Advice that helped me survive a Medical Nightmare: by Roy da Silva

I am writing this e-mail not as President of IIT Foundation but to express my personal views on the recent happenings at IIT Kgp, and share an experience I had while a student .

  1. One death is one too many, and  one death that occurs that could be avoided is absolutely inexcusable. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family, relatives and friends of Rohit.
  2. Where loss of life occurs, it is natural and human for emotions to race out of control, and random and senseless acts of violence are initiated more often by a few from amongst the majority which then snow balls out of control .  I ask how many of those who ‘threw the first stone’ really knew Rohit?  Immediately upon a flare up,  the media gets involved, the professional reporters state the facts, (thank you Scholars Avenue for keeping us informed),  the sensational media highlights  fire, arson, lawless etc. not the calm and restraint shown before the carnage;  and then in the interest of being first to hit the air waves they speculate on the causes and are quick to assign blame based on less than perfect evidence.
  3. During the next  24 hours, opinions are formed, and it really does not matter whether it is right or wrong . The opponents of the IIt system say look whats happening at  IIT Kharagpur an institute of national importance , stop  tax payer dollars going to them ..and problems get worse not better. Universities and industry in India or abroad say ” Should we admit/ hire  from IIT Kharagpur in the light of how they handle crisis, parents of the next generation say ” let’s not send our kids to IIT Kharagpur”, and aspiring faculty say IIT Mumbai may be a better choice for me and my family . It takes just 24 hours to destroy the brand equity built over the last 60 years.
  4. Then comes what really matters , the hard work, of putting together a fix to the problem or should I say problems ( i.e providing better medical care, and recovering the IIT Kgp brand) . As engineers we pride ourselves on first having a clear understanding of a problem, and then getting a short term, medium term and long term fix. but this cannot be done in an environment filled with tension or mistrust among the parties . Hence I appeal to students, faculty, administration, alumni and government and industry  to work together with wartime like  urgency  to fix this basic, yet gargantuan problem of providing health care to the students, the faculty and thier families. (I have read the minutes of the meeting held on Monday and am pleased to see the decisions taken, thanks once again Scholars Avenue )

However in the very short term, start by realizing that  your health is the most important part of your life (I thought i was invincible as a teenager), use the web to learn about your health ( your investment  will serve you in good stead for the rest of your life) . and if  you feel that BC Roy hospital, is not in a position to provide you the care you need,  go outside the system. I returned to Mumbai my home town in  my second year 1970, to seek medical attention for a knee cap injury a week after it happened because I felt the medication I was being given was not producing results and avoided the possibility of a leg amputation.

IIT Kharagpur must continue as a powerhouse not only in academia, but as a magnate to students and faculty because of the excellent environment it provides.   I am sure everyone will rise to the challenge and like always… we will overcome . Let’s start by getting Professor Damodar Acharya to withdraw his resignation, who brings a 360 degree perspective to the leadership as student, alum, professor, and having served outside the IIT system.

Roy daSilva, EE/1974/RK


  1. anony says:

    With all due respect sir, Your are outdated. you have no idea what you are dealing with. Its not 1974 when the IIT was not corrupted. Today the case is totally different. From Diro to HMC Chairman, everyone is corrupt. The advice you have given, We the students were following for last 10 years atleast. Nothing worked. Atleast this time something is happening for the good of the students. And i dont understand your point for just keeping the hollow pride up in outside world. If IIT Kgp is like this, then let the world know that Kgp dont care for its students and it can’t manage the basic healcare of students.

  2. Arindam Basu says:

    Since its inception, IIT-KGP has grown as a brand largely because of its students (‘crème de la crème’) & alumni. However, the administration & faculty/staff appear to behave as if they have built the brand ‘IIT’.
    Time & again, the authorities have lost no chance to wield the stick on students through an instrument called the ‘DC’ but they have continued to be insensitive to the students’ demand for basic facilities. The irresponsible behaviour of some of these ‘mentors’, had made us virtual stoics during our student days. During my first year, I remember faculty going on strike on the registration day. I also recall the administration unable to prevent mess-workers from going on an indefinite strike during our end-sems,three years in succession. As students, not only we were put to ‘unnecessary’ difficulty but we also felt that these ‘mentors’ were more interested in exploiting the brand ‘IIT’ to further their cause even if it comes at the expense of students’ wellbeing.
    So much for the authorities & their sensitivity.
    Damodar Acharya being an ex-student should have been much more empathetic. But he chose to be bureaucratic in a crisis situation.
    The Deputy Director, who was in charge of BC Roy hospital for long , should logically be the next to be shown the door. Leave alone the hospital, he had no idea of the state of the ambulance. Such callousness from senior functionaries is possible only in KGP, probably.
    But violence can never be the solution,specially for IITians. Besides affecting IIT brand image, such an approach degenerates the intelligent thought process (of which IITians can justly be proud of) into seeking ‘quick-fixes’. And possibly instils in them a misplaced pride for taking part in a despicable act that ‘mob violence’ usually is.
    I offer my heartfelt condolences to Rohit’s family & close friends and wish that this event galvanises the students into getting what they want,albeit peacefully.

    Arindam Basu/IE/86/AZ

  3. Tanuj Dora says:

    Sir, I agree with the points you have mentioned in your mail. They are quite accurate in explaining how a group of 100 odd students got converted to a violent mob of a couple of thousands and how the media has and may continue to tarnish the reputation of what is mostly a sound IIT system. Your suggestions of getting a short term and a long term fix on the problem are also appreciated. But I strongly disagree with your suggestion to get Prof. Acharya reinstated.
    Prof. Acharya is a respectable academician and he was probably not the worst director the institute has seen (being a final year student, I can vouch for the fact that he has implemented many changes for the betterment of the institute which were completely absent during the tenure of his predecessor – Shishir Dube). But the question is about taking responsibility of what has happened under his management. It is quite similar to the resignation of the CM of Maharashtra after the Mumbai attacks. The CM was not in any way directly involved in the terror attacks, but resigned due to moral responsibility. In the case of Prof. Acharya’s resignation, it is even unfortunate that he refused to take such moral responsibility over the issue (contrary to the press release by the institute). In fact for quite some time while the students continued to ask him difficult questions regarding the incident, he remained adamant on the issue and showed no sign of remorse. It was his “I don’t care if a student dies” attitude which instigated the students to get violent in the first place.
    Although, I do feel collectively as a student body (regardless of the fact that it was just a handful of students who indulged in violence), we should take responsibility of the violence we caused. And in hindsight, resorting to more difficult but peaceful forms of protest would have been much better. But given the situation and the anger among the large group of students who were without any leadership, the violence which followed was but obvious though regrettable.

  4. anonym says:

    Come on man show some class! One of my friends died and all you can think of is the image of the institute! For two days I everything has gone by in a haze. Just by saying that you’re not writing this as the president doesn’t make this mail any less important.

