Ankit Singh

ankit singh

Name: Ankit Singh

Department: Chemical Engineering

Year and course: Third year, B.Tech

Hall of Residence: RP Hall of Residence

Contesting for: Vice President, TSG


[Proposal groundwork as submitted to the Panelists can be found here]

1) My first proposal pertains to the setting up of an Energy Conservation Contest among the various halls of residence, the winner of which would be decided based on the calculation of the Energy quotient for each hall and the hall with min. Energy quotient will be the winner. In addition to the social benefits of such a contest, the top three halls will be suitably rewarded. (Appreciated by energy Ministry and by Director Kharagpur Quoted (“A great proposal and has been forwarded to Dean of Students Affairs for Implementation and Professor Pavan Kumar is looking in the technicality of the energy quotient along with the team.)
2) My second proposal is the creation of a ‘RIGHT TO INFORMATION’ forum on the Gymkhana website where any registered student can post a query to any Gymkhana Office Bearer and he/ she has to reply within 4 working days. The main objective of such a forum would be to introduce a measure of transparency in the working of the gymkhana and to keep every student updated about the work going on the proposals.( Promoted by deputy Director and Dean PG)
3) My third proposal is the Introduction of a course in GD/PI and interpersonal communication skills which would help in not only improving the students giving CAT and other such exams , but will also be beneficial for  everyone appearing for placements. (Miss Anjali Gera Roy has agreed to take such a course and dean of PG promoted the idea.)

Third Year
• Sponsorship and Media Head of Shaurya and was solely responsible for media tie-ups with corporate giants like The Times of India and Zee News. Responsible for bringing a significant amount of sponsorship including Title Sponsor(ITC), Major Sponsor(BSHPC) and few others. Accreditation of hockey event of Shaurya by Bengal Hockey Federation.

• Governor, Technology Literary Society and brought a significant improvement in the frequency of publication of the wall magazine, Hang-On from once in a semester to once in a month.

• One of the student mentors for students of IIT Bhubaneswar.

• Represented RP hall of residence in Inter Hall English dramatics and 400m hurdles.
Second Year
• Part of the pioneering team of Shaurya and was actively involved in all the three facets of the fest namely Sponsorship, Publicity and Events.

• Active Member of Technology Literary Society.

• Represented IIT Kharagpur in the National Parliamentary Debate held at IIT Guwahati.

• Conducted Parliamentary Debate for the first time in Spring Fest 2009.

• One of the active members of the founding team of debate club.

• WON ChemSoft in Cheminsight, the annual fest of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

• Did a summer internship with Aditya Birla Group in the Nuvo Carbon Nevukoot Unit.
First Year
• Elected as Athletics Secretary, Technology Students’ Gymkhana.

• Expedited Renovation of Jnan Ghosh Stadium and its maintenance throughout the year.

• Reduction of fees paid by 1st years at the end of 2nd semester from Rs. 2250 to Rs. 1500.

• Inspite of all this work, managed to get a CGPA of 8.67 at the end of 1st year which resulted in a department change from Department of Metallurgical Engineering to Department of Chemical Engineering.

• National Science Olympiad Gold medalist, KVPY fellow and JBNSTS scholar.

Note: The content above has been provided by the candidate and is his sole responsibility . The Scholars’ Avenue is not accountable for any error, textual or factual, in the transcript above.

Ankit Singh


  1. anonymous says:

    Lol.. This guy is a JOKE ! Right from the first year.. (read, Vortex- LLR). A self-obsessed power hungry fool.

  2. THE IITIAN says:

    can you please send your proposals ….I AM A FAN OF YOUR DANCE !! YO HATHIK

  3. Sandeep says:

    Clearly, better than other candidates if you compare their profiles. Why RP isn’t supporting him instead? I know its tough for him, I wish him good luck!

  4. IITian says:

    I want you as VP..RP has made a blunder by not fielding you as the official candidate and they are gonna regret it. Your dedication and grit has impressed me.
    Best of luck buddy. Do well

  5. Anonymous says:

    This guy has way better profile than the other candis…wish you good luck bro..

  6. RP3rdyear says:

    The insecurity RP hall has displayed by not contesting him and physically harassing him speaks for itself. what about the rumours of him being harassed to stop him from filing the nominations. who all were involved, we want names !! some ex gymkhana post holders involved ..

  7. RP3rdyear says:

    The insecurity RP hall has displayed by not contesting him and physically harassing him speaks for itself. what about the rumours of him being harassed to stop him from filing the nominations. who all were involved, we want names !!

  8. FacchaRocks says:

    You are a great dancer. I am a great fan of you. You rocked at LLR’s vortex!!

