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CET Students Research Group
Learn, Create Learning Technologies

CSRG (CET Student Research Group) has been formed under the aegis of the Centre for Educational Technology, IIT Kharagpur to carry out research and development activities in the area of educational technology. This group has been founded by Amit Bhutoria, a final year student of the department of Aerospace Engineering, who has been actively pursuing his interests in educational technology for the last couple of years. This group is the first of its kind where the students are encouraged to pursue their ideas in the field of Technology-Enhanced-Learning. CSRG has a set of professor mentors who guide students in the various projects.

Currently about 15 third year and final year students, who form the core of the group, are working on projects like virtual classroom, virtual lab, video on demand, content representation and reusability, computer aided evaluation, etc. There are about 20 second years and more than 60 first years who have shown an interest in the group. CSRG team members also conduct sessions on programming languages and relevant technologies for them so that they can get actively involved with the projects.
A brave new venture, CSRG is working on creating tools and technologies that will be used not only here in IIT Kharagpur, but could be deployed in other educational institutions to which CET provides consultancy in their bid to implement technology enhanced learning in their various campuses.

The group is also into talks with the industry leaders in the educational technology domain and other educational institutions to create a network which will drive the educational technology research taking place in India.

The people involved with CSRG feel that working in this group will help develop an environment that encourages working in groups and will help students to get a feel of what it is like to lead and organize projects, work according to deadlines which they will have to set themselves, and prepare them for a career in industry.

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[For any clarifications, contact Amit Bhutoria-94343-68926.]

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