    “stop tax payer dollars going to them” Since you mention dollars, let me tell you that this must be the kind of thinking they have in America, but in India people understand the language of sympathy. You may be far removed from this place for far too long. And even if they stop money to the institute, should this kind of talk hinder us from demanding changes? The very basics of life at the very least? I’m ashamed that while India wants to be called a developed country, the very people who’re forerunners in making it that have a passage through hell’s fire for 4-5 years. Let there be no money. Chandrashekhar Azad brought out his papers to waken the people of the country even though he was on empty stomach coz he had no money.

    This may not be a revolution, but this is change. Authorities need to be answerable to the very people they’re catering to. Or is this just dictatorship under the hood of democracy?

    I do not condone violence, infact, abhor the levels to which it degraded that day. But to be hypocritical about the very cause of it all may outdo it.

  5. Surya Pratap Mishra says:

    Hello Sir,

    One simple question for you. How would your comments change if you were writing as the President of the IIT Foundation ?

    Surya Pratap Mishra
    Btech MF 2004-2008

  6. Aakanksha says:

    Now time came when administration have to win the heart of students.

  7. Bipul Jeet says:

    When you say: “parents of the next generation say ”let’s not send our kids to IIT Kharagpur”, and aspiring faculty say IIT Mumbai may be a better choice for me and my family . It takes just 24 hours to destroy the brand equity built over the last 60 years”, I think you are right about the consequences and the perception but wrong about the reason parents will think so. The reason of students and parents moving out of IIT Kgp would be the shabby health facilities which led to the loss of a life and not the protests and violence that followed.
    Same goes for the brand equity, death of an all important student would do harm to it than any kind of agitation or protest. So let’s first show concern about the students, who are responsible for all the reputation and brand value, and get some results rather than waste our energy on analyzing of what should or should not have happened.

  8. vivek says:

    with due respect, though i do agree with you that the whole incident has brought up bad name to the system, but it the authorities who are to be blamed. we as a student, have been manipulated as puppets. its not just 1 shameful incident of rohit that sparked the anger. we had 2 “OPEN HOUSE” with director this year and his attitude has always been so cold. in fact in the last open house when we were pressing for hospital reforms, he even claimed that “B.C. ROY is sufficiently equipped to take care of you” while on the other hand both director and deputy director had literally no idea about the ambulance and doctor facilities in the hospital. we have taken too much sir, too much of it. we live 4 guys in a room made for 2….no space for table and chair…we eat the mess food which even dogs of my hostel reject when we throw it to them … institute is very active when it comes to calling DC on petty issues like “11 pm ban” … in fact DOSA said ” you all my responsibility here at kgp…when you step out of campus and return late at night, its my job to see that you are safe” but on the other hand is a student dies here…inside the campus…. during the day hours….he’s reluctant to take any responsibility but shows such a harsh and cold response that i doubt he has a heart. what all happened was really needed, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. “

  9. anonym says:

    Dear Mr. De Silva,

    I really have regards to your concern for the institute.We would have the same emotions in line if we were in your time.The time when the IIt was thought and started as Gururkul. Those were the days when the professor even guards there students in night from snakes and other causalities.But it’s no more the same system, at least what I have seen in my past three years during my stay here. I have seen the so called leader and expert, not more than an instruments of politicization of the education system and who have corrupted the environment enormously. I don’t know from which batch prof D Acharya was and how he was a student and how he was as faculty but to us he appeared no more than just a sadist, who was hungry for the seat and when he got the seat, he started to behave as the Dictator and started corrupting the whole system. want to know, the same causalities happened previously in other professor’s time, then why not such sort of Mass display of dissatisfaction against the management of system happened. The BCRTH have always been like that, but the students tried to always take the things positively. But then why only this time, such things happened?The demise of Rohit has just enraged the long felt Volcano of anger of the students.Just think that whole 5000 students which is a huge number and majority of people had asked for the resignation, means around 2/3 of the subject on which the who administration manages, had shown no-confidence in there working and seat.I think if you have been on sunday here and also had studied in this era of IIT Kharagpur than you wouldn’t have indifferent.I belive that not just the students but if you would ask in confidence to the faculties of IITKharagpur, the views would not be different. Thus, it’s my appeal to you that you are one of the welfare organisation of the students ofIIT and it’s alumni, please come forward for the rescue, rather to protect the administration or otherwise please change the concept that IIT IS TO STUDENT RATHER MAKE IT AS IIT IS TO FACULTIES AND ADMINISTRATION

  10. Shravan says:

    When you say “parents of the next generation say ”let’s not send our kids to IIT Kharagpur”, and “aspiring faculty say IIT Mumbai may be a better choice for me and my family”, is it wrong on their part to think so, is health care not a case of concern when a parent tries to send their child here. It is very just on their part to be concerned and not be put in dark about the situations at ground level. This incident serves to bring to the masses the attitude we are met with each day and to help them make better choices. If no faculty wants to come here, and no parent wants to send their kids here, so be it. You cannot project kgp as something which it is not. It is not a case of tarnishing the image of kgp, but exposing the ground realities, which are highly essential

  11. Kanika says:

    Sir, what you are saying would probably be valid in a perfect system, where everyone cared about one another. ‘Working together’ would work if the objectives of both the parties were the same. But here, while the students are pained by the death of one of our own and want to ensure that it doesn’t happen to another, the authorities just want to cover their mistakes, bury the past, and move on. Trust me, sir, if the authorities had not got the shock they got on Sunday, seeing the usually calm and respectful students get so angry, they would have already swept the matter under the carpet, given out a press release that Rohit died because of some mistake of his own, and gone back to sleep.In some ways, we feel they’re still trying to do just that.
    And frankly, right now we don’t care about the image of the institute outside. It has been sustained on deliberate lies for too long. Though, yes, violence is wrong, I would still liken it to beating a drum when even loud knocking doesn’t wake the king, at least in this case.

  12. Anon says:

    Like Mr.De Silva, I am also an old alumunus. The difference, I still work here. Things have undergone a phenomenal change since the time I joined as a student, graduated and finally joined the academia. It is not an understatement to state that this IIT is totally controlled politically. The system is full of corruption in all sectors that it has reached a point of no return. During our student days, the Director would be a man of great academic repute and would work in the larger interest of the institute and the country, by setting high academic standards and leading from the front. Nowadays, there is hectic political lobbying for the Director’s post in IITs and nobody by sheer academic merit can make it to that position. Infact some of the IIT directors have been appointed wholly politically with out giveing a damn to the proceudres laid down by the IIT Council. Another disadvantage with IIT KGP as compared to the other IITs is that it is plagued by regional dominance both in the faculty and staff, with no national character at all, that it can well be dubbed as ‘Bengal Institute of Technology’.

