Minutes of the meeting held on 23rd March 2009

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The following were the points discussed and resolved :

  1. One-man Enquiry Committee be appointed preferably with a retired High Court Level Judge to enquire into entire episode of 22nd March 2009 leading to the resignation of Prof. D. Acharya as Director of the Institute.� However necessary permission for appointment will be obtained. The Enquiry Committee shall be given thirty days from the date of appointment for the work.
  2. Prof. N.R. Mandal, Head, Dept. of Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture be requested to coordinate with the district hospital, local authorities and parents of Rohit Kumar and also render all assistance to his parents.
  3. Mr. N.R. Maity, Deputy Registrar (Academic) be requested to coordinate on behalf of the students with Insurance Company to expedite the claim processing including the present case of Rohit Kumar. Mr. Kumar Ritwik, one of the students will be a students� coordinator for all students insurance policy matters. One responsible employee of the Institute be appointed as Liaison Officer for the purpose of Insurance Policy related matters like admitting in hospital, ambulance arrangement, payments, filing of claims, etc.� He will work under the overall supervision of the Deputy Registrar, Academic.
  4. Institute has been making all efforts to have a Multi-speciality Hospital at IIT Kharagpur during the past few years. The following hospital/individual were contacted in this connection :
    a)��� Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore
    b)��� Kanchi Kamkoti Trust, Kanchipuram
    c)��� Sri Satya Sai Central Trust, Puttabarthy
    d)��� Apollo Group, Hyderabad
    e)��� Manipal Hospital, Manipal
    f)��� Dr. Satadal Saha, Jubilant First Trust Healthcare Ltd., Kolkata
  5. A committee of representatives from RBI Salboni, Tata Metaliks, Jindal Steel, AFS Kalaikunda, AFS Salua, Bharat Forge, Tata Hitachi, Tata Bearing, S.E. Railway, State Hospital, Midnapore Medical College & Hospital have been involved in the discussion. However, we are yet to reach a final shape on the issue.
  6. Simultaneously, a 24X7 pharmacy can be set up at B.C. Roy Technology Hospital and operationalised within 30 days.
  7. A Diagnostic Centre be set up at IIT Kharagpur. The Diagnostic Centre shall be managed by a professional group. In the meantime the existing pathology laboratories at the hospital be upgraded. Dr. N.K. Som will prepare a blueprint of the proposed upgradation of pathology unit at B.C. Roy Technology Hospital including manpower requirements. This blueprint should be done with 15 days.
  8. Some of the NGOs/Trusts for exploring the possibility of providing medical facility at IIT Kharagpur. Students may also help identify possible NGO/Trusts in this regard. Institute will work towards setting up a hospital at Kharagpur, to be run by a professional group who specializes in this area.
  9. Commanding Officer, AFS Kalaikunda, be contacted for possible use of the medical facility availability there by IIT Kharagpur community including Air Ambulance, if available.
  10. The following committee be appointed to work out the number and type of ambulances required :
    • Prof. B. Maiti, Dept. of Mechanical Engg. -� Chairman
    • Prof. M. Bhattacharyya, President, TSG -� Member
    • Mr. Alok, Students� Representative� – Member
    • A student with medical background – Member
  11. They should submit the report including full specification for purchase by 31st March 2009. The procurement etc. shall be initiated by 1st week of April 2009.
  12. Head, B.C. Roy Technology Hospital should ensure that the doctors and staff make conscious efforts to win the confidence of campus community.
  13. The existing hospital management committee shall be expanded incorporating Vice President TSG and four other students to be nominated by Vice President.
  14. Prof. B.K. Mathur be requested to crate a web based suggestions/complaint box for B.C. Roy Technology Hospital. The suggestions/complaints received shall be placed to the committee for immediate redressal. Prof. Mathur with the help of BCRTH doctors may also provide the medical data base of doctors/diagnostic centres/hospitals at Kharagpur/Midnapore and Kolkata to the community including the web.
  15. An alert-helpline be created in the emergency of B.C. Roy Technology Hospital in line with helpline created by Security Section. Institute shall provide additional manpower for helpline and rendering other assistance to emergency patients.
  16. The emergency unit should have a round the clock medical officer. The Institute will advertise Medical Officer positions to be filled on contract basis to overcome the present situation. We can also explore getting doctors on deputation from central/state governments.
  17. Institute should appoint an external professional agency/expert to study the present facilities at BCRTH and suggest possible improvements.
  18. Chairman BoG, Mr. B. Muthuraman, who is abroad, has been apprised and is deeply concerned. He is planning to return as soon as possible and will come to IIT Kharagpur immediately on return. He has asked a senior doctor of Tata Main Hospital to immediately come to IIT Kharagpur to assess the BCRT Hospital�s working.
  19. Institute decided to send a message of condolence to the parents of Rohit Kumar.


  1. Anup Bishnoi says:

    Does the first point in any way mean that the Damodar Acharya may be reinstated?

  2. Sarala says:

    I feel very sorry about the incident and my deep condolances to the parents and friends of Rohit. It should’nt have happened to such a brilliant student who would have lots of ambitions in life. May his soul rest in peace.
    In addition to providing hospital facilities , other basic facilities like good drinking water , clean toilet , laundry machines etc to be set up for students who will be staying there for 4-5 years away from their home.
    I am also a parent of a IIT,KGP student. I would consider all the students of the institution like my children . I would like to donate Rs. 10,000 /- towards the improvisation of the institution campus facility for the students. I wish all the parents unite and come forward to raise funds to give some basic facilities to the students who are away from home.
    Please let me know whom and how can I can send the money.

  3. Chitta Baral says:

    I am concerned that these steps will not result in the improvement of the health care facilities at IIT KGP .

    For example, consider steps 10, 12 and 13.

    (10) What experience the people mentioned in 10 have in deciding on Ambulances?

    (12) Is not the head of BC Roy hospital the person who has failed so far?

    (13) What experience and reputation these guys have in hospital management, except the mismanagement of the current hospital management committee? And why exactly the current hospital management committee keeps it job and responsibilities?

    I suggest drastic but simple steps:

    (A) Close down BC Roy Tech hospital as soon as (B) below is done, preferably within a month.

    (B) Give contract of health care at IIT KGP to a reputed private hospital such as Appolo hospital or something similar. They have experience in hospital management. Tell them the parameters (for example: 24 hr emergency care facilities; a number to call from any where in campus and an ambulance to be there in 5 minutes; Access to a specialist withing XYZ minutes of the first call; etc.) and let them figure out the details based on their experience.

    Let the administration (director etc.) worry about getting the money for the contract. Thats it.

    Hospital management is not the core competency of IIT KGP faculty or students. If they continue to be involved in that, in a few months, they will forget this episode and everything will go back to square one.

    On the other hand if a private company is given a contract a faculty-student committee can do random checks at regular intervals (say once a month).

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