Arava Anmol Manohar


Arava Anmol Manohar


Aerospace Engg., Dual Degree Course


Nehru Hall

Standing for the post of:

General Secretary Technology, Technology Students Gymkhana


1. In order to channelize the output of the Technology General Championship, I propose the involvement of Industry in organization of Technology General Championship events. The Involvement will range right from framing of the problem statement to the judging of the event. With successful implementation of this proposal, Companies can spot talent among the participants and under their discretion offer sponsored projects and mentorship due to which technological prowess of IIT Kharagpur will reach wider circles and students can gain widespread recognition and respect.

2. To boost international participation in Kshitij, I propose to introduce a reimbursement scheme for participants from outside India. We would reimburse travel fare of representative teams from various countries in association with their respective embassies. This way, we can promote Kshitij from the biggest in Asia to one of international fame. Through the implementation of this proposal, a healthy mix of in-house, Indian as well as international participants will take part in Kshitij events. This would increase the quality of participation and encourage international brands and companies to sponsor Kshitij.


1. In the General Championships, I Represented Nehru Hall of Residence in Inter-Hall Product Design, Hardware Modelling and Silver-Winning Inter-Hall Football Team in my first year. In my second year, I am representing Nehru hall Of Residence in the Inter-Hall Football Team. Apart from these activities, I was a part of the Rangoli & Fine arts team.

2. During my Tenure as a core team member Of KSHITIJ 2010, I worked in all three major facets of the fest, namely, sponsorship, event management and publicity. On the publicity front, I publicised KSHITIJ in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. On the sponsorship front, my contribution to the fest was INR 1,20,000 including 4 corporate sponsorships and alumni contributions. Also during the fest, I was in the team that managed the guest lectures and mega-shows held during the fest.

3. Apart from my participation in various extra-curricular activities, I have maintained a CGPA of 7.48.

Note: The content above has been provided by the candidate and is his sole responsibility . The Scholars’ Avenue is not accountable for any error, textual or factual, in the transcript above.


  1. :) says:

    Dear Anmol,

    You said that your identity is defined by your hall and does in general that meant that when u become a G.Sec you would do favours to the hall…. and this is something that doesn’t please me as an active tech GC participant

  2. Abhinav Ankur says:

    VAGUE : written by 10 people in 5.25 seconds

  3. :) :) says:

    Dear :)

    Before commenting dt “you would do favours to the hall” I assume that you have gone through the constitution of gymkhana.If not,then :) I would like to throw some light on those lines “They shall pay the requisite fees, and shall be attached to one of the Halls of Residence. If a member withdraws his residence he shall remain suspended for the period of withdrawal.” ‘They’ here are the Office bearers of gymkhana

    And I don’t think that it is appropriate to comment on the credibility,honesty of candidate just because he mentioned his hall of residence which is part of his identity while he is in IIT Kgp as per the constitution.

  4. Ambuj says:

    7.48 is not an achievement even if you take into account your “extra curricular activities” !

  5. Madhu says:

    I appreciate this guy for his ulti n realistic proposals n for his past contribution.The most deserved candidate!

  6. Deep says:

    Dear :):),
    “They” does not refer to office bearers of gymkhana but members of the general body of the gymkhana. And why didnt you ask him to mention his fees also if everything he speaks in the SOP is rationalized from the constitution.

  7. rahul says:

    having a cg of 7.48 doesnt matter till you dont clear all the subjects…. wat abt ur fakka??

  8. amz says:

    well structured sop though as far as the videos are concerned. well defended proposals as well, though i personally feel that the second proposal for reimbursement is unrealistic. As far as tech gc industrial thing is concerned, everybody proposes that and as far as the mentorship in the industry goes, i m sure at the end of the year he’ll be saying, he wasn’t able to implement that part of it.

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