    The MHRD (at least the new one which gets formed in June) must implement radical measures to cleanse the plagued system. It is my personal opinion that a Director who does not enjoy the confidence of the students should not be reinstated.

  13. Aravind V says:

    Image and brand in the long term can only be sustained through true quality.

    If we are such a great brand, it should reflect in all workings in the campus as well.

    Hiding shortcomings in the campus to protect brand, just gives an excuse to let it go worse.

  14. Wellwisher Of IIT says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a pass out and i have seen the extent of beaureucracy in IIT system. Students’ care (about which they are asked to give some amt of fees) is practically nowhere in sight. Right from academic section, hospital, faculty, dean to Director, all want to be affiliated with IIT brandName.

    As rightly put by people here, it is the students who build the institutions’ brand name.

    A question: would you say the same thing if your son or daughter was in the same state, and not as a president of IIT Foundation…

    If in IIT Bombay, the environment is clean, then why IIT Bombay be kept away from the credit? In IIT Kgp, it’s a saga of greed and frustration of remaining undone for the rest of their lives.

    The students say the profs don’t teach good, they are dissatisfied. The profs don’t trust students, they say they don’t come to class. The Director comes up with fantastic rules on a daily basis.

    Why would i spend my tax money on that? furthermore can you justify sending my child to this place of apathy and negligence?

    The solution is to improve from dust. It is the best use of tax payers money. But how to improve is the question, and since you are also my elder, please show us the way.


  15. Ishita says:

    BC Roy has always been an excuse for a hospital and everyone in IIT – students, faculty and administration,has been aware of this in the 70s, 80s and 90s. It has been this way for many years. It is extremely sad that any positive changes now will be because of the death of an unfortunate student. Better late than never they say, so yes I do support the students demanding a better healthcare facility.

    As for Roy D’Silva’s comments, I am surprised that he thinks the way he does. For one thing, no US college/university of repute is ever callous about a student death on campus. There are many examples of how they handle it and empathy and sympathy play a big role. Secondly, the knee cap problem RSD refers to would certainly not have been as much a problem for him as the injury was to Rohit. Lets not lose perspective here. One can live with a bad kneecap, but Rohit urgently needed a CT scan and life support. Moreover, RSD seems to have forgotten one basic difference between the Indian and US scenario. In India, faculty and administration consider themselves authority figures unlike in the US, where they are more human/approachable in some ways. In India authority figures cannot be questioned, let alone be challenged. So I am sure that while the students were concerned about Rohit’s death and demanding answers, the KGP administration was not so much concerned about students’ enquiries as it was about their authority being challenged. This indifference/attitude would have been part of the mix.

    As an alumni living in the US, I had heard about several changes at KGP. I am surprised that providing necessary medical care was not one of them. Next time, I hope that all US (and other)alumni will ask visiting fundraisers about what is being done for the students.

  16. Anirban says:

    The fact that you are the president of IIT Foundation and that you write an article that no one agrees with (as seen from the comments below) shows something, and I hope you see that.

  17. Gaurav says:

    Facts about UC Banerjee, the one man enquiry committee:
    1. Appointed by railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav to investigate the 2002 Godhra Train fire.
    2.On the eve of election in Bihar, Justice U C Banerjee released a report suggesting fire being an accident and ruled out any planning.
    3.His report was termed biased and politically motivated.
    4. The Gujarat High Court ruling, in 2006, declared UC Banerjee Committee as “unconstitutional, illegal and void”.
    5. Supreme Court stayed the circular of Banerjee committee report.
    With 58 died he gave this report, will one death even matter to him?

    Another political plot to term the whole thing as an unfortunate, acquit the administration of all charges and reinstate Damodar Acharya as the director.

    What do you have to say about this Silva??

  18. Sandipan Bhaattacharjee, ARP/AZ/2001 says:

    While Mr DaSilva does not seem to admire the guy who threw the first stone, I think he is a Fu(|<|nG Hero… I wonder how many people who died in the Mumbai shootout (where a KGPian was also killed) were known to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan… I wonder why he was even there trying to save lifes and in the process, gave up his own… Stupid fellow, really, it appears…
    Indeed, opinions like “let’s not send our kids to IIT Kharagpur”, are formed, and I think such opinions are well deserved… If IIT Guwahati does not get the top ranking students because eit is located in ULFA land Assam, KGP does not deserve good students either… Last time I checked, nobody from IIT Guwahati died in a clash with ULFA… On the same note, I finished my masters at University of Southern California. Though top ranked for my program, there was no way I would have accepted USC as my Grad School if I had known that USC is in the shittiest part of town and that it is one of the highest crime areas in LA County, or for that matter, that I would be mugged once… (USC is fixing up the area and are actually doing a great job, by the way, for people who are considering that school…)
    I too have “heard” of changes at KGP… that is, until I visited Azad Hall in March 2008. I could not believe that the roofs leaked. I could not believe that the bathrooms were worse than they were in 2001, when I graduated (I used to think that it could not be any worse than this… well except RP where the bathrooms were worse than Azad at that time)… and these are just to name a few…
    Complaints about BCRoy are not new. We were complaining about BCRoy when we were in our first year, and I hear students complain even now. Something had to be done. Maybe burn BCRoy down to the ground??? I don’t know, and of course I don’t support that.
    How about demanding the resignation of every doctor and medical officer and those Laal Jhanda Union bums that supposedly “work” at BCRoy? No – they should not be permitted the dignity of a “resignation”. How about FIRING them? How about taking away their license? How about getting them arrested?? Especially the doctor who showed up two hours late? or anybody connected to the incident for that matter?
    Why not make an example?? When Salman Khan shoots a bird illegally, he is crucified by the courts. PETA says that he has to be made an example of. Why not make an example of the current staff at BCRoy by firing and arresting them, and charging them all with manslaughter?
    What is funding going to do?? I understand that they had an ambulance, but paperwork about Fu(|<|nG fuel delayed the departure… And what is to prevent such occurrences with the new ambulances? The whole Fu(|<|nG system needs a change.
    `I don’t agree with Mr. Da Silva about `the resignation of the Director. I have seen that before. Such actions (like resignation) are not unheard of. Lets see if the BOG accepts the resignation. I would strongly recommend them to… it happens often that resignations are not accepted… a great publicity stunt by the “resignee”, knowing fully that it will not happen… I wonder what the director was doing when the students arrived at his house… I think he was on the hotline to who ever saying, “look, for publicity sake, I will resign. Can you make sure that the BOG does not accept my resignation?”

    As wellwisher of IIT said, “The solution is to improve from dust”. Indeed… though I do not agree with him regarding the faculty of the institute, or the students (I learnt how much more I knew compared to other Indian Grad Students only after I came to the US)… Start from Scratch, as they say, or a clean slate, which ever way you want to look at it… Clear out every person associate with that disgrace called BCRoy and start anew.

