Notice to lift Ban

A notice was issued by the  Office of The Dean, Student Affairs, to lift the 11p.m. intra-campus ban.A copy of the same,which has also been put up in all halls of residence,is given below



September 2, 2008

Following are the guidelines drawn for movement of students inside the
Institute campus after 11.00 pm :

a.. Two registers will be maintained at security counter of all the
Halls of Residence, one for the students going out from the hall and
another for the students coming from other halls. All the boarders
leaving the hall premises after 11.00 pm will have to mention in the
register their whereabouts. They are required to write the name, time
of leaving the hall, purpose of leaving, expected time of return.

a.. The students coming from other halls also have to enter the second
register their name, to whom they wish to meet, the time of entry and
expected time of return in the register.

a..  A register will be maintained in each Department, Centre and
School where students are required to make similar entry.

a..  Similar register will  also be maintained for F-127 where the
reading facility will be available from 10.00 pm to 05.00 am. Students
who are going there to study will have to make an entry in the
register, which will be maintained by the security.

a.. If the student is found without making an entry he may face a
disciplinary action.

a.. For participation in Gymkhana related events prior approval has to
be taken from appropriate authority.

a.. All students are required to carry their Institute Identity Card at
all point of time which they are to show on demand, failing which
appropriate action will be taken.

a.. Students are to strictly adhere to these rules and help the
Institute make the campus more secure for students. Strict action shall
be taken against students found guilty of misconduct and inappropriate

a.. Warden of the Halls, HODs, HOCs, HOSs and President, Gymkhana are
requested to monitor the register in their respective

(D.K. Tripathy)

Dean (SA)


All Wardens – to display and take necessary action

All HODs/HOCs/HOSs – for necessary action

Chairman, HMC

President, Gymkhana

Security Officer

Secretary to Director

Secretary, Dy. Director’s Office

Secretary, Registrar’s Office

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