralaya in Chennai, Peerless, Apollo etc…. but for whose benefit?? It was mostly for employees of IIT…. students jaaye baad mein…
    Nepotism & corruption had taken very deep roots in our IIT. Until IIT authorities & administrators leave “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” type of attitude..students problems remain.
    Now regarding DC…in 2001 whole LLR hall’s residents were put under DC…but we didn’t budge… we never wavered from being united… finally we were given 20 hrs of library duty as punishment… if we stay united no one can do anything.

  57. Chandra says:

    @Nishad, i think you forgot another as***le who treid to escape saying ” i was not here. I came only in the evening” and gave an warning to almost 5000 students. and who with a sense of pride resigned to his post. i personally would love to hang him in public with my hands and then….

  58. A says:


  59. ANIKET says:


  60. Satyajit says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit’s family.

    This ill-treatment of patients has been going on for year@B.C. ROY on which,unknowingly,depend so many students and staff.Is this the kind of treatment we deserve when BC Roy receives 5-7cr of funding every year from the center.

    Why were the authorities so quiet and did not have much to say and do during the open house.Why are they a part of our administration when they cannot think of anything that should be done after such a mishap!!!!Leave the authorities…were we,the students,waiting for someone’s life to go before we are waken up and this realization dawns upon us that now its time to get aggressive.Are we always going to rise up at the cost of someone’s life….?The same goes with the food we eat in our mess.There has been cases of acidity and food poisoning.Are we here too waiting for a grave thing like this to happen..?

    Karl MARX had said ” We begin to die the day we become silent about things that matter….”

    My sincere request to everyone who is witness to such an incident…Raise your voice before corruption gets the better of us and creeps into our system.

  61. Manish Kumar says:

    “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?”….
    I want to tell TSA (if they are not aware of) that this is the only way the administration will listen. And if you people are shame of this incidents, we don’t need you.
    This is not the first time. DD (Chairman 0f BCR) says that enquiry committee will decide who are responsible, I say why he isn’t? In last 2 open houses, maximum problems were related to BCR Hospital, still he didn’t take any action. He must be punished and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY.

  62. Nitin says:

    I want to propose one more thing.Why not make a website where each student can put up his or her problem like a forum.So that the accountable person can reply then & there only.In that way we can improve the situation much faster & the process will be very transparent.
    I didn’t cam to know about what happened in the meeting today.We can include all our problems, it will be like an online complaint board.
    Even the administration & faculty can put up their problems if they have any from the students.
    I don’t think the students behaved properly but they were forced to take such an action by the insensible handling of the situation by a heartless director.

  63. Rishab Mathur says:

    My heartfelt condolences to Rohit’s family and friends.

  64. Chandra says:

    @nitin.. that would be a good measure.. but i personally don think someone as irresposible as the people who were sacked yesterday would even care to open the forum, forget going through the problems and trying to solve them…

  65. Jay Mody says:

    It is really sad that it takes an incident like this to wake up the dead bureaucrats of IIT KGP… The fault probably lies with the students also because at some point of time all of us had been exposed to the despicable conditions of BC Roy, yet none of us did anything when there was time.. It is similar to all the people of our country – we wake up only when tragedy strikes..

  66. madhy says:

    Rohit …….. May ur soul rest in peace

  67. Sudha Narasimhachar says:

    This is a very shocking and unfortunate incident. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish that the unfortunate parents of Rohit will undergo all their lives. My heartfelt condolences to them. As a parent of a student at KGP, my spine chills and I am ever living with a fear of something going wrong with my son, miles away. The college and campus are more than their own homes for the students, as the parents have handed them over with 100% confidence and trust to a team of well-educated, well-paid and well-known team of personnel but we are shocked to see the kind of incidents that take place in such premier institutions and the kind of politics that are played in these holy places of learning. Hope this is the last such incident and shakes the entire administration and politic to set things right and make the institutions safer, more transparent and really worth their name.

    Sudha Narasimhachar

  68. Nishad Kenkre says:

    A DOSA who says to a crowd of 4000 students ” I was not in the campus till 6 pm in the evening ” to wash his hand off … That guy stinks oif corruption and tyranny ….
    A DD who says ” What is the big deal?” when requested to bring the Director outside his house….
    A Director who passes lame comments like ” It is just a one off incident” ….

    These are the people who are dictating the way we lead our lives in kgp … I remember the DOSA telling me in a Disciplinary Committee meeting ( which had been imposed upon us as we had returned one hour late in the night after eating out !!! ) that we are irresponsible kids who are unaware of the dangers outside the campus and that the administration, which CARES SO MUCH for us, should not get into trouble becaue of our mistakes…. I wish someone would go and tell him that the students seem to be much safer outside the campus than inside the campus under his tyrannical rule !!