  19. Anikh says:

    I second Anirban !

    Mr De Silva, this clearly shows how out of touch you yourself are from the current scenario.

    It would be great, if you’d come down and stay a month in any Hall of residence, know what its like before going, yeah I was there and I know about all this !

  20. Shulin says:

    C’mon RDS, and tell me if I am wrong on any count:

    a. If you saw the BCR Hospital and didn’t look away because it resembles a morgue.

    b. If you went inside the BCR looking for a real treatment for a “real” problem, you didn’t get any.

    c. You know at least 2 ridiculous but true stories that relate to the hospital. I’ll tell you another one – 1998, a friend gets multiple fractures in the leg from an accident, you could see them, and the doctor says, its just a sprain. I ask the doctor, where did you get your medical degree from, and she calls up the DOSA and complains that I’m “impolite and rude”. I take this friend to a X-Ray Unit outside the campus, turns out to be 6 places his leg is broken.

    d. If they’d spent half the money that they spent on the cosmetics within the “corporate” floors of the institute on the BCR hospital, things would really improve. All the money the students pay these days goes to the contractors who are so closely related to the HMC guys and the professors, its such a shame.

    e. HMC guys don’t care, neither do 90% of the employees in the institute. No one does their jobs properly, they’re just living off on our money.

    f. There’s been multiple cases of gross medical negligences and no one has been arrested.

    g. Its sad how you guys can call the director a “respectable academician” and all the guys involved in this tragic situation. I had very little respect for most of them in the management.

    h. One of the main reasons I don’t want to send any money to the IIT Foundation is because we all know that its used up so these guys can have fun. And being the president of the IIT Foundation, you would know what I’m talking about.

    i. These people should be arrested – “academicians” and “doctors” for the deaths these guys have been causing. These things go on on most campuses in the country. Its time that something was done to make an “example”, to use the management-speak.I feel sick about the patronizing attitudes that these guys have been putting on.

  21. Yyutsu says:

    Well Mr Silva
    Few of your thoughts are really revolutionary about being self dependent on web for health and seek medical help outside and absolve BC Roy of the responsibility.How about food and accommodation,that also we should look outside IIT.May be DLF and Some Food chain.I think your memory is not helping you recollecting where is kharagpur and what it means.How about letting the CAMPUS run without any responsibility of FOOD, ACCOMMODATION,HEALTH etc. There is a Brilliant Idea. IIT Kharagpur can run on Videoconferencing Classes at a METROS. So a STUDENT is there at a METRO CENTRE.He does not need to come to Kharagpur at all. And BC Roy and all can keep running.Paid Salaries from PUBLIC MONEY for doing NOTHING.And Prof D Acharya can remain the Director with his 360 degree perspective.I am sure you know about his certain degrees more then others.It will be intresting to know how many times you have interacted with him in any capacity!!

  22. Yyutsu says:

    Oh Silva Sir,
    Sorry, I guess you were here when he was a PHD scholar and probably also doing MTech here.So you have an old association.

  23. Shubransu says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Teaching is downright rotten. The teachers are away half the time and classes are handled by their assistants. We come here with high hopes, only to see how shallow the teaching is. Guys you will all certainly agree how terrible the huge first year classes are! What a punishment and torture. Added to this, the unpalatable food, the indifferent administration, the ‘morgue’ like hospital, the unusable toilets, I was tempted to run away in the first semester, with a superhuman effort I continued and ‘escaped unscathed & unhurt’ from IIT in 2007. The IIT Administration with the Director at the helm is accountable to the students and their parents. The entire Administration must be replaced, including the Deputy Director and the Deans. A team of central observers must be sent to have a tight vigil on the Administration & its working.

    Guys I am glad you have turned the entire country’s attention & focus to the ‘terrible state of affairs’ at IIT KGP


  24. Amrit says:

    The letter written by Mr.DeSilva shows how far removed from reality he really is. You argue that the director being an alum will bring a holistic view to the administration. Well it is really hard to believe that.
    Even after the gherao ended, the authorities remained unrepentant as was aptly demonstrated by the remorseless and arrogant tone of the “Dean of Student Affairs” at the open house that very night.
    Please do not forget that we the students of IITKGP are torchbearers of the reputation you are so keen to protect. Any sensible human being would understand that the lives of India’s brightest is much more valuable than some hollow reputaion of an institute.

  25. Swapnil says:

    Dear Mr. Silva,

    I see that you want the huge energy of the student mass to be focused on solving the problem. I agree that we need to understand the problem, and then provide short term, medium term and long term solutions to it.

    However, at the same time, it is clear from some of the comments posted above that the students and others who feel for IIT KGP want some serious action and very soon. I support them fully. There have to drastic consequence of ‘murdering’ someone.

    At the same time, I think asking the director to withdraw his resignation will yield to nothing. You should try go back in time and space to KGP. Imagine the guys who run it. Imagine them walking ‘slowly’ to their offices and trying to kill you for asking questions. You will have different solutions to the problem, most probably.

    But I agree, as short term solutions, that any student who sees no improvement in his/ her condition should not let them be a victim of the famous B C Roy negligence. Guys! Go get some ‘real’ medicine if they are screwing your life. Go out, get treated, come back and screw the shit out of those who were killing you.

    It is a bloody scam. It sucks.


  26. ANONYM says:

    I am sure, that all other IITs will be very careful and wary of the visiting KGP contingent during inter-IIT sports events, for the coming years.

    They should have a ambulance (from AIIMS, or even Oxford ) kept as a standby during the event, next to the residence (5-star ??) of the KGP-guys. I will not be surprised if para-military be also used.

  27. Devanshu Agrawal says:

    My dear juniors, please stop worrying about all details. I know that 99% of things in KGP should be changed to make it a better place. But i think you would agree with me that IIT is not about faculty and administration and facilities and edible food and all you can think of. IT NEVER WAS. It is about us, IITIANS. It was about us and it will ALWAYS be about us. Our hard work during our schooling pays us off in this form. WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING.
    My first and foremost request from all of you is to make sure that noone comes here after such hard work just to rest in peace forever. Don’t let those guys, who were never able to clear IIT-JEE(FYI, specially Mr. Roy DaSilva with all due respect, Diro was not an alumnus of IIT-KGP. He did his M.Tech & PhD from here but still I would never consider any non-JEE guy an alumnus of KGP.), reduce your number even by one.
    Don’t let the thought of ruining brand image of IIT stop you from doing anything. YOU ARE IIT BRAND. CAMPUS IS NOT. NOT THEIR ADMINISTRATION OR FACILITIES(?) PROVIDED BY THEM. If you act cowardly , THEN you are ruining IIT brand. Rebels and reformers are never treated wrongly in long run. Go all lenghts to make management answerable.
    One of my junior told me that from now on, diro is directly answerable to students. If this is true, then I can’t see anything going better then diro being answerable. Go ask questions in his face in open house. & please try to make sure that everything done in open house discussion should be logged officially. If new diro comes, he can shake off his responsibilies in a too easy manner saying he is starting to look into matter. We will take action when we get report & BLAH BLAH… u all know weapons of those politicians (yup, all directors ARE politicians because they are being appointed by central ministry).
    File RTI for anything you are not getting answers. Even if your HP doesn’t answer you for your very high mess bill. Stop looking into HP’s and VP’s face each time crisis comes. Come forward.



