Alumni Meet Special – 7th Jan, 2006: Editors’ Avenue

We are still here

Rumours … the major source of news for Kgpians. With everything from acads to placement and from extra curriculars to the latest election buzz, the Kgp grapevine has always redefined the phrase ‘spreading like wildfire’. Rumour has always had a dislike to being put down somewhere in writing and takes only an evanescent existence: changing, modifying and exaggerating itself with every passing second.Then came along Scholars’ Avenue.

After long deliberations the name was decided after the place where Kgpians live, talk, play, experience highs, lows, success and disappointments. Perhaps no other place reflects better the mood and the times of Kgp than the Scholars’ Avenue. You don’t need a watch to mark the half hour in the day. Just stand there and watch, you’ll know.

The seasons too show up in their full colours here, a leaf strewn Scholars’ Avenue during autumn is one of the mental images every Kgpian carries for the rest of his life.

Gradually, Scholars’ Avenue has come to signify something more than just the road. Today, when junta inquires about the content and issue date of the next edition, each one of us silently acknowlegdes that we never dreamt we’d come this far, this soon. We’re overwhelmed, to say the least, by the response we’ve got from the students, faculty and especially the alumni. True, there’s been a slight hiccup in the recent past, but then, let bygones be bygones. This is a new year, a new day and sure as anything, this is a new Scholars’ Avenue. To all our well wishers, those we know and the umpteen we don’t, we say a heartfelt “Thank you”!

If Scholars’ Avenue runs through the heart of our campus, we reaffirm our commitment to feeling and reporting the pulse of Kgp. As always, we remain: forthrightly yours, fortnightly yours.

-Sandeep Rath, Sunny Somani, Swati

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