    Also, its disturbing to read false news in the dailies .. they have misquoted people, reported wrong happenings ,etc and somebody please send the media a detailed report of everything and ensure that the corrections are made…

  69. Abhinav Sinha says:

    My sincere prayers and heartfelt condolence to Rohit’s family and my dear KGPians on the bereavement caused by this tragedy. As a 2003 graduate of the college, and a very proud member of the KGP community, I feel a sense of depravity on reading all that has happened. Given the current stage of affairs, there are two tracks on which student efforts need to move, and both appear equally important to me at this point.

    First, the students’ community has to take this matter up with the Human Resource Ministry. With the autonomous university itself at fault, and the Director showing signs of vulnerability, a petition to the Ministry of Human Resources on behalf of the students’ community is long awaited. The objective of the petition has to be two-fold: to enable sustainable allocation of resources, both capital and human, for improving medical facilities in KGP, and to institute measures for accountability within the autonomous body for the performance of the facility. Caretakers of BC Roy Hospital are not only accountable to the students and staff at KGP, but also to the HRD Ministry, to the families of the students, to the faith of all the future aspiring students, and to the name of BC Roy himself.

    Second, the students’ community has to take up efforts in parallel to work with the leadership at the Institute. The BCR Hospital is there for the students and staff alike. It is important for all members of the KGP community to understand the role that the hospital should play. It is important to note that the medical requirements of a 5500 strong students’ community are very different from those of the Professors/staff and their families. From injuries in sports, to psychiatric counseling, from food poisoning to emergency needs, students get exposed to very different medical requirements. The authorities have to realize that a hospital geared up to serve the professors and the staff community satisfactorily may barely meet the needs of the students. I remember from 2003 that the hospital staff always found it difficult to treat students with common problems like a twisted ankle or a mild depression.

    I urge the students to take the lead in identifying clearly the facilities/resources that BCR Hospital needs. And then prioritizing this list. And then they should all their resources to approach different power centers to ensure that their efforts bear fruit. It is important to raise the momentum this time, and to ensure that the long term correction plans are set in action.

    And finally, let’s remember that the correction may take years. Future student batches will lead those efforts, and they will not have the same degree of shock/grief to drive their efforts as the current community has. So it is important to establish a case of change that all coming generations strongly appreciate and relate to.

  70. it is said that media should be kept out of this all matter , but i have question to ask , what happen when a student died due to asthma , no media was involved at that time , there were no effective action taken then , we no that we bear the torch of this premier institute but its our life at stake not the reputation of the institute , if due to media pressure things have hasten up then its good not bad .. the author of this article please answer my question , was any action take in past one year when a guy died from asthma and called as heart attack , did that incident wake the authorities? what we all student community should do . i know that student got a bit agitated in open house meeting but if we think that it could be me on that bed can agitate any one of us .
    At last i the students to please be there at peace march to pay our tribute to Rohit kumar .

  71. Sohail says:

    Another death in the campus..and this time everyone is blaming the authorities.

    it is a sad thing that things had to get down to this. but will vandalizing property and making the director step down make any difference now?

    who is to blame for something like this? is it the authorities who themselves say that the hospital in ill-equipped, the doctors who themselves say that they are not good enough, or the students who themselves say that they knew something like this was bound to happen!!

    I remember there was an article in schols av sometime back about a multi-facility hospital being made in place of BC Roy. was it a joke that was played on us, or was it really the truth? i guess only time will tell…

    it is time we stop playin the blame game an get our act together. we always wait for something as drastic as this to happen before we start acting..and that is the problem. said and done, I hope the students are able to persuade authorities to do something about the medical facilities in the campus.
    It is a sorry state of affairs down in KGP.

  72. Dheeraj says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit’s parents.

    The kind of frustration shown by students after the incident was all but expected, so I dont think we should be blamed for what we did. What I want to point out is isnt it time we try to change ourselves. Common the director is an alumni of the institute, still if he for some reason does not do his duty properly dont u think there is a problem in OUR ATTITUDE. Dont you think if you need to change the world outside its “YOU” it should begin with. Im not trying to justify what he did. All im trying to say is that if there were one of us in his place, we wudnt have behaved better. If you need to change nething change yourself. Dont use this energy be wasted in pointing fingers at others, instead make a promise to yourself that if YOU happen to be the director someday (or for that matter hold any post) you WONT ACT IRRESPONSIBLY. You wont think of YOUR selfish NEEDS before the WANTS OF OTHERS.

  73. Prashant Yadav says:

    Nothing has changed in the last 10 years at least. When we were on campus (1995-1999), an MTech student had died due to weird treatment given at BC Roy – wrong injection, no transport facility, doctors’ negligence – the story was the same.

    It pains me no end to see that nothing has changed in the last so many years. It is tragic that while the HRD ministry and the govt. has the funds and wherewithall to double the number of IITs, it doesn’t have enough to provide half decent medical facilities at the oldest IIT.

