Candidate Proposal Reviews – Soham Saha ll G.Sec Social & Cultural


You can find his proposals here.

*All proposal reviews are based on TSA’s assessment of the proposal document provided by the candidate. We crosscheck all facts mentioned in the proposal and give feedback around three parameters : 

  1. Need & Impact of the proposals; we attempt to assess the value of the proposal for the students.
  2. Feasibility; whether the proposal ever see the light of day or not.
  3. Originality; if the proposal been implemented before in some form or another.
The views mentioned in the proposal critiques below are TSA’s alone and are meant for a more holistic sharing of information about the candidates and their ideas. This, we believe, will lead to fairer and more impactful selection of candidates for the various positions of responsibility.*
1. The Cultural Development Program
Though this proposal, or a derivative of it, has not been implemented yet, various versions of it have been suggested by           candidates over the years. However, the staged structure of the workshop program, which promises year-long activity, is           new.


Because of the four 15-day phases of these workshops, with some of the dates perilously close to mid-sems and end-sems, the feasibility and logistics of the implementation of this idea look questionable.

This proposal may also turn out to be expensive, considering the candidate’s pledge to keep the fees nominal and affordable by a majority of students, and to ensure participation of professionals and other outsiders to the extent of inviting them to conduct workshops.


Considering the rich social and cultural environment Kgp already has, for any program to engage non-participants, it is necessary to first identify the factors which have led to their exclusion from the existing system of societies and clubs. Societies and Inter-Hall events generally garner a lot of publicity and student-warranted attention and it is not clear why this program will necessarily exponentially increase the already substantial presence that cultural activities have on campus.           It may not be lack of awareness or interest, but an unwillingness to commit to the schedule that comes with membership in societies that has prevented so many students from participating in social activities. This program actually works against incentivizing these students to explore their hobbies because of its intensive schedule.                                                                       This proposal suffers because of an incorrect identification of the target group, and fails to fix the problem it singles out.

2. Expansion of the Fine Arts Cup by inclusion of the photography event and digital counterparts of other events

Originality( ⅕)                                                                                                                                                                                    

The idea of a photography event has been suggested by at least one contesting candidate almost every year starting from 2011. The digital-event proposal also made an appearance last year.


This proposal looks feasible, as long as GymK makes space for an entirely new event and extensions of some old ones in its already tightly-packed OpenIIT/GC calendar. It also looks relatively inexpensive.

However, plagiarism may become an issue with the photography event unless some concrete mechanism to ensure it doesn’t happen is conceptualized.


These events could see a lot of participation; photography is a beloved activity on campus and it certainly deserves its own event. The digital-arts events will also resonate well with the student-body, and will help to improve the scope and quality of participation in the Fine Arts Cup.

3. Vision 2020


Though the idea of a YouTube channel devoted entirely to SocCult activities has been suggested before, this proposal, with its objectives and implementations, is new.


With all its rhetoric and tendency to beat around the bush, this proposal struggles to establish an explicit process with which it aims to achieve its objectives. Setting up a YouTube channel, an FB page, and a Twitter account seems to be the first, and easiest part of the implementation, though this may also require admin approval. Keeping all these social-media accounts updated, considering the plethora of cultural activities that take place on campus, may be another thing entirely.


This proposal stresses the need for exposure of Kgp’s Soc-Cult activities to people outside campus whilst skipping over most of the why and how. Kgp Soc-Cult activities, with news updates and some photos, are already updated on its Facebook page, along with Awaaz and TSA regularly briefing the student-body on events; if the proposed social-media outlets aim to have a greater presence than these entities have, the candidate must state how they will do so. The need for the objectives the proposal aims to fulfill remains unclear, and the link to Vision 20-20 is one that is obscure and rhetorical.



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