  9. MMM says:

    You are performer and you have shown it by contesting for the VP post even after they make the pack… I have just heard about you from the public who is coming in touch to have a discussion whether its canteen or cafeteria or my room for supporting a particular what they say a pack, but when anybody ask them about the reality they name you.
    But still questions remain if you are so good in administrative skills why weren’t you able to convince the Happa of RP ( or what they say SO CALLED PACK )…Still may be the Happas were not in your favour, Bang the SOP, No one can stop you if you have guts…Best of luck…Hope you will be able to win the trust of Students ( Happa is just a single student )

  10. 2ndYear says:

    Ankit Singh is not a JBNSTS scholar.
    here is the official list:

  11. maddy says:

    Ankit is the real candi who opposed all the odds and His SOP is good when compared with others inspite of the whole panel being against him!! His proposals r the ones which have most succes rate and realistic than others!!
    My vote definitely goes to him.

  12. rpm says:

    Ankit rocked the SOP without any preparation. Other two candidates were prepared and their pact kept defending them. The panel was biased towards their candidates and obviously Ankit had no support from the panel.
    With no support from hall(in fact lot of opposition) the guy had guts to contest for the post and he did proved his point:- One man can make a difference. No one booed him in the entire SOP not RP not Patel nor any other student. He got applause after every answer. He came to SOP alone but when the SOP was over he had won the crowd and had a huge support.

    The proposals made by him and the ground work(without the help of seniors) show that the guy had worked hard on his own and when he replied to Arnav that the proposals are mean’t to be implemented so he is presenting them in order of the ground work not in order of importance …… he proved he was willing to bring a big change by implementing and not by just proposing.

    The machau VP Arnav asked no question to Nivesh(he might have helped him preparing his sop and proposals)and was to harsh on Ankit & Celestine. But no question for Nivesh …. this shows how poltu effects even the best of us…… so **** the poltu vote for Ankit

  13. silence says:

    he has a great courage… he entertained the viewers bcaz vortex is known to entertain
    he rocked d SOP panel and kgp…

  14. hs says:

    Given the fact that the whole panel was against him, his performance in SOP was really good. His courage to individually contest the election amidst so much opposition is to be appreciated.

  15. conscious voter says:

    The whole panel was not against him… There were two people who tried to highlight Ankit’s strengths and everybody knows who the two people were…. Kudos to celestine for exhibiting the sportsmanship spirit and not even claiming a credit for his initiative…..

  16. ss says:

    sonal singh was silent in front of Ankit Singh……so you can guess how much confident he was…… he is really a good and innovative person……vote Ankit Singh to remove politics and core-team mind setup.

  17. shrinu says:

    Regarding the comment on ankit singh not being a JBNSTS Scholar,I would say that 32 people are selected in the final round which is held in Kolkata where the candidates have to stay for 2 days.Approximately half of them get the scholarship which is displayed in the link you posted.Other 16 get certificates of merit that they are JBNSTS scholar and also book grants.
    The naive accusation only suggests that “2ndYear” knows very little about being a JBNSTS scholar.I am myself a JBNSTS scholar who was in top 32 but did not get the scholarship.

    Also Ankit Singh never claimed that he was given scholarship.He just told that he was a JBNSTS scholar.If anyone still has any doubt about it or needs any clarification he is welcome to come and have a look at his Certificate of Merit.

  18. Rohit says:

    PLEASE SAVE THE INSTITUTE…… Dont go by sympanthy …. go by logic and sensibility.
    Be rational, and stop believing in “CREDIT HUNGRY LIARS” {HE LIED ABOUT JBNSTS and who knows what else}
    Please remember, its an election, deciding ONE YEAR, and not just giving you entertainment for ONE NIGHT !!

  19. KAVITIAN says:

    1. I dont think there is nothing wrong in dance of ankit singh during vortex…..i think these hall days are merely for fun and in order to have fun with friends and on little bit of stimulation from your mates u can get excited and can do such activities i dont find anything wrong in that………now don’t say u didnt danced with your friends….if someone puts videos of those events just to prove you as a joker then i guess every person in this KGP is a joker without any doubt.
    2. I would like to ask everyone even if this proposal was not solely his he has copied idea from somewhere but it is clearly evident that it is completely noble idea to save our future if we save energy now…..if everyone thinks there is nothing good in this or anybody thinks this is normal…..where the conscinces of all current candidates or previous VP’s has went that being a so much important strategic centre of country it has taken no steps to ensure that we dont deny our country needs ……..I’M GOING TO VOTE FOR ANKIT BECOZ I THINK HE HAS GIVEN ME A HOPE THAT EVEN THERE ARE SOME PERSONS IN THIS INSTITUTE WHO STILL KNOWS ABOUT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF OURS….. and actually ankit gives me a image of that person who is trying for that change….and i’m sure that there are persons like that but they are somewhat hidden in these hall politics and all……..
    3. I never knew that he was joker but what I today saw was a person who is standing in full confidence should i hear to others because they know him better…….but whom should I hear….at last i may be misleaded by others judgement so even if I takes a wrong decision it would completly be mine…..and I will feel a responsibility for his deeds….

