Let’s Save Piyush

A campaign by IIT student community to help save a little child in Pune, Maharashtra suffering from Blood Cancer.
Piyush (7 Years) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia, (type of Blood Cancer) in June 2004 and underwent the treatment as per the standard protocol. He was doing fine, leading a normal life.

The tragedy struck again in Dec’ 06 and the disease RELAPSED. His only chance of survival is MUD Bone Marrow transplant, which unfortunately is not done in India. He has to be taken to abroad for transplant.

The estimation from US is above USD $350K (Rs.1.60Cr.) and in France (Robert Debre – Paris) is USD $200K (Rs.95Lac) + Travel + Logistics for 4 months. Total cost would touch 1.25 to Rs.1.40Crore. His insurance coverage is ONLY $7K.

This is clearly out of bounds for an average income family like that of Mr. Maltesh Kolur, father of Piyush.

Presently, Piyush is as inpatient at Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune under Dr. Shailesh Kanvinde (Contact No: +91-20-40151000, Cell No: +91-9822846216) and recovering from intense chemo therapy. His 2nd Remission is achieved and has to be taken for transplant URGENTLY. Any delay may lead to another relapse and will add further complicacy.

We, the students of IIT Kharagpur, have started a fund raising campaign “Let’s Save Piyush” to help our little friend survive. Currently we are raising money from all the persons related to IIT Kharagpur i.e., the students, professors, non-teaching staffs and alumni of IIT Kharagpur. But we want to extend our appeal to each and every Indian so that our friend gets the maximum possible help. The campaign will be on till 28th February, 2007. So if you want to participate in our fund raising campaign then please contact one of the following campaign-managers:

Dipayan Banerjee: dipiniit@gmail.com, 09733504525 [Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur]

Atanu Basak: mailtoatanu@gmail.com, 09331815099 [Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur]

With your generous support and good wishes Piyush might well be able to lead a normal life. We make this appeal to YOU to save a life that has yet to come out of its tenderness and in his eyes holds a lot of hope and promise for his family.

Can you help Piyush in realizing his dreams by helping us to raise funds for his treatment?

For more details about Piyush and ways to contribute directly, please visit www.aidmyson.com or www.cpaaindia.org.

IIT Kharagpur Student Community

Good Wishes from IIT….

“My best wishes and blessings for our little friend Piyush! Get Well Soon.”
G S Sanyal,
Ex-Director, IIT Kharagpur
Advisor, Vinod Gupta School of Management

“I pray the Almighty for your quick recovery, my friend! Piyush”
H R Tewari
Dean, Students’ Affairs
IIT Kharagpur

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