April ’06 , 9th Issue : News Avenue

In Search of Brecht
No officially printed script.
22 days of practice.
A panorama spanning over 5 plays.
No single director.
17 handpicked songs sung by none other than the members.
12.5 feet by 17.5 feet backdrop.Huge props made of up to 10 personnel human formations.
29 members of cast out of which 7 were final years.
A total of 53 members on the production.
All came together to form a 100 minute annual production called “Becht Er Khoje” (in search of Brecht)
If one thought Drama societies are all about Freshers’ Productions, he just needed to sit in Netaji on the 6th of April for a couple of hours. A biography of renowned playwright Berthold Brecht unfolded in the form of his five major plays (Three Penny Opera, The Good Person of Schezuan, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Mother Courage, Galileo) as a drama of the third form. In layman language – no person played one particular character , had no particular costumes – Just songs, dialogues and expressions to bring forth transient persona before taking up another role as someone else. In the absence of a well-defined script, it was up to the members of the cast to write one themselves assisted by a similar venture recorded by the Nandikar Drama Group. Among the invited guests were the parents of most our passing out batch and most importantly our favorite ex-governor (all the way from IIM-L).
A relatively difficult theme but quite a remarkable success, that too witnessed by a surprisingly full Netaji Auditorium. And the applause said it all – it was never only Govs and never only juniors – it was always one big team, enjoying every effort they put in together.
-Sreeja Nag

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