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  • 24hr helpline operated in B.C.Roy Technology Hospital with the help of Security section. Please ring in following number in case emergency-
    81007 ; 81008 ; 81009
    Dr.N.K.Som (Head & SMO,B.C.R.T.H.)
  • The new committee has been formed comprising of two Doctors.
  • New ambulances have been hired. The ambulances shall henceforth be available at BCRTH at all hours and not in the transport section.
  • The Institute authorities have explored the option of using the facilities at Kalaikunda. It is learnt that there is heavy protocol involved in asking for an emergency airlift, and that the best case scenario was a 2-3 hours response time. The institute has been asked to send a request to the DM (District Magistrate) and to the IAF to facilitate the setting up of a short circuit protocol which might cut down the waiting time to 10 minutes, best case. Issues like landing clearance at Kolkata and choice of hospital are also to be worked out. It was also mentioned that any agreement with the IAF would be unofficial. An alternative would be to consider private/public sector help like Pawan Hans or Deccan Aviation.
  • A business group based in Kolkata has shown interest in setting up a Medical center with a restaurant and a Laundrette.
  • The online complaint system for maintenance problems has been worked upon and shall be in place by next week.
  • Prof. Mathur has been asked to make a complaints/ suggestion section exclusive to the BC Roy Tech Hospital.
  • The sweeping contract tender has been changed.
  • A donation of Rs. 3.5 Lakhs has been made from the institute surplus medical insurance money for the treatment of Gourav Tomar. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Dr. V. R. Desai, Chairman, Students’ Brotherhood Fund Committee says, and we quote: (Originally posted as a comment here)

On behalf of Mr. Gaurav Tomar, an application for interest free loan (i.e., ‘loan of honour’) and/or donation from the Students’ Brotherhood Fund Committee (SBFC) for an amount of Rs. 3.8 lakhs was made by his hallmate Mr. Piyush Gautam (3rd yr. Dual Deg. in Electronics) on 30.3.2009, along with a letter signed by Sri Jaibir Singh -Gaurav’s father and all other necessary documents. In that application, the LLR Hall Warden -Prof. Pallab Banerjee and witness Prof. Sudhir Barai (Civil Engg.) recommended for donation instead of loan.

on 31.3.2009 I, Piyush Gautam and Sri R.K. Jha -our Medical Insurance Liason Officer met Actg. Director Prof. M. Chakraborty and made a plea for donation to Gaurav Tomar from the surplus money collected under student medical insurance. The next day, Prof. Chakraborty approved our request after a favourable comment by Registrar Dr. Gunasekaran for a donation amount of Rs. 3.5 lakhs from the surplus medical insurance money.

On 2nd April 2009, Registrar facilitated the transfer of the amount into Gaurav Tomar’s Bank Account. Thus we could retain the funds of SBFC as well as ensure donation for a ‘good cause’ as rightly termed by the Registrar.

In my capacity as SBFC Chairman, I sincerely thank our Actg. Director, Registrar, LLR Warden, Prof. Barai, Sri Jha, Mr. Piyush Gautam and all others who made this passible, for the first time in the IIT KGP history.

I personally wish Gourav Tomar a complete and speedy recovery.

Detailed reports on each of the points mentioned above in the update will be posted soon. Please keep visiting the site.


  1. Anikh says:

    “The Institute authorities have explored the option of using the facilities at Kalaikunda.”

    guys please dont report like this, this is the language of the administration when they reply to queries, I expected more – like what is explored, what did Kalaikunda people say, what insti said. they must answer in detail !

  2. asstEditor says:

    @ Anikh,
    Thanks for keeping us on our toes. More details will follow soon.

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