Collection for Goonj

Goonj is a NGO that describes itself as “an attempt, a small effort for deprived people”. It mainly concerns itself with the collection of clothes for the purposes of recycling and reusing them. Apart from redistributing old, wearable clothes they also recycle torn clothes, making them into sanitary napkins. Goonj also believes in empowering people to help themselves. Clothes are given as a motivation to people working on their own community issues.

A group of students from IIT Kharagpur have begun an effort to collect clothes from the students and faculty and donate then to Goonj at their nearest collection point in Bihar. If any of the students(especially final year students) have any unwanted but usable clothes, footwear or stationery items in their rooms please bundle them up and keep them ready for collection that will be happening soon. You can read more about this effort at their web-site and  you can contact the students involved through the contact form here or you can call them at the numbers mentioned below.

Update: Collection at Azad will be continue today 9:00 PM onward.

Gaurav Agarwal 9733386333 LLR Hall
Amit Bhojane 9933190430 LLR Hall
Manan Shah 9932900710 RK Hall
Gayatri 9933776291 SN Hall
Ankit 9933777081 MS Hall
Asawari 9735407471 SN Hall
Abhineet Gupta 9735407468 RP Hall
Adra SN Hall


  1. Amit Kishan says:

    Thanks to the scholars’ avenue team for their active nd updated reporting and for the publicity.

    Hope ur efforts bring us generous donations.

  2. Amit Bhojane says:

    It’s remarkable on your part to appreciate and write about our initiative. We have covered 5 halls, Azad, BCR, HJB, JCB and LLR. And, here, we thank all for their overwhelming response.
    Hope we get similar (or even more) response from other halls too.

    Thanks Team ScholsAve. :)

  3. It’s great to see so many supporters of Goonj.
    Please connect with us on Facebook (
    Also invite people in your network to join the group.

    thank you for your support.

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