September ’05 issue: Sports Avenue

The KGP shuttlers took part in a competition hosted at SAI complex, Salt Lake and managed to reach the semi-finals losing to Calcutta University there.


The Open IIT Table Tennis tournament was completed successfully with Ravi Agrawal (RK) taking top honours and Shashank Sethi (RK) and Sahan Ray (RP) completing the top three. Presently Open IIT Badminton and Four-A-Side
Hockey tournaments are going on.

Inter Hall Aquatics

The 34th Inter Hall Aquatics Championships were conducted over the weekend of 27th and 28th August at the Technology Swimming pool. Flagging off the GC chase this first Inter Hall Sports event promised a healthy 10 point headstart to the winners.

Conducted over morning and evening sessions on both the days the first day saw heats and a few finals. The 100 m Breast Stroke and 200 m back stroke were won by Gyandeep Momi (LLR Hall). 4*100 m Medley Relay was won by Nehru. Shreepriya Das, on the other hand, won 100 m freestyle. The hall standings at the end of Day 1 were Nehru Hall (30 pts.), R.K. Hall (25 pts) and LLR Hall (20 pts).

The final day started with the 4*50 m Individual Medley event. Gyandeep Momi bagged gold in the event and followed it up with a final 6th gold in the 100 m butterfly later in the day to end up as Individual Champion. The 4*100m freestyle relay brought R.K. Hall the gold.

In the evening session Manish Giri (Nehru Hall) bagged the gold in the 50 m freestyle event making him the fastest man of the meet. The second last event of the day, the 200 m free style sealed the Aquatics Cup for Nehru Hall with Shreepriya Das bagging the gold and giving Nehru Hall an unassailable lead of 12 points. The final event, 1500 m free style was more of a formality with neither Nehru Hall nor R.K. Hall competing. The Aquatics Cup was interestingly won by Nehru Hall after more than two and a half decades.

The final standings were as follows:

1st place- Nehru (57 pts.)
2nd place- RK (45 pts.)
3rd place- LLR (35 pts.)

Inter Hall Water Polo has reached the semi-finals stage. It will be interesting as two sets of traditional foes battle it out for the finals berth as RP takes on RK and Nehru takes on Azad.

Inter Hall 6 Km Race

As the interhall scene warms up, there was no better way to pump up the tempo than one of the most important events, if not the most important event, namely the “interhall 6 km road race”. Athletics is the only event with 20 points weightage out of 140 point of the sports GC. The event was postponed from 28th August to 4th September. The teams had to report at 6:30 am at the TSG for completion of formalities. All the teams did this, except a particular athelete from RP who was a little late, but that didn’t spell much trouble to RP. The race started at 7:30 am (only half an hour late).

The event saw individual participation as well, one of them being Prof.Kingshook Bhatttacharya of mechanical department. The race ended with 1st position going to Lallan Kumar. 2nd was Pratyush Kumar (both from Patel hall), 3rd was Mukesh Kumar (LLR).

The hall positions were:
1st Patel
2nd RK
3rd RP
- Samya Mandal, Aneesh Jain and Sarabmeet Singh

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