February ’06, 8th Issue: Beyond the horizon…

Beyond expectations too!

You know, Kennedy may have said, “ask not what the country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”, but still, allow me to ask… “What more could Kshitij ’06 have done for us?”

Yes, the laser show could have been better, the events could have started on time and Techquila and Kspeak could have been less makhau… but apart from that, Kshitij ’06 was as good as it could have got!

Sky high prizes, copious yet competitive participation, brilliant guest lectures and commendable organization… hats off to Team Kshitij. No other fact brings out the success of a fest better than a measure of the participation and the sight of packed-beyond-capacity Vikramshila auditoriums for Atelier, El Matador, the lecture by Mr. Gopalakrishnan and even for the workshop on 3G technology were ample evidence of what a runaway success Kshitij ’06 was. Nay, the very sight of teams sitting in the dim connectors joining the two entrances to V1 making their machines for Nirmaan bore ample testimony to the place in sun Kshitij enjoys.

Looking back, Ideon ’03 was a fest in which the nerve center was none other than the Exhibition Hall in the insti main building! Just three years later the scale of the event has sky-rocketed to such an extent that same Exhibition hall wouldn’t be able to host even the smallest Kshitij event!

Moving on to the guest lectures, the one thing that stood out about all the speakers was the fact that they could all hold their audience captive as long as they spoke. Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Mr. Partha Sinha, Prof. Von Klitzing and the panel members for Bizmeet, all waxed eloquent in their respective lectures.

Of course, no one who saw the Robosoccer show will forget it in a hurry, if at all. Entertaining and inspiring in equal measure, the show was made all the more remarkable by the fact that one of the three presenters was a guy who had just graduated and wasn’t more than a couple of years senior to most of his audience!

But what’s decidedly the most enticing thing about Kshitij is the prize money. The big stories about the 40k level prizes are many but consider this: in the workshop on 3G technology, a seemingly impromptu and totally unpublicized quiz had a prize of 3k! That, folks, is three times the total prize money given away in any single lit event in SF.

The feeling that had started creeping in last year has re-enforced itself resoundingly this year: the tech fest ain’t an underdog to the so-cult fest any more. Way to go Team Kshitij (or The Kshitij Family… as the latest fad goes). For all those who think that the sky is the limit, take a clue from Kshitij… look beyond the horizon!

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