    Devanshu Agrawal

  28. Devanshu Agrawal says:

    *I can’t see anything going better then diro being reinstated.
    oops….sry for typo….lost in stream of thoughts to double chk be4 posting. :)

  29. Nitin says:

    Mr Roy Da Silva,

    You asked how many of those who ‘threw the first stone’ really knew Rohit. Are you suggesting that the people who didn’t knew Rohit have no right to feel anguish? Probably only Rohit’s parents and siblings can come and talk to Director, or have any reason. Are you professing sympathy, or apathy? Are you suggesting those who know very well that it could have been them instead of Rohit, have no right to protest? If a student is ragged, senior students get DCed. But a director, and DOSA should not resign, even if students are dying clearly due to negligence. Great ! Please resign from the what positions of responsibility you are holding. You need to see life from a much down to earth level first. It is apparent in the back of your mind, you clearly value brand IIT more than human life.

    I have passed out much recently, and I need the brand IIT much more than you do. But still I care less about brand IIT, and hefty salaries, than a slain man. Your ‘searching on web for medical advice’ is no help whatsoever, and please keep that technique handy when there is an emergency in your family. If parents dont want their kids to come to IITKGP, and faculty does not come to IIT KGP for teaching because of poor health facilities. Fine by me. I can hear the news of IITKGP closing down, but not that few kgpiians are dying every year in a safe campus.

    To top everything off, your comments *not* as a president… really why the fake face? personal capacity? why dont you write something to the administration as the president, and let us know.

    Well wishes,

  30. Shwetabh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I just hope as hell you continued reading on all the replies till now. Really how diplomatic can any body be? Is this any essay writing competition going on here? Can’t you show even a bit of passion after all that has happened??

    I am really ashamed with your statement “I ask how many of those who ‘threw the first stone’ really knew Rohit?” It was really uncalled for.

    Lucky you got a period of 7 days till your return to Mumbai.. not everyone is that lucky it seems.

    May IIT KGP’S BRANDNAME never die, whatever may happen to us

  31. Yyutsu says:

    Well what happens to that 97 crores of annual budget??
    The walls that DIRO has painted andc Bathrooms that have been tiled cost only few lakh.It will also be intresting to know who is getting contract for these painting and tiling work!! It will be actually intresting.Every single rupee of 97 crores comes from TAXES that my and your parent pay.And if the fuel clearance of ambulance costs a students’ life where DIRO has fleets of vehicles from the same 97 crores.Then Mr Silva probably we donot want to benifit from his 360 degrees perspective.May be you will like to recommend him as consultant somewhere!!

  32. chax says:

    Dear Mr DeSilva
    At the outset let me ask you ,why did the home minister resign after the mumbai carnage?If Rohit was your son what would have been your reaction?This institution prepares noble citizens not world class engineers.Can you really hide ur filth from people.Its a simple statement.Students are the bedrock of this institute.No Students No Institue.Its a shame that even the faculty doesn’t get its ward for treatment here.Pls look carefully .Ask the question where do all the funds go.If the Director or the matter of fact the warden or doctor in charge were humanely responsible ,they would have been damn proactive.As per useless advice and the logic the home minister of the centre and maharashtra should be reinstated back.People at appointment are entrusted with responsibility,thats why they are there at the first place.I would say they are not worth their salt.There are frogs coming out of dal served in Mess.Has the Director or DOSA ever casually walked into the mess in the evening ,sat down with the students and had their same dinner.the answer is NO,and why should they.
    This is the classic Indian mentality.’Chalta Hai’.If this would have been a developed nation god knows what would have happened to these illustrious appointments.Greece burnt over death of a student in police custody.The people whom you request to be reinstated are the sole responsible for their own deeds and doom.I wish that boy was your son.You would have been the first to smash the car.Its a shame sir kindly go to a hostel and see how students live.Its worse than a chicken coup.Who is responsible for all this mess.
    Please take back this post and if you feel strongly about it ,come here and adress the students and make them understand your point of view.There’s no brand name or nothing world class if the basic rights of a man as per the consitution are not there.Its only you or people like you who deserve this Institute and live in its false pride.
    We salute you sir here’s food for thought a recent survey shows that the indian defence forces loses less officer cadets during training than IIT.

  33. Annoy says:

    @mr. president….u represent old generation & we next. we always keep listening & u talking. then if something goes wrong then you better shut up & let us do thing our way. no disrespect meant but u r a wrong guy at wrong place & time with totally wrong ideas. btw i m never gonna pay even 1 paisa to IIT foundation till u r presi.
    btw this reaction is not in response of “one death”. there r countless deaths unaccounted for. & i dont know what ur statement should sound like if i replace “one” with “countless” in “One death is one too many, and one death that occurs that could be avoided is absolutely inexcusable”. care to give a hand???
    even only u wud have done something in ur time to get better medical facilities then rohit & many others would not have faced this fate. u got ur knee cap treated, saved ur leg from being amputated and turned blind eye to hospital facilities. u had ur chance to speak at that time & u choose not to speak….well…better if u dont do tht now too.

    & if u hv a li’l heart somewhere inside, just put urself in others shoes & think before opening that big mouth of urs.

    -one insignificant kgpian

  34. XYZ says:

    KGPian : Congratulations ! Sir on taking over as the Director. What are your thoughts regarding your new role ?

    Prof. Acharya : Thank you very much. It is a great feeling to head an Institution that has shaped one’s life and career. As its Head, one has the duty to preserve the values, ethos and the culture the Institute stands for. Simultaneously, one has to ensure that the Institute excels in all its activities : be it education, research, technology development, projects and extension services. Developing human resource is the primary goal of the Institute. As the Head of the Institute, it is one’s responsibility to facilitate the production of high quality graduates and postgraduates, leaders and professionals who will make a difference in whatever endeavour they take up anywhere in the world.