    The director and the authorities even then were only interested in dousing the fire and saving their backsides. It may sound pessimistic but a possibility of a sea change in the state of BC Roy Hospital looks as remote as the possibility of the institute authorities becoming all too sensitive and responsible all of a sudden.

    It is disgusting and pukey.

  74. anuj says:

    My heartfelt condolences for Rohit’s family.May his soul rest in peace.Plz do not let the protests die down. Regularly check the cleanliness and food standards at very eatery n mess in KGP.

    And one more thing plz do something regarding institute dogs as well as snakes, who have been regularly chasing people at nights and mornings, before its too late.

  75. abhishek kashyap says:

    thts preachy shit mr. dheeraj!!
    the diro is a heartless old scum…dd is nothin more than an ignorant buffon n the dosa is a #*?|?”~##…
    probably u weren’t in kgp yesterday sir 2 witness the comments made by these distinguished ppl.and if this doesnt elicit anger 4m th students,i doubt anything ever will

  76. Abhay says:

    My heartfelt condolences to Rohit’s family and friends. I personally didn’t know that guy but I know people who did.

    There is just one thing I would like to add: It took a 6-hour siege by about 1500-2000 students for the Diro to realize his “moral responsibility” and resign. Even his resignation letter was written by the students. I guess this depicts the apathy that we are treated with by the administrators who once said, “We are like your family. We are responsible for anything that happens to you while you are in Kgp.”

  77. shweta says:

    my sincerest condolences to Rohit’s family …
    Hooligans or not …is THIS the big question plaguing us ??????? wat did we achieve by being peaceful ??…does any one remember that innocent 1st year who died at nss camp ?? even thn DD promised a committee and enquiry …but wat happened after that ???..dont let rohit’s death be another one of those incidents …we need to take responsibility …we need to fight for ourselves

  78. sandeep singh says:

    It is really sad that sum ppl are still raising questions on the students reaction and the way wee acted all those i would have answered in the most appropriate way (F*** ***)…..but let me be a bit decent…i understand that we might not have caused any personal damages to the director,,i understand that the damages caused were actually the properties of the institute and hence in an indirect way our own property …but can sum1 plz tell me…was there any better way we cud have shown wat we actually wanted the administration to do??????was there any way we could have made these tyrants understand that even we must have a say in the rules and the so called facilities meant for us….plz do not say there is always a peaceful way we can put our words ..enuf…we hav done so in the pasts and wat we hav got are the fake promises and assurances…….

    so its my appeal to all those “cold blooded” ppl who still think other way round……plz donot question nething rite now but the existing system for which the administration and only administration is responsible…and whatever happened yesterday ..was a sincere and much awaited effort by the students to wake them up….or at least an attempt to make them realise why have they been put to occupy such responsible positions…

  79. Amit says:

    What really shocked me was that the Director of India’s premier technological Institute couldn’t handle a situation as critical as this. Using the same political lingo and smiling etc.. and I didn’t hear it myself but was told by others that someone (DD/diro) also said that ppl die.. what’s the big deal..!!! correct me if i’m wrong.
    If you can’t handle a situation like this, better go away.. we don’t want you as our director. The Dean of Student affairs wasn’t even sorry for whatever happened yesterday. I felt like killing him, the way he talked in the open-house session.
    This unrest is not just abt Rohit or B C Roy .. its about the adminidytration.. rt from the academic section to the security and institute policies in general…

    What happened yesterday can’t be justified.. the anger was in the heat of the moment, its not all that easy to take the news of ur batchmete’s death.

  80. Saikiran says:

    My deepest condolences for Rohit’s family and surely a “suitable compensation” from the authorities will never ever compensate the loss of Rohit.

    Finally, BCR turned out to be what we most feared !
    Finally, the ‘Rang De Basanti’ sort of agitation appeared in the KPIans.
    Rohit’s death should not go in vain.

  81. bhaatu says:

    Authorities here in IIT KGP are ________. They will never come forward to take some responsibility. They act like they are playing politics here. Yesterday in TOAT I was expecting that at least one of the authority will stand up and will announce that these days will be past in few months and can assure us that causalities like this will be history. But I know I was dreaming at night while I was sleeping and dream never comes true in IIT KGP. 3 resignation in few hours……masala for media but not the solution for us. I am agree that they(diro/dosa/BCR’s chairman) do not deserve their post but there should also some one who can take all these responsibilities. We really need some one who understand the situation and know how to deal with.

  82. Dheeraj says:

    You may call it what you want abhishek but when we have to say something like: “This unrest is not just abt Rohit or B C Roy .. its about the adminidytration.. rt from the academic section to the security and institute policies in general…”
    We need to realize that its not just because of the diro and dosa. The problem definitely goes MUCH DEEPER.

  83. Abhishek Raj says:

    My deepest condolences for Rohit’s family……

  84. San says:

    Its NOT true Sohail…no hospitalis being made, one that was proposed by SMST. Our dear diro had then rejected the offer…”personal probs”

  85. Aditi says:

    Deepest condolences to Rohit’s Family….

