March ’06, 9th Issue: ‘Fest’ered

A roundup of the various Department Fests and Symposiums

Department societies have been active this semester. Three departments have had their department festivals in the past few days. While Cheminsight is a veteran, Optima and Ankur are the newbies. These fests have certainly busied up the Vikramshila complex and it is possible that future generations of Kgpians will identify themselves more with the Ramanujam Complex (that’s the CIC/Vikramshila area) than the façade of the Main Building that we are more familiar with.

The string of department fests started on 3rd March with Ankur, which prefers to call itself a ‘fest’ rather than a symposium like the other two. Ankur had events such as discussing problems on a virtual village, business plan, panel discussions and other events of a lighter tone like a tractor driving contest. Ankur also had international participants which would go a long way in improving Dept. of AgFE’s signature on the international radar.

Pawing in their way next were Optima and Cheminsight. Probably because of lack of convenient dates the two were headed for a collision course for a long time and made no attempts to swerve away, finally crashing into each other on the weekend of 10th -12th March. Optima, with 21 participating colleges 125 outstaion participants and Rs. 80,000 as cash prize definitely made sure that it would be here to stay. Contests ranged from ergonomic design, case study and operations management. Cheminsight had its third edition this year had events such as a concept application problem and the usual quizzes and paper presentations.

These events definitely perk up the otherwise somnolent department societies, aside from improving the interaction of students with the industry, the absence of which had long been a major disadvantage at IIT Kharagpur. There were a few sour points however, namely, in-house participation in these events, dismal would probably be an understatement. It is hoped that as the scale of these events improve and as they become regulars in the calendar we shall see more Kgpians taking part.

-Sandeep Rath

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