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The article below is an update on the social initiative written about in the November 10th issue of The Scholars’ Avenue. To read the previous article download an e-copy at:


Tarkapara, 8 Kms. south-west of the campus. This is the village earmarked for the social initiative being spearheaded by the group of students under the banner of the RDC. The students recently had a trip to the village when several areas where student involvement could change things for the better came to light. A meeting with the villagers has been scheduled for later in the month, on the day in fact, of Makar Sakranti(the 14th of January). Several new issues where interested students could help are expected to emerge.

Potential areas of involvement, identified as of now, include the marketing of the villagers’ household craft: the pattal plates, adult education and organization of a health camp being conducted there by the Red Cross Society. The group would come to a consensus on what is going to be the one activity they wish to concentrate on first off after the Jan. 14th meeting.

A survey was conducted amongst students in the early hours of Registration day and the result while not astounding did bring forward names of several students willing to spend a substantial amount of their time(mostly in the bracket of 2-3 hrs per week) working in the village. The group wishes to extend its genuine gratefulness to all those who took time to participate in the survey during the involving registration process. As for those missed by the survey and who wish to know more and get involved please feel free to contact any of those mentioned below:

Ankit Gandhi
Nitin Basant
Prakhar Sharma

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