    I agree that the protest was required, else these administrative folks would keep giving us hopes and instruct us to be positive and patient. But having said that, we need to understand that resignation of officials isn’t the solution. Even the new officials after resuming the office might not do anything towards improvement of facilities.

    I believe that this enthusiasm and spirit of students of IITKGP and also their promptness to raise voice against wrong actions, is the key to all solutions.

    All actions have two sides, positive one would be better infrastructure (hope we get it!!) and negative one would be the news hungry media making a total messy situation by publishing all the happenings.

    All said and done, awareness, determination and being responsible for a better infrastructure are the words, but not to forget HOPE!!

  86. 1966-1971 B.Arch (Hons) Class says:

    Sincere Condolences to Rohit Kumar’s Family from 1966-1971 B.Arch (Hons) Class

  87. Gautam Salhotra says:

    It is indeed a sorry state of affairs, as I’ve read on the net (I’m sitting far off in IITB). Even worse is the apathy shown by the administrative heads towards something as serious as the demise of a student for whose well-being they are responsible. To that effect, I’m glad such an uprising among students made them realise the gravity of the situation.

    Then again, these heads are professors, and nowhere is it a given that PhD holders will necessarily do a good job in the administrative section. I believe there should be a push for keeping administrative posts in the hands of experienced officers, rather than throw the burden on professors. This, coupled with the need for accountability on their part, can be the turning point in the history of IITKGP.

    One last point I would like to make is the condescending manner in which students are addressed by authorities in IIT (eg. Estate Office, in our case). They don’t take you very seriously, and consider student opinions to be either naive, unimportant or just plain bs. IITB entrants, are required to sign on a document which states that they will not participate in any mass movement whatsoever!! That’s some democratic system we have here :)

  88. Rakesh Gupta says:

    This is shocking ! I have always felt that the campus medical facilities needed a major overhaul given what was in the offing. But this is horrendous.

  89. bala says:


    I am very sorry to say that the violent protest at the director’s house is being described as a condemnable incident. Also, it has been pointed out that “violent protests” are the incorrect way. It always appears sophisticated to carry out a silent march, but how many times did they yield positive results? its only when people lose faith in peace they resort to violence. It should be mentioned that the diro and dosa were spared from physical assault, given their indifferent and offhand responses. So, why not praise the students for having not crossed the line?

    Secondly, there is an lot of emphasis on collective work. The students and management taking part in the improvement programme.It all sounds great. But, this in no way atones the sins committed by management for have ignored and mismanaged B.C.Roy hosp. for many years. A silent protest would not have evoked such media response and also, the govt. would now look into the matter more seriously. The admin got the correct medicine for the arrogance and indifference they were exhibiting.

    I request the scholars avenue to refrain from writing superfluously enlightening statements like “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?”. When there is a real problem (there is life beyond DC++,the counter strike and AOE clan matches) stirs and protests are the only solutions to solve. remember that those sitting at the helm of administration are not going to slog their asses to ameliorate the condition of anything or any one. Workers working in the mess are paid a meager 1500 Rs as opposed to the Govt. salary of some 4K per month. So, when they protest why are students unhappy? You might not join them in their agitation but its extremely unfair to say that a protest or a strike is a bad way of showing ones anger.

  90. Rogerchucker says:

    I hope this will wake up not only kgp but all other institutions in India. Sorry to see it took a mob scene to grab that attention.

  91. suneha says:

    how come times of India says that the boy was playing basketball when he fainted and hurt himself fatally while this newsletter informs that the boy fell from a rickshaw and sustained those injuries? the link to the newspaper article
    why the confusion in blatant facts like this?

  92. Ashwini @ IITR says:

    An abbhorent incident to have occured at such a reputed technical institute of the country….it clearly exposes the level of facilities being provided….heartfelt condolences to Rohit Kumar’s family…..

    I strongly support the IITKGP student’s reaction…m sorry to see that the authorities woke up only after it became violent….but it looks like it was required…I Can very well understand their anguish…as we also have very pathetic medical facilities in our campus….I hope all the institutes will learn from this incident and this will never happen again …..the guy who died was our fellow IITIAN brother……

    Sincere commiseration from the students of IIT ROORKEE…..We stand with you in this time of distress….

