Celestine Joseph

Celestine Joseph

Name: Celestine Joseph

Department: Industrial Engineering and Management

Year and Course: 3rd year, Dual Degree

Hall of Residence: Patel Hall of Residence

Contesting for: Vice President, TSG


Proposal 1:
To set up a ‘Student Internship Committee’ to provide better internship opportunities for students with the help of our alumni network.
The committee shall contact the alumni of various companies and also those who are studying or teaching in foreign institutes. The committee shall work in coordination with TnP. While contacting alumni in foreign institutes, efforts towards establishing a MoU will be worked upon.
Proposal 2:
•    Increase lighting and
•    Augment the existing security system between Hotel Park and Puri Gate,
•    in view of the regular eve-teasing incidents.
•    The Divisional Railway Manager, Kharagpur Division who is also head of railway establishment in Kharagpur has welcomed the proposal and the work can be done if a proposal is brought upto him through a proper channel (Registrar/DOSA).
•    The Inspector of Kharagpur town police station has said that there is police force available who shall be sent on patroling trips on shift basis.
Proposal 3:
•    Establish electronic notice boards at three conspicuous places in the campus.
•    The notice boards will be put up at TSG, outside Ramanujan complex and near the institute main gate. The purpose of these notice boards is to increase the awareness amongst the students regarding the numerous activities taking place in the institute like the inter-hall events, seminars, important notices etc.
•    Introduce a new section in the existing gymkhana website where the newly elected and nominated student office bearers of the Technology Students’ Gymkhana shall post their proposals and update their progress regularly. They will also post their future work plans on a time line basis. The student forum shall not only encourage unbiased discussion of the issues pertaining to the proposals but also invite suggestions for the same. This will keep a check on the functioning of the various posts of TSG.

Proposal 4:
To improve upon the quality of mess food by introducing training for mess staff during summers. During the break in May, two staff from each hall of residence and the managers will be sent for training to teach them new recipes and improve their cooking skills. Also the managers will be trained in various aspects of the working of the mess (like mess menu deciding, quantity estimation, quality of raw materials, etc)


  • Represented IIT Kharagpur in the Inter IIT Sports meet as a member of the football team (’08 and ’09) and as a member of the Athletics Team (’09)
  • Won Bronze medal in Inter IIT Football (’09)
  • Member of seven Inter Hall teams:

o   Football: Winner of Golden boot in First and Second year for scoring the maximum number of goals in Inter Halls. Currently (as of 15th March) leading scorer in Inter Hall Football ’10.

o   Athletics: Gold (400m hurdles), Silver (400m and 400m relay) (Athletics ’10)

o   Badminton: Bronze (’10)

o   Choreography: Gold (’09)

o   Case Study: Joint Bronze (’09)

o   Member of Inter Hall Hockey and Inter Hall Aquatics teams.

  • Winner of Silver medal in Football in Shaurya (’10)
  • General Secretary, Sports and Games, Patel Hall of Residence: Responsible for proper representation of the Hall and smooth conduct of all 14 events in the Sports General Championship calendar, which spans the entire year. Leads a team of six Under Secretaries. Managed teams with severely depleted strengths efficiently and has taken Patel Hall to a position of strength, making them one of the favorites for the General Championship this year.
  • Awarded Best Fresher in Patel hall for his outstanding contributions in Inter Hall events spanning all three general championships.
  • Worked as a Member and Head in the Hall Alumni Committee and has been instrumental in organizing alumni meets and increase networking opportunities for its boarders with their alumni. The increased networking has enabled students to obtain internships through hall alumni.
  • Associated with the Sponsorship and publicity functions of Optima ’09.
  • Interned at ETA, Mechanical & Electrical division of ETA ASCON Group, UAE in second year and has been offered another internship for the third year.
  • Has maintained an above average CGPA of 8.04 in spite of being involved in a myriad spectrum of events, and has also managed a department change in first year from Mining Engineering to Industrial Engineering.

Note: The content above has been provided by the candidate and is his sole responsibility . The Scholars’ Avenue is not accountable for any error, textual or factual, in the transcript above.


  1. ace@brain says:

    This guy is FRAUD !

  2. keshav says:

    A non-fest VP at last. Good beginning IITKGP..way to go ..

