April ’06 , 9th Issue: Farewell Avenue

Looking Back…
When you start off something new in your life, a majority of people around you will say your idea won’t work, and will go on listing the reasons why, a small percentage of people will say well… it might, you may turn lucky and find a few who will pitch in, making your idea come to life. I consider myself far luckier, I found a bunch that not only pitched in, but surpassed my passion and effort in making Scholars’ Avenue come to life and become better with every issue.
With this issue Scholars’ Avenue completes one year of its existence. We never thought we could last this long, but now that we have, we would like to stick our neck out and say, we want to be here for ever.
In this year we’ve had highs, lows, been loved, been hated, appreciated, criticized and even thrown out of work. In all these responses we got from our readers one thing more than any other made us happy: we’ve been successful in providing Kgpians a platform to express their opinions.
We meanwhile have had a rocking time working at Schols Ave. (that’s how we call ourselves) we’ve converted no less than 12 places in the institute into our editing and layout offices, have had countless sessions at Auntie’s, Cheddi’s, and Harries deciding what to put in the next issue (and not to mention sharing PJs), have had endless arguments whether a comma would be more appropriate or a semicolon, gone door to door asking people questions and conducting surveys, folded each issue that reaches you, by hand, have had numerous brainstorming sessions on how to get more people to read us, and how to get people to join us, moved between three software packages in finding one which would work for us (we are still not very successful at it, suggestions are welcome!). Yes, all this happened in just two semesters.
I would like to close with a little vote of thanks towards people who’ve helped us along the way, first of all our very own Sanjay da at Quest printers who’s put in a night out with every issue, thanks to our practice of giving him the least possible time to print our issues and being very natty and picky about the quality (a bit too much sometimes, he says). Mr Joyjit Nath and Mr. Arvind Chhabra (both alumni from this institute) for providing us with help and support when we needed it the most. The Registrar Mr. D. Gunashekharan and all the Deans especially Prof. V.R. Kalvey and Prof. R.V. Rajkumar for finding time in their busy schedule to answer our queries, the people at Archi Dep. and iLab for letting us use their rooms, and last but not the least our readers for providing us with the only thing that keeps us going, their never ending interest and enthusiasm with which they greet every issue that we bring out.
-Sandeep Rath
Executive Editor

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