  93. Yyutsu says:

    It is one of the most shocking incident I have come across in my life.It will be difficult to appreciate the caluousness of authorities involved till the time you do not hear the first hand account of what has happened.Prima facie it’s a case of murder.Murder is not only an act of commission, it can also be an act of omission.Acts of omission and lack of sensitivities in handling the case is amply evident and that is the reason apparently things turned violent.The points of action now should be:

    The boy is dead.He can not come back and a loss of life can never be compensated.However, a compensation of Minimum Rs 2.5 crores should be given to his family.The amount on the onset looks outrageous,however,legally such compensations are calculated on the future earning potential and average life expectancy of the deceased.A court judgement is there in this case wherein a NRI Doctor got killed in a road accident and Insurance agency was paying Rs 10 lakh as compensation,however,based on his estimated life expectancy and earning potential compensation was worked out in crores.
    Now, there should be a inquiry by a retired judge.Any inquiry by instituion or similar body will be a watershed.And responsibility for this (unintentional) murder caused by acts of ommission should be fixed upto the top. People should go to jail and the compensation should be taken from the salaries and provident funds of people responsible.If and only if this is done it will serve as an example and it will bring sensitivities back into people who are in position of authority but forget that authority also brim=ngs responsibility.

  94. Sujata says:

    From my personal experience I can say that we students have always been mortally afraid of going into BCR Hospital. In fact, when you enter that building, you feel like maybe you’ll never come out alive. Admitting anyone who comes in with even a small complaint is a fashion, and it feels like doctors are experimenting on the patients to see what could work. That explains why students would rather be sick than get themselves treated to doctors there.

    As regards the protests by students, it is high time we stood up against the inefficient and unprofessional work culture followed in KGP. Doctors are available only in the week days, that too for an hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the evening, when the students are known to have classes. Any official you go to for some work will only be available from 10 – 12:30 and then 3-4.

    KGPians have always been peaceful to the extent of being callous. The fact that such people could be roused to indulge in so much violence shows how grossly negligent the authorities have been. We’ve taken bad food, bad officials, stupid bureaucracy, stupid rules, everything in our stride, because we thought this would prepare us to face ordeals in the outside world, but the death of a student due to gross negligence of authorities cannot be taken lying down. I’m proud the KGPians stood up against the authorities this time and forced them to make a beginning, albeit a small one.

    KGP ka tempo high hai!!!

  95. Syed Ahsan says:

    First of all my condolence to the family of Rohit.
    I think, the reason the students went for violent protest is the Director’s half an hour delay and apathy towards students community, who felt very naturally that this could have happened with anyone of them.

    Being an IIT-Alumni, I know the usual attitude of Diro or DOSA,The attitude to not sympathaze with students even under such circumstance is very usual in kgp. Why is it, that Newspapers and Politicians take notice of the severity of the situation after a violent protest only. As long as you are peacefully protesting, nobody really cares for what you stands for. These so called Institute representative needs to understand students perspective and shouldn’t have this “Chalta Hai” or “Hota hai” attitude.

  96. Rhyddhi says:

    With my strong support to the KGPians’ initiatives to improve the situation within the campus, I practically have no words for the family members of Rohit.May his soul rest in peace.
    Now while the issue is about the injustice done by the B.C.Roy hospital and others, a simple step to well equip B.C.Roy may not be sufficient enough to meet these crisis.A total remodelling of B.C.Roy hospital with modern medical facilities with the aid of the alumni(if fund crunch shows up)can be a solution.

  97. Michelle says:

    Why don’t the students seriously consider boycotting classes till the diro has left the bungalow?

  98. Arupananda says:

    This was in calling for a long time. Junta who come to Kharagpur are frustrated from day 1, and the level just keeps rising. The last year just brought it to pinnacle. Justification? Is it required? To quote the Deputy director ” We didn’t even have fans in our days” … does that anyway justify the installation of so-called facilities throughout the institute and leaving them for good? How many of the aquaguards that litter almost every wall in the campus are serviced regularly?
    Anyway, coming back to yesterday’s incident, it has sprung a call for constant vigil. IITKGP has been the unreachable grapes for decades in the political machination of West Bengal. In fact, it is the only body in the state that is still aloof from party politics. Parties like SFI are constantly looking out for an opportunity to infiltrate the system here and get associates from the cream fro their agenda. There will be instants of them approaching us and voicing their concerns and the requirement of a “properly organized students’ union”. In fact, yesterday the students were pretty vocal outsidde the Director’s house, but the first stone was thrown by a media person (from outside the campus). For them it is the scoop of the year. Anyone and everyone WILL try to take advantage of this situation. It is up to us to keep KGP from falling to ruins.
    We can do it. We know the authorities have absolutely no idea of what and when to do.This is not the time to raise the question of why things were not done but for us to tell them the solution and make sure of the implementation. I, for one, have a suggestion that their should be external invigilation of the hygiene in campus at least twice every semester, apart from all other things.
    KGP has risen, but we need to take it higher than just a voice seeking answers.