  3. Anonymous says:

    good bye core team..

  4. anonymous says:

    this profile is more of a football player than a VP candidate… in fact much much more!!!

  5. anonymous says:

    i like most others don’t think that this guy has already become the VP so use your words with some common sense (for a change)

  6. anonymous says:

    How can this guy help with placement committee and administrative affairs? No experience

  7. Deep says:

    Now footballers will rule the country

  8. Anon says:

    What? Do you think the core team is the only administrative body in the institute? If you read he was the GSec of his hall, and member of Alumni committee as well. He definitely has organisational experience.
    Also core team guys are dissociated from the reallity of the insti. all they do is work with concentrated 30 memeber teams for 2 years, and suddenly they ahave all this administrative experience? if theyve not worked/talked to normal students how will they know what the problems in insti are?

  9. ace@heart says:

    @ anonymouus:
    Q. How did Matah (Fest background VP) help in placements?
    A. He didn’t. So I dont think it makes much difference.

    Can you please explain why a fest background is needed for a VP to do his task efficiently?

  10. someguy says:

    Finally someone to break the core team/pact tradition…. All these years, people who decide on the candidates and those who contest come from the “Core Team” who only as much as care to show off their grand treats and dance in front of a serious audience that gathers… Whoever came up with the idea of breaking the monopoly, hats off to them….

    Both Celestine and Ankit Singh have a very dynamic personality and its indeed clear that they are more initiative driven than their core team counterparts… I only wish Ankit’s hall had realised that he was a much better candidate than Nivesh and provided him sufficient backing… This would have set up an ideal election, an election for “people”

  11. idontknow says:

    This guy wont be able to make a successful VP.Just note how he fumbled at his sop itself.

  12. someotherguy says:

    A non-fest VP will make a big change. It will end an era in which there was a pathway to become a VP (Head of one of the Fest).

    We have seen the working of VP selected from fest & i’m sure things can’t get worse than that.

  13. rightguy says:

    @ someguy

    Celestine is a result of a pact between Patel Hall and the HPs of various PG Halls. The team is full of veterans from elections at ‘elite’ places like Kolkata University, CCS University and many such Universities known for their ‘explosive’ elections. I would not like to go with Celestine as I think that in his desperation to become VP he has chosen to ally with corrupt and cynical people who have only one agenda in their lives and that is to grab power by any means (usually dirty) and then use that power to enrich themselves.

    If the ‘people’ in IIT-Kgp want their campus to turn into another centre for University Union type politics in India, then they must surely support Celestine like the ‘people’ in India have historically supported the likes of Laloo , Mayawati and Mulayam.

  14. Tanmay says:

    @idontknow- have been you been polishing ankit singh’s shoes ? better listen to the sop properly sonny before you make comments :P kidding

  15. FacchaRocks says:

    I am a first year student from MMM. I really like Celestine. He genuinely cares about us non-core team students. At least he has not spent the last 2 years cooped up in some stupid core team. How can a Core team guy represent all the students in the insti if he the only time he meets them is when he goes to campaign??

  16. PIRATE says:

    this guys luks like a rock hard personality with a caliber to do all impossible…
    yo cells…!!

  17. asa says:

    @above….u dont have any idea about what is core team….do u know that a core team intracts with 1st yrs the most than any other guy in tha campus….have u ever heard of volus who are 1st yrs and in each of the fest there are around 200 volus…and if we compare to that of a inter iit i doubt if more than 20-30 1st yrs are involved there…u have no fucking idea about what is happening in the campus and just making arbit comments.. u are a big fool.

  18. anonymous says:

    @guys who are so desperate to have a non-core team VP just compare the profiles and Ankit and Celestine and see the difference for yourself…
    Ankit has done a lot for the general good even in his 1st year while Celestine himself confessed yesterday in his SOP that he hasn’t done anything yet. Nobody would risk making an inexperienced guy a VP when u have a very experienced one as an alternative

  19. anonymous says:

    @guys who are so desperate to have a non-core team VP just compare the profiles and Ankit and Celestine and see the difference for yourself…
    Ankit has done a lot for the general good even in his 1st year while Celestine himself confessed yesterday in his SOP that he hasn’t done anything yet. Nobody would risk making an inexperienced guy a VP when u have a very experienced one as an alternative, Ankit I mean.

