Action Plan due today evening

As promised yesterday at the TOAT open house session, a meeting was convened by the Institute Administration earlier this morning to chalk out and finalize the action plan in entirety. Student representatives along with hall presidents have come up with a detailed action plan which will be made public to the students today evening.

As of now, an independent judicial enquiry process has been initiated to be supervised  by an external judicial officer. Institute has also been asked to send a detailed report of yesterday’s incident to the HRD ministry.

  • The candle-light march that was scheduled for 6 pm and then cancelled is now back on track with a minor delay. All those on campus are requested to attend this event at Bidhan Chowk, 6 pm. A slight delay is likely. Wear black, bring a candle. Make your protest count. Registrar will also be addressing the students later tonight.
  • A separate student meeting for fifth year undergraduate students was organised at the Jnan Ghosh Stadium earlier this evening. The suggestions discussed will be updated soon on our site.
  • Classes will resume as scheduled from tomorrow.

The Scholars’ Avenue will be tracking further developments today. The action plan will be displayed on our site soon after release. Subscribe to our RSS feed (link) or bookmark this page.

We can be reached at editor [at] scholarsavenue [dot] org


  1. Surya Pratap Mishra says:

    Kudos to Scholars Avenue.

    I have been follwoing the various posts on the incidents and am very glad to know, you guys are doing responsible jounalism.

  2. Michelle says:

    IITians still don’t know how to really really get things done through unrest. Mark my words – Damodar Acharya will stay back as a Director.

  3. Zero says:

    Madam Michelle, why don’t you mind your own business and leave the job to us kgpians.And regarding your earlier comment of boycotting classes, WE have not united to escape the classes.
    We have lost a LIFE ( if you can understand what that means).

  4. Amit says:

    now we can’t even have a candle light procession for our batchmate.. what a shame..! what a bloody shame..!

  5. Purnendu Pattnaik says:

    Dont forget to file an FIR against the issue.

  6. Naresh Mehta (IITM '06 BTech) says:

    We should take this incident and the learning from this incident to higher level…

    Our nation is plagued by many such ‘incompetent’ authorities and it is high time when the youth – the students of so called ‘elite’ institutes grab/snatch the baton from the corrupt leaders of this nation…

    I have heard of some IIT/IIM alumni coming up with a political party for the coming elections.. guys get active.. make urself heard and create a difference which would positively impact not just your campus but the whole nation… Atleast VOTE.

    Kudos to the forum and the editors/journolists involved. Long live revolution.

  7. Purnendu Pattnaik says:

    Most of you guys have influential parents, Involve them. You guys wont be able to Handle Dirty Politics and Media twisting the issue. Let them come into picture and use their contacts.
    Remember you guys are standing against the whole system, Handle it tactfully.

    Most National Dailies have highlighted the Student Violence and Ignored the Loss of Life of a Fellow IITian.

    Make it a national agenda. Its not just the responsibility of VPTSG, its everybody’s responsibility.

    Resignation of Professors will not help the situation, a better Hospital will. In fact there are several other issues starting from the authoritarian attitude of the non teaching staff to the dilapidated condition of Pan Loop Hostels.

    Raise the issues in forums like
    Take the advantage of the politics and use it in your favour.

    You have support of all of us.

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