September ’05 issue: Fast Forward

The institute is in the final stages of several plans that may gloss up the campus quite a bit. Several improvements in infrastructure that we had been hearing for sometime, and some we hadn’t, are now materialising beyond just the drawing board phase.

One of the major additions would be the introduction of ‘Smart Cards’. A single card that would act as your security card, debit card, ATM card, library card and can be used to pay everything from mess bills and fines to tuition fees by just swiping a card at a counter. A single card for all purposes for each student will also make maintaining student profiles easier.

This system is being completely sponsored by State Bank of India and two companies, Radiant and Gem Plus, are to be the suppliers. This should be operational within a year.

Within a slightly larger timeframe, all buildings will be incorporated with automatic doors and access can be gained by these smart cards. The major advantage would be that people allowed access to certain buldings can do so with only their cards and do not need to keep track of the keys if they need to work late in the building. This will also allow attendance to taken and logged automatically thus facilitating the process of maintaining attendance records for the staff.

New buildings too are on the list of developmental projects. A convention hall of a capacity of 2100 is coming up near the Tech Club. Along with the convention hall there will be 4-5 small conference rooms of 125-150 capacity. This would be especially in use during large seminars and conventions, making several parallel sessions possible.

A new Guest House too is on the cards. It would be an extension of the Technology Guest House. It will have around 100 rooms including a few suites accomodating around 200. This would be coming up around the building we call the Bhooth Bangla. The Bhooth Bangla would meanwhile be converted to a heritage centre. The guest house will be situated adjacent to road so as to make it visible. Interior parking will also be provided. This guest house will go a long way towards alleviating the paucity of accomodation that is bound to come up during peak placement season in this new placement schedule.

Finally people in B.C. Roy hall can rest easy, their hostel is not going to be converted into a girls hostel and neither is this topic likely to be raised in future. To solve the problem of lack of hostel room for the girls, construction on a new hostel is soon going to start.

Several new hostels too are planned in the long term as the student intake is going to increase. The increase would be more in the PG courses, as it is believed that better PG students would translate into better faculty in the field of engineering.

Watch this space for more news on the changing face of our campus.

-Sandeep Rath

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