Nivesh Pandey

nivesh pandey

Name: Nivesh Pandey

Department: Humanities and Social Sciences, 3rd year.

Year and course: 3rd year, Integrated MSc

Hall of Residence: RP Hall of residence

Contesting for: Vice President, TSG


I propose to stimulate the extracurricular culture of IIT Kharagpur through various initiatives: –
Inclusion of three elected PG representatives, one each in Social and cultural, technology and sports and games to encourage more participation from the post graduate students.

Encourage gymkhana societies to participate in national competitions by allotting specific budgets to each society for external participation.

Creating common interest user groups amongst students to foster collaborative learning and exchange of ideas through forums on the gymkhana website.

Creating mail groups and information drive amongst freshers’ to improve participation, especially participation of PG students. Students can subscribe to the groups of their interest and receive regular updates about any new events and opportunities for participation. A  presentation on extra-curricular activities shall be included in the  PG freshers’ introduction

  • Formalized sports Camp for sports enthusiasts for two weeks in summer vacations:

A summer camp will be organized for 1st and 2nd year students in different sports which will help improve the students’ skills and also develop budding talents.

Re-structuring of NSO selections:
Allow greater time duration for NSO selections, resulting in a more thorough selection procedure and provide each student the option to try out for two sports.

Management of Inter-IIT practice:

Plans shall be formalized for round-the-year practice for each game after discussion with members of the Inter IIT contingent. Specific requirements for various teams shall be carefully laid out.  The Vice President, along with other student representatives shall oversee the implementation of these plans.

2. Formation of a central committee of students under the Vice president to work with the Hall Management Center to ensure proactive student welfare

The committee shall have one overall nominee for mess affairs and one for maintenance affairs. The Vice President along with these nominees shall be recognized by the institute as student representatives in the HMC with well defined roles and duties.

The committee shall convene regular meetings of General Secretary Mess and General Secretary Maintenance of each hall of residence to discuss various issues related to student welfare with the HMC and third parties. The minutes of the meetings and the decisions taken shall be made public for students to monitor the progress

The Student Committee shall identify reasons for concern in the various contracts ( mess, maintenance and security)  and play a part in formalizing the tenders floated for such contracts ( eg: hall specific requirements, quality standardization, ISO certification etc). The committee shall also work towards attracting more participants in the floated tender.
The committee shall also work towards improving student amenities and conditions in the hostels.

3. I propose to improve the Training and Placement statistics of IIT Kharagpur by implementing the following measures:
Inviting research institutes, corporations and universities for placements at IIT Kharagpur with the help of students who intern at these organizations:
These students shall identify relevant points of contact on behalf of the placement committee and initiate first contact.

Organizing revision classes in various departments to refresh fundamental concepts:
Special revision classes will be organized in the departments to brush up the concepts and help the students better perform in written tests and technical interviews.

Organizing a Special course on Communication Skills:
A series of interactive sessions shall be organized in the Autumn Semester for students eligible for placements. The aim of the course will be to improve the communication skills of the students which will help them perform better in the Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

Ensuring greater focus on internships for students through the following measures:

  • Inclusion of a specific section in the Job Notification Form informing the companies about the availability of students for summer internships
  • Contacting a greater pool of companies including start-ups and  NGOs specifically for internship opportunities

4. Soliciting greater participation of students in administrative decisions pertaining to student welfare :
I shall make the Open House an integral part of the annual Calendar, with at least one open house session per semester. The agenda and minutes of the Open House will be circulated among all the students.
There will be a mid-term evaluation of the office bearers’ proposals which will be posted on the Gymkhana website. The candidates shall prepare an interim report to inform students about his initiatives and also solicit ideas and support from the student community for his initiatives

5. Online Transaction gateway:
A new facility of online transaction gateway will be made available to the students for payment of Library fine, transcript fees, Gym Fee, Swimming Fee, tennis membership fees etc.