  20. FacchaRocks says:

    What has the great stud of KTJ, Mr. Shubham Matah done?? How many proposals have been successfully implemented. Coming to interaction…working with some 20 first years for some 2 weeks is not really an “interaction”. Do you think core team guys really give a damn about student welfare?? They just go to core team to write it in their CV and get a placement.

    And for the record, I have never heard of either Ankit Singh or Nivesh Pandey before they contested for VP. And neither have most of the guys from MMM as Nivesh so rudely found out that day when he came campaigning.

  21. Kgpian says:

    had core team people been so much dedicated and concerned, they would have never ganged up against Ankit Singh. The point here is that a person who works for the institute and GC directly must be rewarded be giving him the chance to represent his people. you say that core team interact with first years the most, analyse how many hours do they spend in their own halls? tomorrow, if celestine wins, he will be an example of an hard working Kgpian who works for GC, inter IIT and finally gets the opportunity to contest. it is easy to believe that core team have LEADERSHIP qualities, but that is only because f the glamour attached!! By saying that core team only exhibits leadership qualities would question the integrity of all those kgpians who toil for GC events.

  22. change says:

    i believe that to prove the credibility of a kgpian, i do not have to classify him as core team not core team. both work fr the institute. but by saying that core team only displays leadership qualities would be a tight slap on gymkhana’s conception. We indians do not develop good hbbies, interests and innovation drive. rather we are always in search for a NETA. now today when a person like celstine comes who tells every kgpian that by performing in GC, inter IIT events you not only develop a good personality, you not only build up a culture of diverse interests among students coming from not so privileged backgrounds but you also get the chance to work with for the people with whom you have spent the most time. people of IIT kgp need to seriously think over that can leadership be only defined by being an ORGANIZING TEAM MEMBER ???

  23. maddy says:

    @fachha…: U shud remember that Arnav was a core team Head!

  24. Bharat says:

    its obvious .. its clear.. its a fact.. its all for a change.. its celestine now..

  25. asa says:

    @fachha….dude u know nothing the past vps were all core teams and have done excllent…giving one exampele of mata wont do….u have just enterd the institute and u have no idea what it is…….so better keep ur mouth shut and just gain experience for comming yrs….

  26. god guy says:

    @right guy- u seem very desperate in ur means to convey a message. have been ill bred during ur schooling and havu been deprived of chances to post on an open forum ? Please check your statements and refrain from using such “explosive” language. well actually u also give me the impression that u have contested and lost heavily in some elections recently.. i pity u sonny..

  27. sonalrox says:

    we all fuchas r with idontknow we all have listened sop very carefully and how messed the sop…

  28. mihir says:

    please see the sop videos before commenting anything else… and dont just be judgemental on the basis that you want a change from the core team.. the fact that standing for a vp is itself a very rigorous exercise, ensures that whoever stands in the election is enough motivated and would not put that effort to just include it in his cv.

  29. matah says:

    @sonalrox- learn some etiquettes first and then come to the panel.. btw if ur with fachchas.. then teach them the right thing not the usual filth.. messed up the sop !! are u dreaming the previous day ? he has been asked to repeat it twice and this reflects the misuse of power of matah and ugrep.. just wait till the results are out and then comment..

  30. faccharocks says:

    @ matah- please be clear whom you are supoorting ? this reflects your idioticity..

  31. matah says:

    @ fachcharocks -”Please refrain from making such comments”.. u guys know this is my best way of defending my pact candidates and using my power.. P.S i hate myself too :P

  32. its_a_pity says:

    Too bad the panel did not realize that the 4th proposal of Celestine was no proposal at all. The HMC has done exactly what he has mentioned as his proposal in the winter of 2009. Staff from halls with HMC messes were trained, taught new recipes. A training programme for the managers/supervisors also has long been in the pipeline.

    In the third proposal, I believe putting up electronic noticeboards will cause nothing but slowdown of traffic in two of the three indicated places. Electronic noticeboards have been proved to be distracting to drivers in metropolitan cities. That’s all they’ll end up to be here too. Also, I’ve never heard of a more unfeasible proposal than this one. Can you imagine what this will do to the beautiful scenery/landscape? Electronic boards? This is not a city, Celestine, and we are not in a concrete jungle. I like my view of the blue sky. About your website proposals… unbiased discussions? Have you ever even LIVED in Kharagpur?

