Lead India – An Interview with RK Misra

R.K. Misra is a B.Tech graduate of IIT Kanpur. He has an M.S. from Tokyo University. He has been an entrepreneur for most of his professional life, and has founded and acquired three technology businesses. More recently, he was declared the winner of TOI’s ‘Lead India’ campaign.
In an interview with The Scholars’ Avenue, R.K. Misra answered questions relating to politics in general, the role of an IITian in society and more.

TSA: Being an IIT alumnus yourself , What do you think will be the role of IITians in shaping the future of our country (say , in the coming 10 years) . What do you feel about the Brain Drain Issue often associated with IIT graduates ?
RKM: IITians have been at the forefront of Technology and Entrepreneurship businesses in past decade. Most of them have become successful investors as well as senior corporate citizens. However what has been lagging is the social and political leadership avenues. Given the abysmal sate of affairs of governance and policy matters, it would be great to see IITians take a leading role in social and political leadership positions. Brain Drain is not much of an issue. We have TWO-WAY flow where many senior executives are coming back to take corporate roles in India. It is a healthy situation.

: Do you plan to involve IITians in your initiative? If so, how do you plan to do so?

RKM: We are planning to have Change India Cells at Colleges, where we will have Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership initiatives to be managed by college students. IITs along with other colleges would be roped-in to take this movement forward.
Students will be asked to think, plan, propose and execute social entrepreneurship projects and join ongoing projects. They would also be encouraged to actively involve and pursue leadership initiatives related to governance and policy matters.

TSA: What is the single-most important thing you learned at IIT that helped you become what you are today?

RKM: Hard work and Self Confidence.

TSA: What are your opinions on political groups like Lok Paritran? In the present political scenario, do you feel it is reasonable to envision being elected to a seat in the Lok Sabha without having to use any corrupt practices?

RKM: It is a good initiative but lacks credible leadership, strong teams, brand recognition and resources. It could be an awareness initiative but I am not sure about its success as a political party. It is not just money, but the leadership skills, team, brand, visibility and track record to make it a success. I wish them luck.

TSA: Being elected through a TV show, do you think the rural population of the country, whose problems you wish to solve will be able  to identify themselves with you? How do you plan to reach rural India?

RKM: I do not believe that rural population will be able to identify with me as of now. the biggest challenge in rural areas is access to information and communication. I will have to work and create successful rural economic sustenance models and have them implemented across one or two states. Recognition will come over long period of time.

TSA: How happy are you with the response to Change India. How do you plan to expand it to cover a larger audience in the future?

RKM: It has just started and is still work-in-progress. We have not made it public and have been working on perfecting all modules with Bangalore experiences. We will launch it in all capital cities and major urban centers in next 3-6 months. We plan to cover 200 cities in next 2 years.

TSA: Where do you see the ‘Change India’ campaign going one year from here?

RKM: A well recognized platform for social entrepreneurship and political consciousness.

TSA: Times of India had last year announced their Poised India campaign which seems to have faded into oblivion, and then came Lead India after winning which, you have launched the Change India campaign with much fanfare. What do you plan to do differently to ensure that this campaign does not die a natural death like so many other campaigns people have launched in the past?

RKM: For TOI it was a Brand Building movement with limited shelf life. It provided a platform and a canvas. We are filling colours with Change India. It is a movement which empowers people and they will take it forward. Change India is not a campaign but a movement which will grow stronger with time.

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