Reimbursement for students – Dell Vostro laptops from Wizertech

Following is the list of students who are eligible for reimbursement of Rs. 2000 with respect to their purchase of Dell Vostro 1400 laptops from Wizertech Inc. last year. The two page document can be viewed below or downloaded here.

Above mentioned students must submit a copy of the voucher and their Identity card either at the Wizertech outlet (near the State Hospital) or submit it to VP (TSG) Arnav (Room number C-135, RP Hall) or to the VP-elect Shubham Matah ( Room Number D123, Azad Hall) at the earliest. The first deadline for the same is Wednesday (8th of April). The first lot of demand drafts will be sent for processing on Thursday. It is expected that processing will take about a week’s time.

The next deadline for submission of vouchers is Sunday(12th April). Drafts are expected to be issued in a week’s time from the last date of submission.

Students are requested to submit the documents at the earliest, preferably within the first deadline to help speedy recovery of the reimbursement.
Students are also requested to convey the same to fellow students to help accelerate the process.

As Notified by Arnav, VP (TSG)


  1. Kunal Kashyap says:

    Hey Guys

    Just would like to point out a small thing.

    Technically speaking Arnav isn’t Ex-VP yet, Shubham has won the election but its only after the culmination of Gymkhana Farewell Function that Shubham takes over as the new VP.


  2. Ashirvad Patil says:

    Have you got any feedback from Wizertech regarding Reimbursement of 2000 Rs.

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