  • Core Team Head,  Kshitij 2010 []:
    • Instrumental in the conduction of the largest techno-management fest of Asia with sponsorship worth 1.3 crore, 43 quality events and over 20000 registered participants.
    • Introduced a novel event, ‘Analyst’, on ‘Financial Strategies’ in association with NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange.
    • Responsible for planning and execution of various events including ‘Zero hour’, ‘Excalibur’, ‘Woodstock’, ‘Forex’, ‘EL Dorado’ etc. Also, received lavish praise for introducing ‘Futures and Options’ trading in Woodstock.
    • Undertook a social initiative to identify and address the inadequacies of the education system in rural areas in and around through the event ‘Gram Pragati’.
    • Played a vital role in collecting corporate sponsorship worth Rs. 1.7 lakhs from Coal India Limited and NCDEX.
    • Conducted 3 external workshops out of 7 in cities like Nagpur, Kolkata and Hyderabad which had the total participation of over 900 students.
    • Successfully coordinated with teams from Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law (RGSOIPL) and Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSOM) for the framework and execution of ‘Exemplar’ and ‘The Senate’ respectively.
    • Core Team Member, Kshitij 2009:
      • Publicized Kshitij in over 20 colleges of Uttar Pradesh and Kolkata which resulted in an unprecedented participation from these regions.
      • Responsible for successful execution of events The Senate and Zero Hour. Both the events were introduced in this edition of the fest.
      • Initiated contact with alumni which resulted in a contribution of over 30000INR.
      • Helped organize the Freshers’ Orientation Programme for the 1st years of the academic session 2009-2010. Arranged logistics, guided and mentored the students and introduced them to the various Gymkhana Activities
    • Inter-Hall Activities:
        • Part of Rangoli Team in which RP hall won Gold (session 2009-10).
        • Part of Dumb Charades team in open IIT which won Silver (session 2009-10).
        • Part of bronze winning Choreography and English Dramatics team of RP Hall (session 2008-09).
        • Part of AD Design team of RP hall (session 2008-09) which won Silver.
        • Spring Fest 2008 Volunteer in Wildfire team.
      • Others (School Level)- Best Athlete at St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut.
        Gold Medals for High Jump for 2 years at St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut.

    Note: The content above has been provided by the candidate and is his sole responsibility . The Scholars’ Avenue is not accountable for any error, textual or factual, in the transcript above.


    1. Ron says:

      what ????? 2 candi from RP ??

    2. ace@heart says:

      the probability of success for RP is 2/3…highest ever till now!

    3. someguy says:

      Is there anything at all other than core team? And whats this? Nivesh seems to be following footsteps of matah…. He is defending a very very Lame CV

    4. Confused Dude says:

      Why is Interhalls part of Core team?

    5. ace@brain says:

      This guy is the bigger FRAUD !!

    6. rohit says:

      Ankit Singh is the INDEPENDENT candi – the only candi with balls…. rest two are regular ass lickers

    7. anonymous says:

      there’s nothing beyond core team in his credentials. what will he do for the general good!!!

    8. Sujoy says:

      Core Team persons shouldn’t be eligible for VP.They ae just concerned about KTJ.Look At what Matah’s done…

    9. Tanmay says:

      We dont want another matah.. one is enough.. and he uses his power to elect unfit persons like prabhat kumar for ugrep.. this is poltu.. we dont want this anymore.. no offence.

    10. arnab says:

      I don’t get….how an achievement at some St. mary’s academy(probably his primary school or middle school) comes under the domain of Inter hall activities….either it has been a misprint from the scholar’s avenue or a very very careless effort from the candidate to display his profile

    11. pirate says:

      candidate luks more from SN than from RP….
      Btw….which candi is backed by RP….i guess both :P

      and finally i find another matah in this profile…which we wud never prefer…
      placements sucked big time this year…so lets stop poltu in elections…

    12. kgp_dude says:

      @ Tanmay…u r absolutely right. People like Prabhat Kumar and Matah have done nothing for the good. And for everybody’s info they were form the “haloed core team Kshitij” that you are talking about here. So, we need a non biased guy to set our insti straight and Nivesh is not the guy..If selected,Nivesh will be the next Matah…So please think

    13. Anubhav says:

      kindly check your facts before accusing anyone to be unfit. Because if unfit means handling all the responsibilities of UG Rep and a few other posts while battling a life threatening disease is unfit then yes he is unfit.

