September ’05 Issue: Soc ‘n’ Cult Avenue

The unexpectedly low turnout for most Open IIT Soc ‘n’ Cult events is only an indicator of the fact that they are losing their charm. Could be that the management was poor or the poor judging standards, or maybe, the fact that even the Open IIT certificates don’t get most people excited nowadays.

The Open IIT What’s The Good Word, was fraught with hitches, be it the poor quality of words, which regular participants found quite disappointing, or oversight of the organizers in not creating flash cards for the event. There was also a decision to change the number of finalists from 6 to 11 using a 20 seconds-in-prelims criteria, causing a bit of confusion as people who were sure that they weren’t in the top six had left and had to be called back. The judge informed us that the decision was made to include more teams in the final round. If this was so then why weren’t the participants informed at the start of the event?

In Western Vocals where every participant is allowed to have two accompanists along, the gymkhana takes the responsibility for providing only two microphones.

Three musicians sharing two mikes… Is there no respect for music? Although this shouldn’t undermine the achievment of Kumaresh, a first year student, bagging the first prize.

The participation in English Elocution was at an all time low. When last year the event had to be completed over two days, this year it could only attract fifty odd participants with some of the big names missing.

But the Literary Secretary’s woes didn’t end here. One of the honorable judges failed to turn up for the show and the event had to be completed with only one professor marking the participants for their diction abilities.

Samya Mandal took the first prize at the event speaking the Larry Ellison’s famed dropout speech at Yale. (On the aside, no such speech was ever given by Larry Ellison at Yale or anywhere, its pure fiction!)

English Creative Writing was conducted rather ‘peacefully’. The standard of topics is still questionable but then that has always been unsatisfactory. With topics ranging from “A dog is a woman’s best friend” to “15 years later…” (a standard class VI topic), how are the creative minds supposed to come up with extraordinary pieces in English?

Let us hope we get a more enthusiastic crowd in the remaining Open IITs and the Inter Halls.

- Aneesh Jain and Rohit Shankar

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