B. C. Roy Hospital cleared of all allegations

The report further states that Dr. Som had made the correct diagnosis and had not wasted any time in treatment (in contrast to the general perception).

The turbulence and uncertainty surrounding the institute, after the sad demise of Rohit Kumar on 22nd of march, have been finally put to rest with the enquiry commission giving a clean chit to our director, Dr. Acharya. The two member enquiry commission consisting of Dr.Bibhukalyani Das and Dr. Sitesh Gupta had submitted an extensive report to the director (acting) on the 2nd of this month. The commission had launched an investigation into the incident and had visited the campus on the 8th, 13th and 29th of April for the same. In these 3 days, the delegation made it a point to visit all the relevant places which included healthcare facilities present in close proximity to the campus. After talking to the concerned authorities, friends of the victim and the staff of B.C Roy hospital, the delegation has absolved the hospital management of any responsibility. Some noteworthy points presented by the committee in the report are as follows:

  • The victim was suffering from an extreme form of epilepsy but the actual death was a result of a head injury due to the fall from a rickshaw (which in turn could have deteriorated the epileptic condition of the victim).
  • The report emphatically mentions the fact that under the prevailing circumstances, the hospital had done whatever it could do.
  • Dr. Som had made the correct diagnosis and had not wasted any time in treatment (in contrast to the general perception).
  • Further, there is mention of an allegation made by Mr. Vidya Bhusan and Mr. Priya Ranjan Kumar (close friends of the victim) that the pharmacist was sitting by the side of the driver when the patient needed oxygen and suction from mouth due to bleeding but it also clearly states the pharmacist’s claim that the oxygen was on from the starting point and he himself had sucked the patient’s mouth. He had only requested the students to regulate the flow rate of oxygen.
  • There is a dire need for hospital facilities to be upgraded and the responsibility of doing this rests completely on the students and staff of the institute.
  • A slew of measures to enhance the basic resources and equipments present in B.C. Roy Technology Hospital have been recommended. The report also advises maintaining the contacts of a pool of medical specialists in the neighbouring areas (something which our paper has already done).
  • An analysis on the feasibility of a super speciality hospital in Kharagpur was carried out. The report states that due to lack of population and affluence in neighbouring areas, corporate houses would be reluctant to set up healthcare centres here and hence have called upon the strong alumni network to assist the institute in this initiative.

In short, the report presented by the commission stopped short of implicating any specific person for the incident but accepted the need for massive overhaul of medical facilities. Along with measures to improve the current hospital, it also explored the possibility of a multi speciality hospital in future.

For detailed information, please see the original report available for download here.

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  1. Arindam Basu says:

    Firstly, thanks to Scholars Avenue for uploading the enquiry report.

    The report is very detailed and looks extensively at all aspects related to the tragic demise of Rohit. In order to contest the ‘clean chit’ given by the enquiry committee, it would be appropriate if specific parts of the report are challenged with conflicting facts, if any. Otherwise , generally aired allegations of ‘clean chit’ will fail to stick.

    The report gives recommendations in two parts.

    1. Immediate upgradation in terms of equipments & qualified staff at the BC Roy Tech hospital.

    2. Creation of a MSH linked to research facilities in the School of Medical Technology .

    My opinion is that the present student body should impress upon & work with the IIT administration in implementing the “immediate upgradation” facility. If done, that will be a tremendous achievement for the present student body for the batches to come next.

    For the creation of a 200 bed MSH (multi-speciality hospital), the Chairman, BOG, could offer expertise from the experts of TMH at Jamshedpur as well others to appoint a separate professional body/organisation to conceive, design, execute & operate the plan (under the overall supervision of IIT).

    What happened to the tie-up of ‘air-lift’ facility (in case of serious emergencies) with IAF at Kalaikunda?

    Things should happen NOW & the student body needs to move the recommendations forward otherwise IIT-KGP will relapse into it bureaucratic slumber that all of us are so familiar of.


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