  35. Nivedan says:

    The 100 odd students mentioned who turned into “MOB” is being as deeply regretted by students as by you.But sir what portion of the people who had gathered to protest and seek answer were such kinds –2000 odd students had gathered— sir lets be pragmatic — the amount of immense carnage that a 2000 youth frothing with wrath could have inured is beyond any one imagination… More over many students tried to get rid of such elements .. for example a few of the staff workers unhappy with the diroz admin wanted to avenge and hurled stones at him— they were immediately thrashed and taken out from the students crowd.. similar thing happenned with a media person who wanted to incite the crowd… Sir We qualify a central exam and come to various IITS .. there ought to be a few nonsensical elements .. but if we were to rectify them amidst the protest it could have led to internal dispute thus putting the larger and MUCH MORE important issue at stake … We acted practically for the larger interest

  36. Yyutsu says:

    In any other Democracy if this happens in a institution run by PUBLIC MONEY. People who are responsible for this would have been in JAIL.Anyways sooner or later this will happen in this DEMOCRACY also where people would realise that they can not be ARROGANT KINGS when they are holding Public Offices of Responsibility(rather they are PUBLIC SERVANTS). And there are few who are suggesting to put them back in the PUBLIC CHAIR so they can become SELF STYLED KINGS again.Well we have to go a long way still!! Mr Silva.

  37. Roy daSilva says:

    The process of Jail comes after a sentencing, and a court hearing. Let the inquiry take its course and let the Jury decide.
    And in general, I do agree with you that in India, public servants think they are Kings. I have lived in India and the US and have experienced the difference first hand.

  38. Roy daSilva says:

    I applaud the restraint of the majority of students, not assigning blame in any way to the student body for not containing what happened. I was simply building towards the role of the media Roy

  39. Roy daSilva says:

    Hi Tanuj Dora,

    I have read almost all the responses and i must say that I admire your understanding of what my mail was about, and the maturity of your response.

    I heard that the Director had resigned, which, for me means, taking responsibility as the head of IIT Kharagpur.

    I was unaware of the circumstances leading upto his resignation and am shocked to read “It was his “I don’t care if a student dies attitude…. ”

    I have met Professor Acharya in person on 2 occasions since he took office and once over a conference call, and almost all who have met him , have observed a definite desire for making changes for the better, hence my call for re-instatement.

    I hope KGP-ians concentrate on re-establishing trust between students/faculty/and administration and let the decision of the Directorship to the body that is Chartered to do that.


  40. Roy daSilva says:


    If Rohit was my son i would be shocked and furious. I would also be like the parents of a boy that was shot by a railway police for no apparent reason, who immediately appeared on TV and requested rioter in the city of Oakland for calm so that the process of bringing the responsible parties to justice could work.

    This is not a denial of rights issue, it is the ability of IIT KGP to provide basic level of service (food, health, shelter, security) to their customers i.e the students.

    On your other points please also read my response to Tanuj Dora.


  41. A Mukherjee says:

    Mr. Roy daSilva: I saw your comments about how the parents of a guy shot by BART police called for calm. Perhaps this is true. However, the officers who shot the guy were fired immediately. Following this logic, the administrators of IITKGP, including the director, should accept the responsibility of neglecting some of the very critical issues of campus management, and hence, fired. There is no question of putting them back on the chair and assuming the status-quo.

  42. Roy daSilva says:


    I truely do feel for the loss that Rohit’s family and dear ones have had to endure. I have always refrained from attempting to describe that loss because i am convinced that no words can describe that feeling unless you have been in that position.

    And yes I am lucky to have got 7 days and so I thought I would share that experience with other students to prevent another case of Mr.Tomar.

    I have also suggested to Arnav, a few simple things that KGP-ians (students and faculty) can do to cater better to high risk patients and prevent recurrence of such events.

    Can bracelets be worn to identify you as an Epileptic to a medical professional,
    Can high risk students be put in a Hall close to appropriate medical facilities to reduce response time.
    Can a volunteer pool of students/faculy trained in emergency response procedure be placed at the ‘Check in ” of BC Roy to escalate issues, and be the watch dog for the community.

    I am sure the collective brain power residing at KGP can come up with many more such ideas. I just happen to have the experience of having a brother-in-law that is an epileptic and i thought i would share this.

    Please see my earlier responses on other points you raised.


  43. Roy daSilva says:


    Since we are remote IIT Foundation will submit our position to the web after the vist of Arjun Malhotra to IIT KGP, so that we have all the facts.


  44. Roy daSilva says:


    Never knew Prof Acharya or of him till h became Director of IIT KGP.


  45. Roy daSilva says:


    As you rightly recognized, I made those comments to highlight the consequences. I could be wrong, time will tell, but years from now people outside Kgp will remember the riots not the cause.

    My parents were very concerned about me going to IIT Kharagpur in 1969 as there was a Naxalite movement resulting in killings in the Midnapore district which posed a security risk. They did not stop me from going because of the reputation of the EE department. Trade offs are made all the time. Do you believe for a moment, that parents of students aren’t aware of conditions that exist at IIT Kharagpur? and yet the class rooms are packed.

    Should students and parents have to make such trade offs ? I sincerely hope not.

    I was in KGP in 2005 and was appalled at the facilities.

    We need many more such improvements,in many areas and I am hopeful that this unfortunate incident will focus on improving health care for all KGp-ians on Campus. the solution has to come from a sincere effort by all stake holders.

    As you say lets focus on the solution.


  46. Roy daSilva says:

    Mr A Mukherjee,

    The officer was put on administrative leave until the preliminary investigation was complete. In our situation the director was not given that opportunity.


  47. Roy daSilva says:


    As President of IIT Foundation, I sign my name on behalf of the Board;
    hence i would change my personal position, based on the decision of the board I represent.

  48. Roy da Silva says:


    Thanks for these facts.

    Based on which , I think the letter submitted by the students for a change is justified.


    Facts about UC Banerjee, the one man enquiry committee:
    1. Appointed by railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav to investigate the 2002 Godhra Train fire.
    2.On the eve of election in Bihar, Justice U C Banerjee released a report suggesting fire being an accident and ruled out any planning.
    3.His report was termed biased and politically motivated.
    4. The Gujarat High Court ruling, in 2006, declared UC Banerjee Committee as “unconstitutional, illegal and void”.
    5. Supreme Court stayed the circular of Banerjee committee report.

  49. Roy da Silva says:


    Where did you read a statement that taht said “i think US college/university of repute are callous about a student death on campus?

    I shared the knee cap problem to remind students that taking care of thier health in the immediate short term can make a difference to them. Gaurav Tomar is a real live example of what a delay can do. It was not to compare with Rohit’s situation , nor condone the lack of competence. It was made in the interest of students in the situation i was in.

    May be I am naive, but I like to believe that in a crisis as severe as this educators place aside ‘management style’ to care for the human being. What you describe is appalling.

    I have personally asked the the Director about medical facilities and heard that the foundation for a new hospital was set up 6 km from KGP. Apparently that is now on hold , i hope this incident will re start the project.


