Candidate Proposal Reviews – Yash Bajaj ll G.Sec Technology


You can find his proposals here.

*All proposal reviews are based on TSA’s assessment of the proposal document provided by the candidate. We crosscheck all facts mentioned in the proposal and give feedback around three parameters : 

  1. Need & Impact of the proposals; we attempt to assess the value of the proposal for the students.
  2. Feasibility; whether the proposal ever see the light of day or not.
  3. Originality; if the proposal been implemented before in some form or another.
The views mentioned in the proposal critiques below are TSA’s alone and are meant for a more holistic sharing of information about the candidates and their ideas. This, we believe, will lead to fairer and more impactful selection of candidates for the various positions of responsibility.*
Proposal 1: An online portal for all the technological news related to Kshitij, Inter-IIT Tech meet and Technology General Championship.
Originality( 1/5)
Last year, Kartikeya Fatwani, Palak Goyal and Bibhu Agarwal had a proposal for a web portal for Tech GC, it didn’t get implemented though. There are certain aspects of the proposal which are original, for example, inclusion of campus’ research happenings in the portal and having the Kshitij and Inter-IIT updates along with Tech GC updates.
Feasibility( 2/5)
 The fact that similar proposals haven’t been implemented by the winning candidates in the past is an indicative of this initiative involving either too many man-hours or the candidates being unable to plan out the initiative properly in their schedules. Either way, the proposal seems ambitious and lacks certain level of feasibility.
Need and Impact( 3/5)
A common portal for all these events can have a considerably good impact on interested people, keeping them informed regarding every technological research triumph or the efforts of students in various competitions, but this would be true only if the website succeeds in having a reputation of the one stop place for KGP related tech information. This is a great challenge and separate forums could just do well as the timelines are considerably different making the traffic for one being independent of the other.
Proposal 2: Yearly exhibition at Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur for all the best technical outputs from the Inter-IIT Tech Meet, Technology General Championship and Kshitij.
This proposal is pretty original as there has not been any proposal regarding a common exhibition in Kshitij by a G. Sec candidate.
Feasibility( 2/5)
The schedule of Kshitij might afford a slot for this but the people exhibiting their outputs might be working on new projects during the event as it would certainly have a competition based on similar technology. Thus, the exhibition might discourage people from working on new avenues as a hefty amount of attention would switch to presentation of their previous work. If the said technical output is on a certain level, ground breaking, then it should be given a chance to present, otherwise, a better work can be hoped for.
Need and Impact(3/5)
If the exhibition manages to help the students get better outreach for the hard work they have put up, it would certainly motivate the succeeding tech fanatic generation to do more exquisite and original technological work. It will be impactful and unique only if it is implemented on a larger scale.
Proposal 3: “Best Researcher of the Year” in the various field subjects for the post graduate students.


This proposal hasn’t been included in the previous ones but this award falling completely in technological domain might be questionable.


With a plethora of research fields existing, it might be hard to compare the superiority of one above the other. This, although is a good initiative, requires a huge deal of effort by the professors. If involvement of professors is compromised, the award wouldn’t be compliant with the honor associated with its name.

Need and Impact(2/5)

The award makes much more sense when the researchers are graduating as the Convocation Day would be a great setting for the same. Also, the award being just for the post graduate students involves the assumption that undergraduates aren’t capable of doing research which would be at par with students enrolled in post graduate courses. So, the impact audience is considerably low and in certain sense, can have a negative impact on undergraduate doing ground breaking research.

Proposal 4: Two new events in the Strategy Cup of Technology General Championship, Social Media Analysis and Marketing Event

There have been previous proposals to add new events to the GC, especially one of those mentioned above. The other could be just an addition to equalize the field by making the number of events under the Strategy cup equal to the others.


The value addition by including these events isn’t substantial. On top of that, there’s redundancy of the two events with already existing events like Data Analytics, Case Study and Ad-Design. This seems more like a fill-in proposal rather than one designed to enhance the Tech-GC experience of the students. Revamping previous ones to make them more like the proposed one would make it more feasible.

Need and Impact(1/5)

This seems to be an unnecessary addition to the already long list of General Championship events. The impact would be involvement of more students in the areas dealt with in the new events. But, given that such domains are already covered in the form of the other very similar events, that would not be a very positive impact.

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