Kunal Kashyap

The Campaign:

Ex-VP Kunal Kashyap‘s Proposals:

1) To make a Foreign Applications Cell at the institute level. This is essentially to firm up and unify the sketchy process of applying to foreign universities and companies, until now not part of the TnP agenda. This cell will also build a database, accessible to all students, of SOPs, university rankings, GRE scores, and a forum where information and advice will be exchanged.

2) The formation of groups of people with interests in a particular alternative career, such as IAS. Also included will be workshops, exchange of study material, tips, and external expert advice.

3) To make institute and department-specific brochures highlighting the achievements, facilities, capabilities in the concerned domain. This would be for the companies coming for TnP to know the institute better. While institute brochures will be made available to any company, department-specific brochures will be mailed to core companies only.

Follow up (by Mr. Kunal Kashyap):

Now that my term as VP is about to be over, it is but natural for people to ask me what did I do about my proposals and as always I am ready to answer that question. Before I begin with the boring details of my year long struggle, I must reveal a secret to you all. Proposals are an integral part of KGP elections, but they are different from agendas. Proposals, apart from their obvious value as an idea, are also an indicator of the candidate’s mindset.

Before I start talking about my proposals, let me talk about Mr Deepak Rathee’s proposal of “Lenevo laptops for all”. The week after last year’s election results, I was made aware of the status of the lenevo deal. In the weeks that followed we negotiated a price and a model. The initial payment plan was discarded entirely and we settled on a direct pay on delivery scheme. Things got a little delayed due to some problems at the manufacturer’s end but finally people were able to buy laptops at a reasonable price. The end of summer vacations saw the prices going lower and the volumes going higher. In total 350- 400 students bought Lenevo laptops which I feel is a reasonable number for the first year of this deal.

The next proposal in line was the Apping Cell, the basis of which was information collected from the graduating batch of students. I started the work right away and appointed a group of (former) Kshitij members for the job. This was around the second week of April. I made an extensive list of seniors who had secured positions in various foreign universities and personally met many of them. The idea was to collect information at hall level and then integrate it in a database. Despite regular reminders, people did not part with the information and therefore we had no ground left for implementing this proposal then. But thankfully apping season is back and I will try once again to collect this information and pass this on to the new VP. Though the idea did not succeed I would like to thank my former Kshitij members namely Anirudh Sharma, Ashish Nawal, Anand Kanodia, Arnav, Saurabh Khurana and D. Deepthi for trying so hard on my behalf.

Elections are a time that charts the priorities of a candidate for the entire year to follow. For me, during my election, the overwhelming focus was on student involvement in placements and therefore it was always my top priority. My placement proposal had many sub parts and thankfully all of them have been implemented. The first task was to make a student placement committee. By the time I was elected Prof Gautam Sinha (former Prof In Charge T&P and very popular figure among students) had already proposed this idea to the institute and former director Prof Dube had approved it. The only problem that we faced in the selection was that of an appropriate time because Prof Sinha was very busy with his placement and departmental visits to various cities in and outside India. After a minor delay, the team was formed on 20th April 2007, a day before the examinations began. As we came back from summer vacations, I started working on the placement brochure. The task was daunting especially because such efforts had failed in the past. After a month of hard work by the placement committee and the Scholars’ Avenue, we were able to produce the first ever Placement Brochure of IIT Kharagpur. It consisted of a main brochure and a flyer for each department. The brochure was one of the biggest successes of this year. It was well received and heavily appreciated by the companies that we sent this to.

Next in line was the website, The Training and Placement Website was perhaps the most revolutionary change brought in this year. I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been for the students to keep track of all the notices during the placements, had it not been for the website. The credit for the website goes to Mr. Deepak Pushpakar, Anup Bishnoi and Shrey Modi for this wonderful venture and of course the placement committee for coordinating with them at all points of time.

What many of you may not be aware of is that we had made another website primarily a marketing website as an interface for approaching companies. Unfortunately, by the time, we finished the website it was too late for the placements of 2007-08. However this website can be used now for the coming years and would most certainly be a very useful medium to attract new companies.

After that it was just donkey work, we spent days and days at a stretch in the training and placement section. Resultantly number and quality of companies increased many fold, we are today ahead of all IITs except perhaps IIT Bombay, irrespective of how you compare. This was the first time that we were able to host and perfectly manage as many as 9 companies in a day. We were able to get rid of all the printed resumes and were able to automate the process of resume submission.

At this point I would like to express my gratitude towards Prof B.K.Mathur and Prof Gautam Sinha who guided us throughout this process, unconditionally supported all our ideas and never refused to grant any of our demands. I would also like to thank the staff at TnP section Mr. Kumar, Mr Somya Julu, Mr Karmakar and Deepak Da, people who worked so hard just for the benefit of students.

The work at placement committee along with all the other duties of a Vice President was equivalent to a full time double shift job; after I started working at Training and Placement Committee I never got the opportunity to implement my third proposal i.e. alternative career cell but I maintain that this is a very good idea and VPs in future can certainly look into this possibility


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