  50. Subhendu says:

    Dear De Silva Sir,

    Thanks for your concern and answering the queries personally. We all know whatever we did was unfortunate but that was inevitable considering the death of Rohit Kumar.

    Coming to your suggestions, we have already started working on it. On the very next day we have built an exhaustive database of Doctors and facilities in and around Kharagpur and Medinipore The list has been circulated in the whole of IIT till now.

    I personally refrain from going to B.C.Roy from my very first year, as I don’t have faith in Government Hospitals. I have been myself a victim of these government doctors negligence.

    I would urge everyone to use the database and take proper care of your health on your own. Do take precautionary measures too.

  51. Shwetabh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I really appreciate your effort of going through all the replies and replying them back.
    I still don’t feel we need to think too much about our Brand and status. Things like this can happen in any university and IIT Kgp is no different. Students are first of all humans and sometimes passions do take control. I really don’t know whether the heat it created and the urgency thereafter shown by the administration and the ripples seen wide across, would have been of the same scale had it been very peaceful from the start. No, I am not in favor of violence. But at times when you see no hope, I would be a hypocrite to say that I wasn’t at some level happy that it happened, which really did send a message across, which really did lead to some movement at an appreciable pace and to some concrete results in foreseeable future.
    As for the negativity that is being shoved throughout India by our honorable media persons, its no point stating the obvious fact that journalism has now-a-days sunk to a pit-bottom level and most of the educated people in India know how to separate the actual thing from the crap. Even if they can’t in this particular case, we can ill-afford to take them also into consideration before taking any step. When, after all, we see some good future ahead of us, with no such deaths, no such negligence, no such apathy by administration our image and brand will grow not only in the eyes of the tax-paying citizens but also in reality.

  52. Purab says:

    “I could be wrong, time will tell, but years from now people outside Kgp will remember the riots not the cause.”

    - riots : Surely, you are joking, Mr. De Silva! Pls. don’t deceive others and yourself.
    - I could be wrong : Please, give others a chance.

  53. Amrit says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is indeed heartening to see the effort you have put in to answer the issues raised in this forum. All the students want is the admnistration to be answerable as well. Things are done here in a hush hush manner as a result of which students have lost faith in the administration. A lot of alums also feel the same and thus feel disinclined to donate. I say this from first hand experience as I have had the opportunity of interacting with quite a few of them. Please tell me if a student carries such a negative impression of the institute would he ever feel inclined to donate his resources to this place in the future ?
    I think that the alumni association should take proactive steps like appointing an independant external auditor to ensure transperency and restore faith in the system.

  54. AJIT SINGH says:

    Mr Roy daSilva. frst and foremost i wud like to thank u on expressing ur deepest sympathy To our beloved Rohit KUmar ..
    and i feel sorry abt u that u dont have ny idea abt what happend and will happen at iit kgp after reinstating DAMODAR ACHARYA ( forced to resign by 5000 types most intellectual human beings in India and most probably in the world ; as well as indirectly by faculties ). but i m feeling broad gap between ur and our thought process . what happened on the BLACK SUNDAY was activation of the inevitable thought process governed by subconscious part of the brain . and subconsciously happened thing is the demand of the mother nature . and i wud like to make u understand that subconscious mind is driven by the truth and justice .. what happened was not planed happened naturally .. people in kgp were severely hated due to being inactive and accepting injustice ,corruption ,suppression etc type cowardliness activity .now they have acted in a very precise , composed and mature way .. and this type of Renaissance is needed across the globe .weather in terms of go green activity or against corruption or supression .so be the part of this holy activity .. damodar acharya shud accept his fault and guilt .and KGP needs immediately a good and truthful administrator….but we fear that we have ARJUN SINGH LIKE INSANE PERSON IN THE GOVT who will not let this happen ..’coz sanke can vomit only poison not nectar ..and we need nectar for the life . So INDIA( BHARAT ) shud introspect. the route cause is KALIYUG Ka ARJUN . once he demoted ACHARYA frm chairman post of aicte shud not have sent to IIT .
    so sir with due respect i will pray u to hit the matter like 1)politicization of premier institution like AIIMS and IITs by HRD minister ARJUN singh .
    2)playing cards of votebank by govt by imposing reservation
    3)division of society by our leaders.
    4) communalism ,regionalism ,barrier of language
    5) promotion of our natioanl language etc
    so its quite obvious that there are a lot of matter whr u can show ur leadership u shud quit the trivial post like President of IIT Foundation. and lead the movement to re establish the true BHARAT and BHARTIYATA. and dont care the comment of those Hippocrates who have some negative attitude towards IIT system who are nowhr in the globe.
    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but
    tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.
    so guide us with ur experience ..we will work and keeping in view of WE have a right to perform our prescribed action,but we are not entitled to the fruits of our action.
    Never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities,and never be associated to not doing your duty.
    and i will suggest our ex director to go to Himalaya for penance for attainment of higher spiritual level and shud write a book on his experiences .

    A common man in the que;

  55. ANONYM says:

    All SINGHs are KINGs.

  56. Kanchan Chowdhury says:

    From, Professor Kanchan Chowdhury (chowdhury.kanchan(at)

    I am a B. Tech. (Mechanical), Patel Hall, 1973-78 and Ph. D. , B C Roy Hall, 1979 -83.
    Currently a Professor at Cryogenic Engineering and also, President, IIT Kharagpur Teachers’ Association.
    Opinion given herein is my personal and necessarily does not reflect that of teachers body IITTA.

    I came back at the campus 4 days after Rohit died due to our neglect and heard about the students’ reaction expressing their strong emotion at the Director’s residence. Since, I am also a Professor at IIT and President of the Teachers’ Association, I chose to give our reaction to the current situation in the form of a memorandum submitted to the Chairman, BOG on the 27th March, 2009.
    However, the alumnus in me has forced me to write this mail to Scholars Avenue.

    1. Nobody supports violence. However, to those who are castigating the students for ransacking the Director’s residence, let me tell you that such an incident is not unprecedented at IIT Kharagpur. 33 years ago, in 1976, during the tenure of Prof. C S Jha, the exterior of Director’s residence was ransacked (though on a lower scale) by agitating students aggrieved on mess condition. The difference between 1976 and today is that during our time media was not so active. That is why the incident did not find that attention and has been forgotten.
    In spite of many strikes and agitations, we could do nothing to change the condition of the mess and hostel.

    2. Medical neglect and death due to negligence is not new at IIT campus. Students are not the only victims. In front of my own eyes, wife of a professor died gasping for breadth, because the ambulance (!) by which she was brought to B C Roy Hospital from her home after an asthmatic attack did not have oxygen cylinder fitted in.
    In spite of murmurs and talks, nothing happened. When students complain that they are left into the jaws of death, are they really wrong?