    The second proposal – well, I’ll give him a bit of a credit there.

    The first proposal – by the start of next semester, it’ll most probably be redundant. However, even if it is not, innumerable flaws have been pointed out in his proposals by the panelists already. A simple expansion of the TnP student team would suffice. It is not a proposal at all.

    It’s a pity that two very fake people contested for the post this year, and an even greater pity that such wrong decisions were taken in handling the situation. If only Ankit Singh had been left alone, he wouldn’t have been to garner as much support.

    If I may ask, what does maintaining a good CGPA have to do with managing the institute? I could understand if playing sports (even at the inter-IIT level) requires too much time – it does not. He’s just naturally good at the games, for Christ’s sake!

    Also, why mention the fact that he managed a department change? Was it very difficult? He most definitely wasn’t doing anything else in first year. Any guy can get a department change with just a little effort.

    Celestine won, not because he was deserving, rather because the situation with the other two candidates paved the way for his victory. I do not understand how a person can show so much attitude to a panel of his seniors, in front of people who are judging him – whose votes he is trying to garner, and still get away with it. The dude must be a GOD, or the people must be blockheads. I don’t think the first is the case.

    Regardless of all this, the fact remains that he won. Now it’s upto him to prove that he is worthy of this extremely important and responsible post.

    P.S.: At the time I was writing this article, Ankit Singh’s status message was [I quote]:
    “I suppose History has been created and please donot let yourself down “VP” is not a big post there is a way ahead……..”
    Well, thank God he didn’t become the VP then. If the post means so less to him, and if he would have kept wondering about what lies ahead in store for him while he was the VP, I’m sure the institute would not have gained much. Thanks for all the drama, Ankit.

    [Yes, I voted for Nivesh.]

  33. pity_for_Miss RP says:

    hi this for “its a pity”
    but i feel pity for you guy
    your vote got waste
    and Celestine Celestine… clap.. clap.. clap..
    yo cells

  34. its_a_pity says:

    please don’t feel pity for me. i don’t need to be pitied. my vote did not go waste. it went towards my beliefs. several people voted for candies who they believed WILL win. i voted for a candi i believed SHOULD win.

    people based their opinion on others’. i formed my own opinion.

    i don’t need your pity. please keep it with yourself. you need more of it for yourself.

  35. not_a_fundaless_faccha says:

    Let’s first come to Nivesh Pandey….

    Those who have seen the sop box properly, can definitely make a point in his mind that the panel was biased, people starting from sonal to arnav, were definitely supporting him, not passing the mic to next guys (Whom u may consider to be ‘cells’ supporters or whatever), matah would then make use of his 20 min rule to end discussion on the proposal. This guy is from core team, and was into the elections due to hall’s turn in pact (Maybe I am wrong here as pacts change every year) following orthodox unwritten rules

    If u see the sop video u can clearly make out that nivesh was prepared (Mugged the question’s answers to be more specific) for the questions which sonal to arnav asked him as he was stammering and repeating the same lines again and again.

    1.By seeing a biased panal a judgement on the candidates can not be made by sopbox….

    2.If talking of the (poltu or) pact there were RK, LLR, most of SN, Azad on the RP’s side

    3.I a candidate would have won if Ankit singh did not stood for the post… it would have been Nivesh Pandey… and then nobody would curse the politics as it has come from B.Tech

    4.There has been incidences when RP’s ppl campaigning for nivesh made use of the banned Election-Posters (I have seen it in HK Block of MMM)

    5.RP has also offered wings to a number of group of students(like, Vote for us and we give u a wing), Clearly you can make out that he is fooling the first years, as the distribution of halls is random in HMC(as far as i know).

    Now lets go to Ankit Singh

    See his credentials, The guy is a god(atleast on the paper)…
    During sop panalists pointed out his lack of skills working as a leader,
    i dont know why people got so attracted by his sop… this guy did not even understand some of the questions!!!

    panalist Q.What will you do at first place after becoming VP(ofcourse, if you become one)
    Ankit A.I will replace the existing VP


    There are a lot more of these in his sop.But coming to the practical point one has to say that this guy has got guts, He rebelled his hall’s seniors, he did not have the funda of the election and yet he stood, cheers to ankit.

