Candidate Proposal Reviews – Ayush Gurjar II G.Sec Sports




You can find his proposals here.

*All proposal reviews are based on TSA’s assessment of the proposal document provided by the candidate. We crosscheck all facts mentioned in the proposal and give feedback around three parameters : 

  1. Need & Impact of the proposals; we attempt to assess the value of the proposal for the students.
  2. Feasibility; whether the proposal ever see the light of day or not.
  3. Originality; if the proposal been implemented before in some form or another.
The views mentioned in the proposal critiques below are TSA’s alone and are meant for a more holistic sharing of information about the candidates and their ideas. This, we believe, will lead to fairer and more impactful selection of candidates for the various positions of responsibility.*

Proposal I- Sports Seminar
Originality(2/5): There have been many proposals that in the past about having Sports seminars and Panel discussions while the idea of completion of Inter-IIT trails at the earliest is a fresh one. The new tournament is a complete copy of the Open-IIT structure to include more sports in its umbrella.Feasibility(2/5): Freshers are already overwhelmed when they enter the campus with all gymkhana societies, the timing of the both the Sport Seminar and Inter-IIT trials might not promise maximum participation in both the events.  The Sportathon event which is proposed to be conducted in the Autumn semester is surely likely to hinder peak Inter-IIT practice. This event require both senior Inter-IIT player and grounds both of which shouldn’t be sacrificed at this crucial period

Need and Impact(3/5): Unlike Soc-Cult and Tech Society Introductory Seminars, there isn’t any such information dissemination for the various Sports facilities and opportunities on campus. Hence the Seminar might prove to be helpful to various freshers. Although organization of the Inter-IIT trials may be an issue, it is a necessity to increase the participation of freshers in various sports on campus. Having Inter-IIT trials seems to be the crucial part of this proposal. The Sportathon seems to be a middle ground between Inter-Hall and Inter-IIT. This does not serve any new purpose. Despite the lack of Open IIT event in certain sports, Interested freshers have been actively participating in the Inter-IIT practices  of these sports.


Proposal II – Bridge & Chess Clubs

Originality (4/5): This seems to be a pretty original idea. Formation of clubs will not limit the participation of enthusiasts to just Inter-Hall events.

Feasibility (4/5) : This aren’t any major hurdles as such. This initiative just brings together people sharing similar interests in the games.

Need and Impact(4/5): Although it’s not something that needs immediate attention, initiatives like this would increase the outstation participation in the long run. This would lead to the rise in the competition levels in GC events.


Proposal III – Adventure Weekend

Originality(0.5/5): The only original idea in this is considering  cycling and free running as Adventure sports since TAds already has already organized various Adventure Weekends.

Feasibility(4/5): Since TAds has already conducted an Adventure Weekend , This is highly feasible.

Need and Impact(0.5/5): This is unnecessary, redundant and unrelated to the sporting culture on campus

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