  20. Aashish says:

    check this out, very enlightening. . .

  21. Fred says:

    dude kudos to u……Im not saying you should win or not….but atleast even after all that crap they did to you in the hall, you’re still standing

    candis should have more of a spirit like this rather than core team nonsense

  22. Fred says:

    guys please dont go with pacts and think for yourselves before voting…….whn the new VP starts screwing up, ur happa wont come to fix it, so dont listen to ne bull they say

  23. mihir says:

    As far as this guy is concerned, he rubbished all sense that ever prevailed. At times we were helpless but had to hear his constant bickering and one liners, his dialogue delivery had an awesome comic timing, making even the President, TSG laugh.

    Just an advice to all, just dont vote him coz he is the underdog and he “supposedly” has been harassed or even that you know him very well since the first year, a VP needs to be much more than an entertainer, rather being an entertainer is nowhere a requirement to be a VP.

  24. Jayant says:

    well he is the man, and rest of the guys associated in pact and politics are just too pathetic, i never thought that politics in here is so bad that someone will be barred from fundamental rights given by country to voice his opinion; seriously, the student organization is despicable

  25. truth says:

    I think… you have not read his credentials MIHIR … he is much better than other VP candidates.

  26. wateva... says:

    1)You spit on his face 2)You don’t let him file his nomination by a false allegation that he fought with a second year.3)You threaten to throw him out of the hall and burn his room.4)You don’t allow him to enter halls during hall days. 5) The VP of the institute refuses to help and pass on the fundamentals to him……He may win tomorrow he may not…But that would matter too little To a man who fought it all alone. “Proposals are meant not to be proposed but to be implemented” Vote for Ankit Singh

  27. ScholsAve rocks says:

    I cannot fathom Ankit Singh as the face and voice of IIT Kgp’s student community . I admire his guts and his uprightness but that still doesn’t make him VP material.


    CHECK OUT input year 2007


  28. stargazer says:

    He is merely a narcissist and an overbearing, overconfident person, who, because of his lack of regard or respect for anyone but himself, is capable of making reckless and pointless – seemingly incisive and jehad-like remarks. I shudder to think of the day when KGP students will be represented by this guy. :|

  29. Garam Samosa says:


    bhai sahab, schols ave ne aapka ya ankit singh ka theka nahi le rakha hai ki koi usko joker bole to defend kare…they just publish the truth…aur nahi chamakti aisi baat aapko, toh comment karne se pehle apna computer apne sir pe tod lo

  30. concious voter says:

    Considering every aspect of all three candidates, Celestine is the only person who is talented, humble and performer…. I request everyone to think rationally and vote for the change he will bring about…

  31. Avinash says:

    for too long, hall councils, hall pacts, happas, gymkhaana ppl, sf and ktj core team has held absolute power in kgp, just like stupid politicians from congress or bjp hold power by strength of their parties..i want a change..i want independence..n sop has already proved u r as good as, in fact better than other 2, inspite of all d harassment..i will vote for u ankit…yoyoyoyo

  32. rt265 says:

    Ok so what i very ufortunately see some people buying is “drama”. cumon u can’t vote for him because he ws “entertaining” at the sop or vortex…. don’t know more in which though.

    this is a college guys u can so not vote for someone because of sympathy, because he showed courage because he is “entertaining” or even because you just want to go against the kgp poltu system.
    trust me no one appreciates that system, even those who do it but yet that never means that the vengeance should come out in giving us smone whom i dare say might b the most narcissist gymkhana post bearer evr. and that too as a vp. btw his profile and more than a lot of it is fake. secondly do you ever think something like an “energy contest” is possible? because i suppose the units of electricity by each hall wud be proportional to its number of boarders and the function of proportionality is a bit difficult to derive because when u have more boarders there is more requirement in the mess, in the common room, more corridor lightings are required, more canteen, larger foyer. so when none of the parameters for any two hall match how does ankit find a Energy contest feasible. Or oh! he might be planning to hold one amongst his wing and another as intra-hall is his favorite game.
    Coming to his second proposal: how many of us are regular visitors of gymkhana site. and why do you want a “right to information” from gymkhana office bearers? I always thought, though please point me if I am wrong, that the VP, UG rep or PG rep is answerable to the institute administration the other office bearers, including the gsecs and secys are answerable to the halls, and each hall’s hcm and each fest’s core team has license enough to question them. so neone who s involved in the system already knows watever is to be known, watever these office-bearers think should not be known won’t b posted on the gymkhana website neways.Who polices this whole RTI drama? Who all have a right to question? And if RTI why only on gymkhana office bearers, wudn’t it be better if we had RTI to our HMC instead, as we all at times have wondered why the mess works so bad ? And if RTI is still considered to be feasible by our Hon’bl Ankit Singh, here is its first question “Can you show us your jbnsts scholarship Certificate?”