    Finally to the winner of election – Celestine Joseph

    He has got a fair amount of credentials on his part too,
    people doubted his leadership skills, this guy managed optima 2009
    (Was his idea to make it grand….)
    Is also from a non-core-team background and is fairly aware of the problems faced by the KGPians.
    Maybe,he has a bit of attitude in there also….

    coming to his sop

    first of all, everybody saw matah misusing his powers to repeat the sop of cells, the he was questions continusly for 40-50 min on the same proposal and was asked the same type of questions repeatedly although, he answered them, it made a negative impact of him on the viewers…
    then he was also asked senseless questions..

    panalist a: Q. How can you say that molestation is a problem… i have never been molested???


    panalist b: Q. Have you contacted the happa of SN and asked her about the molestation of girls

    LOL Again!!
    One wud call police or collect info about the number of cases of molestation!!!

    panalist c: Q.You have worked for only your hall(not true) now why are you here for VP. rather try HP.

    now wat can i say!!!
    one has to work in small blocks to be able to work in a bigger one!!

    people,i think did not notice the stupidity of some of the questions of sop
    also we need a sport background VP now as in about 2 years time and we lack proper sports infrastructure. We still lack a squash court which is now a event in the inter-iits equivalent(by no of points) to cricket.


    Celestine and ankit emerge as the final candidates and nivesh seemed out of election at the end of the sop(maybe there were 11th hour changes in the pact, god knows). Ankit seemed a bit of a usual indian leader shouting, etc (maybe, due to lack of funda, as there was no funda givers for him) i think, finally, amongst then, Celestinea would make a better VP.

    Lets keep our expectations high!

    Three Cheers for Cells

  36. name_doesnt_matter_work_matters says:

    Thanks for your detailed analysis on the proposals.
    I believe you are one among the losers who only think themselves to be GODs. Try appreciating others who are better than you. Accept the loss and appreciate the winner. Oh, I forgot. You must not be a sportsman for sure. And keep writing and live in your own world. Cells will show you how a VP should be like. Insti will see a VP that it has not seen for years. And you need not wait for long. You will see the changes before you pass out this sem. Its all about character and willingness to work selflessly !

  37. its_a_pity says:

    Believe me, I’ll be the happiest if Celestine proves me wrong by working and discharging his duties properly.
    Perhaps I’m cribbing now because who I thought was the best choice, lost in the elections. I already accept the loss. I shall appreciate the winner if and when he works properly. Just so you know, if Nivesh wouldn’t have been a candidate, then among the rest two, I’d have gone for Celestine. I like your nick, it echoes my sentiments.
    If Celestine proves me wrong, I’ll personally go upto him and congratulate him and tell him that I had not voted for him, and that I was wrong in doing so. This is my promise to you, and I shall fulfill it even though you don’t know me through the anonymity of cyberspace (situation forces me to not reveal my identity here).
    Regardless, my observations on his proposals (and his mannerism in the soapbox) stand. Inspite of this, if he makes for a good VP, well, all’s well that ends well, I say :)

  38. poltugods says:

    whatever it is.. we won.. and if you dont help us clean the institute of the filth.. u shall join the filth.. hails cells.. hail patel..

  39. poltugods says:

    and @ its a pity- better keep your analysis under control.. zyaada funda mat de..

  40. su_mata says:

    I have just been informed that the elections are over and celestine joseph – one of the candidates won.. its amazing. do you guys know about it too ?

  41. su_mata says:

    and yippee.. i tried my hand at politics and see the result.. just 1 candi from LLR won.. as i say i really rock :).. heavens wonder how i won last year..

  42. akon akon says:

    use less blabbering !

    whoever won…whether good or not…must be answerable to those who elected him, and must discharge his duties.
    politics never determined progress, its just an exercise by fools to think they rule.
    it sure makes an illusion of power.
    the way i see it, no VP in the end does anything more that cosmetic changes. the root causes remain neglected.

    what we need is a progressive thinking DOSA and Diro. not a pact-enabled punkass who thinks he’s VP !

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