Candidate Proposal Reviews – Ajeet Singh II G.Sec Sports


You can find his proposals here.

*All proposal reviews are based on TSA’s assessment of the proposal document provided by the candidate. We crosscheck all facts mentioned in the proposal and give feedback around three parameters : 

  1. Need & Impact of the proposals; we attempt to assess the value of the proposal for the students.
  2. Feasibility; whether the proposal ever see the light of day or not.
  3. Originality; if the proposal been implemented before in some form or another.
The views mentioned in the proposal critiques below are TSA’s alone and are meant for a more holistic sharing of information about the candidates and their ideas. This, we believe, will lead to fairer and more impactful selection of candidates for the various positions of responsibility.*


Originality (0.5/5): This proposal is a direct rip of from the 2015 elections, where Prateek Jain proposed the same thing.

Need and Impact (3/5): If experienced players take up the mentorship institute-wide, a lot of aspirants will get a good chance at improving in a given sport, much like what happens in different halls of residences. If implemented, this will definitely provide the institute to choose from a bigger pool of players. However, this will take a lot of time from the experienced players and they, in turn, will not be able to focus on their own practice.

Feasibility (1/5): Experienced players usually from senior years and have a packed schedule. Giving out three days every week from their schedule would definitely prove to be a challenge for everyone.



Originality (5/5): This specific proposal seems very original with no such proposals across the years.

Need and Impact (4/5): Given the current scenario of safety in campus, although improving, this proposal would definitely enhance the safety in campus a lot. If implemented, this will provide a lot of residents of campus an opportunity to pursue a new hobby, not to mention, the benefits that comes with pursuing martial arts and the self-confidence when it comes to self defense abilities.

Feasibility (3.5/5): The biggest roadblock towards achieving this proposal seems to be getting the students interested in enrolling for the course, as is the case with the gym and swimming facilities. Other aspects of implementations seems simple, although detailed deliberations regarding the economic aspects of the proposals are needed.



Originality (3.5/5): This, again, gets laurels for originality, except the undocumented possibilities of the proposals having been proposed by Hall General Secretaries in their SOPs.

Need and Impact (1/5): Most matches are pursued by enthusiast with almost zero problems faced. This seems to be like another attempt to put an unwanted luxury in place. Although, the finals of the international sport phenomenon might get some response from KGPians, The Scholars’ Avenue can foresee an empty Netaji for all remaining such livestreams.

Feasibility (0.5/5): With so many international matches going on, and with such a steep stipulated allowance, this proposal’s feasibility is at least questionable.



Originality (0/5): This proposal is not a copy from a single proposal from the past, but from a lot of them. This seems to congregate proposals on Women’s sports week, Research Scholars’ Sports week etc. that have been proposed in previous elections. Clearly no effort was invested to come up with a new proposal in this regard.

Need and Impact (3.5/5): It is true that the Sport culture in KGP isn’t very well pronounced throughout the campus, with only a small group of enthusiast pursuing sport in every hall, measures like these are necessary for a paradigm shift in culture. If implemented, this will clearly make sports a happening thing in campus throughout the year. However, the need of the two hour coaching class, and the impact thereof, remains shady.

Feasibility (2/5): Given this proposal is a copy of (or should we say, has been inspired from) a lot of previous proposals, half of which has been implemented till date, we have less confidence on the feasibility of this proposal, which happens to be of a larger scale than all others.

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