About Scholars’ Avenue

The Scholars’ Avenue is the campus newspaper of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. The team is drawn entirely from among the students of the institute, and its mission is to report and analyze events that affect the campus, and to be the voice of the IIT Kharagpur student community.

Now in its third year, the Scholars’ Avenue publishes an issue every fortnight to be distributed free of cost to the students in the various halls of residence. It is a non-profit organization and is supported by sponsorships.

The Scholars’ Avenue is independent of, and not endorsed by, the administration of IIT Kharagpur.

ScholsAve, as we call ourselves, comprises:

Executive Editors > Chintan Thakkar | Nitin Basant | Sunny Somani | Swati

Editors > Aneesh Jain | Aravind R. S. | Riti Mohapatra | Rohit Shankar | Saahil Bhanot | Samya Mandal | Shishir Dash | Umang Jain

Sr. Reporters > Aditya Marathe | Anuj Dayal | Arish Inam | Sheekha Verma | