September ’05 Issue: Webbies @ Kgp

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words web and IIT Kharagpur? The uninspiring insti website? The gymkhana website with several sections “under construction” for two years?The hall websites that never seem to be online?

Change could be on the way, at least for those sites that are maintained by students. The new post of gymkhana web secy, along with a student group for those interested in web design, promise to make it easier to create websites and web teams for the various gymkhana activities. A major milestone was achieved last week, with the setting up of the official gymkhana web server.

This server, located in CIC, is dedicated to hosting three websites – for the gymkhana activities, and for the fests’ websites. It has a global IP address, connected to the outside world through an 8Mbps SingTel link. With the CIC having upgraded the server plenty – with 512 MB RAM and two identical 40 GB hard drives in RAID, it should be sufficient.

The new gymkhana site is already up, although the link on the main site hasn’t been updated (as yet). The web secy Robin Anil has been putting up regular notices about gymkhana events on the online noticeboard ( Other secys too, seem to be coming up with new ideas for the web site – a page showing upcoming TFS shows, and another which will hopefully contain a gallery of the photography secy’s snaps. Moreover, the TFS secy Parag Jain has also arranged for upcoming movies to be announced on DC, with the usercommand +tfs.

Despite all the advances, KGP continues to have a shortage of talented web design people. To address this, a student group, “Webbies@KGP”, is being set up. Webbies will provide a platform for those interested in web design to interact and learn new technologies. It will also be a recruiting ground for web teams like those of Springfest and Kshitij. Most importantly, it will allow first years to learn and build up their skills.

Webbies is open to all interested KGPians. To join, contact Robin Anil (gymkhana web secy,, Aravind R.S. (kshitij web team head, or Vaninder Singh (springfest web team head,

- Aravind R. S.

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