  99. Pawan says:

    My deepest condolences to Rohit’s family.
    Time and again these lacks of basic medical facilities are brought to the knowledge of authorities, but not even a single action was taken. For what they were waiting, to let someone die first.. In open house at toat DD said, “We will fix up responsibility tomorrow(though he himself was the in charge of BCR)” reflects there was no third person to care of what is going on at BCR and it is running just ‘Ram bharose’ with all careless inept doctors and ill mannered staffs. I myself have witnessed the chaos while seeking an ambulance help and also Dr’s carelessness during weekends, after all are casualties bound to happen during wee days only??
    It is said that media should be kept out of this all matter; it will deteriorate the iit brand name, HOW SILLY!! Here somebody has lost his life and we are caring about our brands, the IIT Kgp brand that totally lacks in basic medical facilities, the brand having worst kind of mess facility, the brand with most irresponsible administration. What a hypocrisy, our brand has such great qualities.. Whom we are cheating????
    In some blog I saw snaps captioned with “harmless car”, “harmless water tank”, “harmless lamp post” etc, taking snaps and putting it on your blog (to make it eye catching!)This seems was your main concern to be there. One cares for “harmless” non living things… but doesn’t he has any pity on the guy who lost his life only because of NEGLIGENCE, can’t one see his “harmless” life, were not those 4 hours sufficient to save one innocent life. It was all done very well to make our voice heard to that old deaf, nobody would have given a damn to it if again it is just a peaceful protest. Some people have problems with the profane language, what kind of decency you expect from angry crowd after this kind of mishap and for God sake don’t talk about the regard we need to show to diro after all this, respect comes from heart and should be delivered to a person who deserves it. There he was a culprit and one culprit should be dealt with Indian Penal Codes not with false decency. He refuses to hold the responsibility, so for what kind of job he boasts himself as diro, just to ban bikes, 11 pm rule and shit stuffs like that. After all we were not sitting in ac parliament discussing some worthless shit, so no need to be so decent and use “parliamentary language”.
    It is quite heartening to see us united for a cause and I am sure it will bring about radical changes. But first of all I want full justice, all culprits should be thoroughly trialed against criminal case and most hard quantum of punishment is assured to them, so that no future administrator could dare to play negligence game. Nothing less than this is neither acceptable nor justified to these old irresponsible morons.
    At last I request the students to please be there at peace march to pay our tribute to Rohit.
    May your soul rest in peace Rohit…

  100. Aditya Thatte says:

    This is very sad thing that has occurred. My condolences to his family

  101. Observer says:

    22 March 2009 embossed in pit black will go down the annals of history for many years to come. My deepest condolences to Rohit, his family and friends. May God give the departed soul peace and his family the courage and the strength to face such tough and appalling situation. It is very difficult to even difficult even to gauge and fathom the heavy feelings the family and his friends might be going through.
    It is very sad that the untimely demise of Rohit Kumar had to cue the aftermath that marked the coup of the rather callous administration at helm. What is even disturbing was the stubborn and blunt statements and the stand on the whole taken by the institute. The attitude of the institute authorities has been bread over time and the complacency seems to be a daily state of affair for them. When the students gathered at the directors bungalow to register their grievances and demand the culpability of involved, the blunt and irresponsible smirk and statements of the directed only added fuel to the matter. Soon the resentment filled the water to the eyes and the crowd otherwise committed to refraining from extreme measure took the agitation to next level. In such time of extreme emotions and discontent the water often get murky and even the most committed and strong willed are not able to distinguish the right from the wrong. Although the vandalism of civil property cannot be justified but it definitely ensured the pressure for swift surrender of the Director.
    During the chaos some students rose to the moment channelizing the emotions of the students while there were even isolated cases of malice and wanton. Some virtually broke into the bungalow and vandalized property and used the situation to their advantage. Such events only have undermined the righteousness the students stood for. But neglecting such bizarre events considering the entirety and the unison of the student community against the administration is what holds importance. The student community transcended the minor divisions and differences and showed a complete solidarity in thought and action. The surrender on the institute’s part bears a standing testimony for the same. Some students question the extreme means adopted and proponent a more moderate approach. But it was a retaliation the irresponsible comments had attracted.
    When students first ‘gathered’ at Director’s bungalow he made his appearance from the balcony from a distance when he should have himself joined students to grieve the lost and assure the culpability, he chose to smirk and a took diplomatic stance. It was only then the bungalow was ‘gheraoed ’ and the matters worsened.
    The fact that adamant attitude of DOSA did not buckle under such a stupendous gathering left many literally dumbstruck and showed the deep rootedness of his shallow feelings and behavior. It will be doubted where he considers students and humans as distinct dichotomy.
    But in the hindsight the turn of events seem to reinforce on the coming administration not to take the student community for granted and carry the ounce on their part. The fixation of responsibility and conviction of the guilty will set a solid example. Also at least modernization of present hospital should follow if not a new facility in the entirety.
    Let us hope that the faint sounds of change do not fade away in the clamor of bizarre events and the death of Rohit not go in vain.

  102. I feel very sad for the family for the loss. I am not sure how they will be able to cop with it. God give them the strength.

    It was always felt that BC Roy needed major uplift. Even in our times BC Roy was used more for getting medical leave, when you had bunked classes.

