February ’06, 8th Issue: Editors’ Avenue

Everyone’s invited!

10-15 bucks per semester.

That’s all it takes to get each one of you a personal copy of every issue of The Scholars’ Avenue, delivered at your doorstep every fortnight.

Scholars’ Avenue was started with the sole intention of cultivating the newspaper culture in Kgp. A culture that exists in various other colleges but, sadly, was missing in dear old Kgp. Not that it never existed here but that it was never able to sustain itself before now.

In the 1960s, a newspaper called Impact was started by a few Kgpians. Amongst them was Mr. Farrokh Mistree, the same gentleman who recently gave a guest lecture during Kshitij. That newspaper went out of print within a couple of years.

Twenty years later in the 1980′s, a newspaper called Auds and Events was started by Mr. Sandipan Deb et al. This one too perished within a couple of years.

Amongst others, if there was one reason why these newspapers did not stand the test of time, it was the fact that they were not an ingrained part of the system. They weren’t a part of the essential Kgp culture they way SF, Alankar and now Kshitij are.

We don’t know if its sheer coincidence that once again, twenty years later, a newspaper has been started in Kgp. What we do know is that if YOU are willing, this one will not suffer the same fate as its predecessors.

Here, now, is our effort at making Scholars’ Avenue an indelible part of Kgp life. Our effort at ensuring that this time, the Kgp student newspaper does not get worn down by time.

We propose that every hall include in its budget a sum of Rs. 15 for every student per semester in return for which we deliver a personal copy to each one of you. This amount will easily come down as Scholars’ Avenue gets sponsorships and ads.

Think about it. The cost of helping the IIT Kgp student newspaper survive and stay on forever is, in the worst case, nothing more than one paltry cup of coffee per month.

We study history so that we may learn from it and avoid the mistakes made in the past. Right here in Kgp, two newspapers tried to ride the storm… and failed. This, now, is your chance to write a different script in Kgp history. We might just be third time lucky.

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