    3. After becoming a faculty here, I thought I will do something for the students for which I suffered as a student myself. In 1994, I became the Warden of a Hall. I found how the food is stolen and how students’ money is doled out to appease local political party. I tried to stop these practices, but vested interest grouped against me and I was asked to resign. I refused, as I was sure that I am on the right track. Finally, after 90 days of assuming charge, I was sacked by Chairman, Hall Management Committee without citing any reason.
    When the students complain that the system is corrupt, are they really far from truth?

    4. Though it is true that it is the system that is at the root of all trouble, I completely agree with the students that for any incident, such as Rohit’s death, which may be a lapse of the system, “heads must roll”. Because, in case we assume that the system is doing everything, those particular heads are not important enough to linger on to the chair any way. And in case the heads were doing it and not the system, they must take the responsibility for their action or inaction. Anyway, these are the heads that allowed such a system to perpetuate. Otherwise, in democracy, how shall I make myself being heard? To those who are crying hoarse telling that everything is lost about IIT’s reputation, let me ask you what we have achieved by remaining calm and disciplined for so many years. We have to preserve the brand name called “IIT”. But, Rohit could be my son, your son. Is it not too heavy a price to pay for so-called IIT brand name, when the Ministry of HRD has already decided to dilute the brand by establishing about two dozens of IITs within a short span of time and huddled the students like cattle in rooms by increasing the intake before the infrastructure was in place?

    5. We failed in our time as we could not sustain our tempo and were disorganized. Please go through the letter that the students have submitted to Chairman, BOG on the 27th March, 2009 and you will be amazed at the maturity of the tone and language. Students, please be assured that, you are much better than what we were 30 years ago. But, please focus on the final goal and I wish you all the best.

    6. Teachers at IIT are deeply agitated for the way they are treated and feel alienated at all levels. Because of the lack of clear path towards professional advancement and absence of campus amenities such as school, college and hospital, IIT Kharagpur is lagging far behind in attracting the brightest and the best as the faculty. I am duty-bound, as the President of the Teachers Association to highlight these issues in the coming days and they will be done. For your records, I am appending the text of the memorandum that we submitted to Chairman, BOG (through acting Director, IIT) on the 27th March, 2009 as a reaction to the recent incident:


    27 March 2009

    Joint Memorandum submitted to the Honourable Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Kharagpur by Teachers, Employees and Officers

    1. IIT community deeply mourns the sad demise of young Rohit Kumar prematurely. The incidents that took place on the 22nd of March 2009, were also unfortunate and needs to be avoided in future. The members of the IIT community feel that though it was triggered by the sad death of Rohit Kumar, but was in fact an expression of cumulative grievances. While we are pained by the undesirable behavior of the students, we urge upon all concerned to establish better rapport with the students and initiate creation of a congenial atmosphere through discussions with the students, taking their feelings in confidence and initiate measures to address their needs of better health-care and better living conditions in the halls, without further delay. The message that the students are a pivotal and integral part of the IIT community and that they will never be considered adversaries must be widely communicated.

    2. Concrete steps to revamp the health care system, by trying all avenues including participation of private hospitals should be undertaken immediately. The planning must include the right medical professionals in the process. There is a need to document in no uncertain terms the limited capabilities of the B. C. Roy hospital and also the list of medical emergencies where the risk factor in offering proper health care to the community substantially shoots up. This knowledge must be available to each and every member of the community including the students. Immediate short-term measures such as round the clock availability of doctors, filling up all vacant positions in the hospital by competent and able persons, must be immediately addressed. The doctors of the B. C. Roy hospital should also be taken into confidence, to understand the problems they face in the current infrastructure.

    3. It must be ensured that all further expansion proposals with respect to students’ intake must be kept in complete abeyance, till the proper infrastructure development and manpower deployment are actually put in place. The student facilities and amenities, such as reasonable accommodation, food, water supply and medical services should be looked into first. Till these aspects are taken care of and proper infrastructure required for further expansion in intake is put in place, the expansion trend should be stopped immediately to avoid a potential recurrence of the previous Sunday in an Institution which claims International standing . IIT must intimate the MHRD accordingly, and insist upon it to permit IIT Kharagpur to carry forward its hard earned legacy of quality and fair treatment.

    (President, IITTA) President, (TEAK) (President, IITEU)


  57. kgpalum says:

    I am a Kgp alum and a part of the kgp academic force. I have been witnessing the large scale deterioration in the system on all fronts. Prof. Kanchan Choudhry is absolutely right. More Heads must roll. Any person who raises his voice against the sytem is either sidelined or punished. Only vested(political) interests having been ruling IIT KGP. The Deputy Director too must resign. He is the ex officio chairman of the Hosiptal Committee. It was he who introduced the ‘Doctor on Call’ for emergency duty. There were no initiatives to even upgrade let alone modernise the hosiptal. Several faculty/staff, their near & dear ones even a former deputy director too have lost their lives due to improper medical negligence. But who cares? Each one is busy lobbying for a higher post somewhere.

    I am glad the students have atleast made the whole nation know about the sorry state of affairs at IIT KGP. Let us hope something better comes up for the entire student community and the campus residents.

  58. ANONYM says:

    Dear Kanchnan-da,

    Perfect abong Bhaloi bolechen apni.
    The entire memorendum, highlighting the last para (3) should be sent to the federation and all IIT-FAs for speedy implementation before July-09.

    Only IIT-K (exception) may not follow it, as we had seen them to follow an orthogonal (6th PC) direction w.r.t. all other IITs in the very recent past.

  59. SS says:

    Dear Roy da silva,
    After reading Prof Kanchan Chowdhury’s comments you cannot but agree that his opinion about the state of KGP and its issues needing urgent attention are very well in tandem with what most of the students voiced through their comments to your post. And you have to take note of the fact that most of the faculty members also feel the same. This makes the entire events of Sunday and its aftermath more important than ever.

  60. Surya Pratap Mishra says:

    Can someone please convey these comments to Mr. Roy da Silva, if he has not read it already !

  61. Abhishek Gupta says:


    sub: in reply to ur 1st mail.

    with due respect, I appreciate your concern with “brand IIT”.
    I’m a 2008 passout..I believe an outburst is obvious..still it wasn’t that massive.
    This “small” protest that just happened was against this mini and extremely corrupt governance of kgp, which could be avoided only if you and people like you had protested someway.. and definately not by “going out for facilities” and “take care of urselves”. It just shows the way common Indians have lived thr lives and thus our country is in such a plight.. and our “lovely” kgp is just a prototype of India.
    “brand IIT” is b’coz of IITians and nt the buildings of kgp, students are not national monuments. So whatever happened is right.

    chage is inevitable, and will come..
    Let parents know.. the place ppl have praised can kill thr, luk around 4 other options..
    -Abhishek Gupta
    LLR Hall

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