    Luckily for me, when I got chicken pox in first and had to get admitted to BC Roy. I came out alive from there.

    Hopefully they do something soon. I wonder what would have happened if one of the high authorities son met with such an accident.

  103. Nitin Mohta says:

    It is sad to know that it took a student’s life for the authorities to finally realise the lacuna that has been created in a system. I remember in our time, The Scholar’s Avenue had been banned for about 6 months when they had posted something against BC Roy Hospital. I hope things will turn out to be better this time.. May the soul of Rohit rest in peace..

  104. nitish says:

    its a shame. right of expression has been killed.
    we cant even have a candle vigil. It has clearly unearthed the true face of our administration, that is corrupt and solely based on power politics.

  105. ranu says:

    One human life, is this what they were waiting for???? I request the VP to consolidate all the reactions coming from alumni and other sources and put it in front of the authority. Please let us know what we can do to improve the situation. KGP has a strong alumni hold. So obviously we are in a position of taking some very firm actions. i request all of us to contribute to improve the pathetic condition of KGP.

  106. Arunava Chakravartty says:

    The mass outrage is quite justified but hopefully the buck won’t stop with a few high profile resignations but something more constructive needs to come out of it to standardize the health care on campus to more contemporary levels than just being relegated to usual archaic standards after all this is over

  107. Aimen Bilgrami says:

    Guys the problem here is corruption and lackadaisical attitude of the authorities.Be it health care facilities,mess food,cleanliness in the campus,hegemony with students,you can easily figure out the difference yourself.It may not be the right time to discuss this but other IIT’s have far better facilities than KGP.The administration here pay no heed to our problems because all they care about is increasing the head count because then they can ask (read swindle out ) more money from government coffers.

  108. ujjayan says:

    its so sad that things had to come to this for kgp to wake up eventually i only hope there are no more rohits in the future… i hope that the student representatives will be used to voice and deal with a few more genuine concerns of kgpians apart from just organizing fests and other activities…why not have gsecs for maintenance and mess and health care at the institute level…we care a lot for our sports and soc n cult competitions but maybe we lack a responsible student body to tackle these other areas of concern for for this recent incident i dont think it would be practical to expect neurosurgeons at bc roy in the future but i think that the other hospitals of kgp/midnapore the govt hospital and the railway hospital are better equipped to handle critical cases where its not feasible to send someone on a torturous and life threatening 4 hr journey to calcutta–isnt there (and if not why) any kind of arrangement for fast transfer of critical cases to the more competent medical facilities of kgp/midnapore itself??…this incidence also shows the general lack of sympathy of the kgp administration for the students…very few of the staff can be said to be actually polite to students be it at the admin or bcr or where ever…wtf…a 20 yr old boy is dying at your door step and you get busy with all administrative procedures and formalities…thats disgusting i gss

  109. Kimi says:

    This is really really sad…let us have a wing in BC Roy named after Rohit so we never ever forget this incident and let it serve as a reminder to what laxity on part of the admin brings….it is time the authorities took care of students.

    RP Hall 91

  110. I am saddened by the news. It is very tragic to hear about a young life snuffed away like that.

    Having said that, I must say that the reaction to the incident was way out of line.

    The student had a head injury. Head injuries are very tricky especially if there is bleeding. You need excellent care in the shortest possible time to diagnose and remedy the problem. Such care is sometimes just not available no matter where you are.

    Even in countries like the USA, head injuries end up with undesirable outcomes. Check out what happened to Natasha Richardson.

    I understand it is an emotional subject and it warrants attention. The notion that corrective action will be implemented by the actions that would result in proper head injury care is absolutely ridiculous.

    In conclusion, if you are in a place, where care is not available immediately for all problems, you cannot blame the place.

    It is sometimes just pure hard luck when you are in a place with a problem that cannot be solved.


  111. The Scholars' Avenue says:

    Responses forwarded from our blog (


    its really bad,to send an untrained attendant.and its obviously required to maintain two ambulances in the hospital.

    9:36 PM, March 23, 2009


    i think this is the best representation of the facts tht occured yesterday…. and a copy of this shud be sent to the media… all channels and print… so tht misrepresentation of the facts can be stopped…. this holds a very neutral perspective and includes all said and done….

    9:41 PM, March 23, 2009


    i would want to request the schols av. to add 2 blogs here regarding

    1. the actual facts relating to the deterioration of the health of Gaurav Tomar and his current status… and also how BCR was ineffective in his case

    2. a testimonial to Rohit by some of his closest frnds so tht the entire insti can hav a better idea of him and also a way to remember him by… this i think shud not contain the details of his last day with us… and only the gud things…

    9:52 PM, March 23, 2009


    The Scholars’ Avenue:
    We will be publishing a eulogy shortly after his friends have recovered enough to tell us about him.