    Coming to his third proposal:Though I do not have any comments I would like to say this to Ankit that our decreasing statistics at Placement is not due to lack of interpersonal skills. The cause is something else and can you please try working on that instead? Students at IITKGP are much better in their communication, GD/PI and others than any college, the basic culture, history, competition and even GC ensure this, we have highest GRE scorers than all IITs. Still I think it is a good Proposal but i just don’t understand why and to where/whom was it promoted by DEAN PG?? what about the undergrads?

    I think now it would be fair to quote: “Proposals are not meant to be proposed but to be implemented….to be atleast proposed such that they sound implementable”

    Neways I am a fair voter. don’t believe in pacts myself. Good Luck Ankit Singh.

  33. Sensibility says:

    Lets have an analogy:

    Ankit Singh(AS) and A mentally disturbed streetwalker(MDS).

    MDS: People laugh at him, pelt stones at him, abuse him. He does not understand. keeps walking.
    AS: People tried to convince him, abused him, humiliated him. He still stands. for no reason, except power.
    Motto: Guts may not be the only reason to defy public opinion. If you are illogical and adamant, you can do the same.

    More to come…

  34. Sensibility says:

    Mentally disturbed streetwalker: Shouts back at everyone who ask. Shows absolute lack of respect and concern for everyone who are positioned to ask.

    Ankit Singh: Shouts back at the eminent panelists. Raises his volume when the questions demand base and logic. Gives universal statements good to hear when question demands groundwork.

    MOTTO: Humility reflects Genuineness.

    Mentally Disturbed Streetwalker: Thinks he is the king of the world. Sees none above him.

    Ankit Singh: All the proposals place the VP unanswerable to any OFFICIAL. All proposals give him power to nominate his own people. Hasn’t shown any evidence of following any hierarchy EVER.

    MOTTO: Power centric politics is evident in his proposals.


  35. we_want_change says:

    if Ankit is contesting for power how do u explain odr two are contesting only to serve student community………??
    and i’m sure u r one of the people who is deeply involved in hall poltu n u guys can degrade to any level to stop him…..but that’s not gonna happen

  36. 2ndYear says:

    @ Shrinu
    Sorry Sir if I rattled your beliefs. That Ankit is not even deserving of a passing mention is way too obvious in the way he treats 2nd yr fellows of other halls.
    You are obviously not a JBNSTS scholar.
    and for the information I am.
    So please dont make a fool of urself by trying to deduce from the comment about whether one is a scholar or not.
    Scholars are only those guys and gals who make it through the third round of questions.
    It is a tough procedure…yes but then otherwise all Ankit Singhs would be Scholars

  37. Confused Dude says:

    Please go with your pacts and vote for your Candis forget all this bullshit.

  38. Sensibility says:


    Dude, I am a guy who knows a lot of stuff about ankit singh(may be thats because I am someone from the very inside). Knowing so well about ankit’s track record help me to avoid the charm of his one liners and his old habit of using idealistic(and impractical) statements and focus on the genuineness of his ‘Groundwork’.

    By the way, it’ll help if you could rather give some FACTS OR LOGIC rather than making DEROGATORY REMARKS on me.However I doubt you can do so until you really know Ankit’s track-record.

    Dude don’t make a heck about this JBNSTS thing. This profile contains a dozen of much more serious fallacies. JBNSTS is just a small lie compared to those.

  39. abhi says:

    @ 2nd year
    dude, i don’t think u fully know what u are talking about…
    as shrinu said, some of us including me, Ankit & Dheeraj were awarded the scholarship at a later stage..and our names have not yet been updated in the JBNSTS website…
    So, Ankit Singh “is” a JBNSTS scholar..
    And if u have any doubts about that..u can have a look at my certi..

  40. green_apple says:

    Celestine is the most bull shit candidate, contesting for any post in the history of Indian democracy ever…..

  41. rt265 says:

    Well all said and done. now that you people have voted and now that u all do want ankit singh to become the vp of IITKGP tell me will he manage all that is to b done by quoting irrelevant and irrational remarks and trying to b rhetoric? because isn’t that alone what u all voted for

  42. JBNSTS Scholar says:

    @Abhi – Your claim and your certi prove that even I am a JBNSTS scholar… Yay!! :D

  43. Politick says:

    Even I will put up a random certificate and say I am also a scholar.
    If ankit singh is a scholar, let him put up HIS certificate.

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