    14. bhokaal says:

      I suggest people like tanmay should make an effort to come out of their rooms and observe who is doing what in the institute. Avoid making blind and baseless accusations sitting idly in your rooms. The actually ‘Aware’ junta would have laughed at tanmay’s post knowing about the spirit and commitment shown by Prabhat towards his duties.

    15. FacchaRocks says:

      Nivesh Pandey is such a haloo guy. He couldn’t even answer any question even about his KTJ when he came to MMM for publicity. He just wants to stand for VP to add it in his CV. He has done absolutely nothing apart from his core team. Another Matah! God save KGP…
      Since when was St. Mary’s Academy a hall in KGP?? Writing his school activities as inter-hall achievements!! What a fraud.

    16. maddy says:

      Nivesh said in his SOP that he brought a spons amount of 1.7lacs. He brought this amount for KTJ’09 and not for KTJ’10.(came to know frm a very relable source).He choose his words carefully that it wont be a prob for him.
      Ankit is the real candi who opposed all the odds and His SOP is good when compared with others inspite of the whole panel being against him!! His proposals r the ones which have most succes rate and realistic than others!!
      My vote definitely goes to him.

    17. silence says:

      ankit singh performed well in SOP bcaz d whole panel was against him… n other two had d backup …. ankit is better candi than both

    18. conscious voter says:

      This fellow is a total fake! The so called Ankit Singh also is the other side of this guy…. There was nu humility in either of them… No offence…

    19. god guy says:

      @anubhav.. is he actually ?? must have taken the wrong one in his mouth

    20. rohan says:

      9 panelists were helpless in front of ANKIT SINGH. He is really a right candidate for Vice President’s post….his 1st work after becoming vp will be replacement of current vp…..yoooooooo Ankit Singh……Singh is King……..:)

    21. rohan says:

      Nivesh is juice and He will be next Shubham Matah……so do you want to see two Matah in two consecutive years……i think no because it will be a tragedy… vote for “Ankit Singh”

    22. green_apple says:

      the most ****** propoal ever seen :
      * Ordering is entirely wrong, u put placement as no. 2 and ****** extra curricular as no.1 , dude, we all came here in this jungle to get a good placement.
      * Proposal no.5 is good, it should’ve been at 2-3, and btq who the hell wants sme stupid student welfar , thts totally not an issue.
      * Placement statistics proposal is ****. You mean to say u want to boost placement statistics, but not placements ? :P …..they can be boosted by some mean mode median =))

    23. A concerned Student says:


      PLZ SAVE THE INSTITUTE…..Don’t go by guts and sympathy… go by logic and sensibility ! .. Nivesh for VP … be rational and stop believing in super-heroes for godsake! … Please remember, its an election, deciding ONE YEAR, and not just giving you entertainment for ONE NIGHT.

      Please stop blaming the current post holders….they have really worked hard for the institute when u guys were sitting in your rooms and doing nothing.

    24. kgp says:

      All those abusing Nivesh n matah r from Nehru, Patel etc. its so obvious

    25. Sahastranshu Sinha says:

      Sit alone for 5 mins and close your eyes. Think about our institute. What would you prefer? 1 Night of entertainment and 1 year of suffering? Think hard. Go through the proposals once more. And I know, when you will open ur eyes…your choice will be Nivesh Pandey too !

    26. Sahastranshu Sinha says:

      And i need not hide my identity….thats not how we are !

    27. Fred says:

      this guy is NOT GONA HAPPEN…… its like he’s doing this just cause his hall wants him to…

      1 of the other guys for sure

    28. huhhaa says:

      library fines or all other types of fine can be paid through caution deposit and this is much more easier than online transaction or something.

    29. Navin says:

      KTJ memebers want their memeber as VP as it will benefit them specifically.. halls want their respective candidates to be nxt VP as per existing cheap and dirty hall/pact poltics.. break the chain to be free otherwise this dirty politics will prevail kgp for years and years.. let the REVOLUTION be from this year….

    30. Ankit Singh is our VP says:

      Iske proposals kitte chor team waalon ne mil ke banaye hain?????
      He is the second Matah and nothing else….

    31. 2ndyear says:

      @kgp Anyone speaking positive about Nivesh is from RP or the so called pact.

    32. rohan says:

      lets wait for result and hope for revolution……..:)

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