    9:54 PM, March 23, 2009


    Do we have the details of wat happnd with his parents today… i mean did they face any trouble claiming him or taking him back…

    9:59 PM, March 23, 2009


    As an alumnus of Kgp I am deeply concerned about this tragic incident.My heartfelt and sincere condolences to the parents of Rohit and the entire Kgp community.
    ‘Paper-work’ is a convenient excuse for lack of timely and pro-active ACTION.I still remember the period when I was hospitalised in my first year due to a fall from my bike while rushing to the PT ground. My room-mate took me on his bike to the hospital and immediately called our local guardian, Prof.Sinha (EE Deptt). (I hope this system of appointing ‘Tutors’ is still in force).It made all the difference in the approach of the hospital staff!
    If ambulance break-down is unpardonable, lack of trained attendants to give Oxygen is criminal.
    A careful and diligent audit of each one of the events leading to the sad death of Rohit
    must be carried out to prevent such negligence in future.

    10:34 PM, March 23, 2009


    i feel very sorry about this incident..and i pray to god Rohit’s soul shall rest in peace..and I am motivated by the students union on this issue and taking the right for getting proper health care upon the death of Rohit bhaiyya who couldnt get enough facitiles at the right time… We, the students of country’s pride institutions shall act as we did now ,on all the social problems and bring the GLORY of our nation back..

    10:50 PM, March 23, 2009


    I am an almun of KGP(1998). BCRTH’s competency and management has been questionable since a long time. In 1995 too an M.Tech student had died in BCRTH in very similar manner as Rohit (I don’t remember the date but someone who was as IIT KGP at that time should be remembering). At that time too there was angry reactions and protest at Institute main gate (which the then director Dr. K. L. Chopra had addressed after several hours of demonstrations) was doused by the administrator using usual bureaucratic techniques.

    We would not have lost another student today, had Dr. K.L.Chopra’s administration taken the corrective actions at that time.

    While whatever happened is most unfortunate, the student community must show their true KGPian spirit and must try their best not to damage the image of our beloved alma-mater.

    11:31 PM, March 23, 2009


    Padmaja Kota:
    I can personally feel the loss the parents of Rohit might be feeling.

    My brother is studying at iit kgp 4th year.

    I dread the lack of medical facilities near a college where so many students stay.

    Please its a humble request to all authorites to take all measures so that such an incident never happens again.

    May god bless the soul of Rohit and also give strength to his family during this very sad time.

    2:24 AM, March 24, 2009


    A Ghosh:
    (Alumnus 75)

    No loss could be greater than the loss of an young budding inspired youth. I am in my heart of hearts already a party to the feelings of Rohit’s family and friends. Students are the future. I strongly wish that I live to see that something conctrete happens at BC Roy Hospital.

    1:23 PM, March 24, 2009


    K.K. Patodia:
    (70 NHR ChE)

    I am appalled at the tragedy which could have been averted.My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.Hope the authorities do something quickly to improve conditions atBCRTH.

    5:11 PM, March 24, 2009


    Alabhya Singh:

    My heart goes out to the bereaved parents of Rohit Kumar.
    Alabhya Singh, Patel Hall 1986-91.

    7:07 PM, March 24, 2009



    I am 1998 Alumunus. For a while I worked in KGP too. I was shocked to learn of 22/3 at IIT Kgp.While I understand the students ire and anger I am ashamed that KGPians have indulged in destruction of property. I recall the terrible ragging incident in 1991 , when students went on hunger strike and protested and made the administration bend. This does not befit an IItian, who is considered a class apart from the usual engineering college students.

    It is unclear why the Director was singled out? He is just taken over a year ago? What about the Deputy Director as the Hospital Commitee Chairman all these years? What has he done to improve the system? Nothing. While the Director’s house was being ransacked and property destroyed , did any one of you think of the Director’s wife, her plight and state of shock.

    Me and my fellow IItians here in Banaglore, are still not able to come to terms that KGpians can be violent.

    7:34 PM, March 24, 2009



    It is very very sad that so called Premier Institute of Technology is irresponsible towards the cream of nation. we can imagine the situation of real India, after so many years of Independence it can not give common minimum requirements for the people, we should be ashamed of ourselves. i feel very very sorry for what had happened and Rohit, i wish your soul rest in peace…

    8:27 PM, March 24, 2009


  112. Shivram Jadav says:

    I am an alumni of 2008 batch and My deepest condolences to Rohit’s family and friends.I support what the student community has done unitedly.It is high time that the authorities know what are the basic problems faced by the students of KGP.last year too a student died during a NSS camp.that too happened just bcoz of lack of medical facilities and the condition is even worse when a ambulance gets stuck at the railway line infronta cheddis…..i remember a prof 4m ECE died in a incident where he was on his way to a hospital and the ambulance got stranded infront of the railway line and was not given a path….If we had a bridge this wouldn’t have happened….
    seeing all these incidents..i say we alumni and students of kgp must take up some action and help kgp get a hospital where better facilities are there……….
    Last year

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