Two of the biggest events of the calender year just happened in the fortnight gone by. All we have tried to do is gauge the common sentiment about both events and report on their performance.

No one denies the colossal amount of work that goes into making SF and Kshitij. We very much appreciate the effort put in.

This is simply an appraisal of the final product that was on view for one and all.

Scholars’ Avenue does not bear either fest any ill will and we definitely dont wish to belittle the work done by the organisers. Nowhere have we dealt with untruths and we do very much stand by whatever had been printed.

Consider this issue to be a performance report. A report in which one fest got a thumbs up for a good final product while the other recieved a can-do-better: no shortage of effort anywhere but maybe something missing in the final killer punch. The intention simply was to point out the areas on which a bit more attention needs to be given.

Unfortunately, our intentions have been grossly misconstrued. What was meant to be an overall performance report on the fests has been misinterpreted as biased reporting and has clearly not been taken in the right spirit.

We’d like to asseverate the fact that we do not owe our allegiance to either fest and have only tried to faithfully reproduce the over-riding sentiments we perceived.

We wish both the fests the very best in their future endeavours.

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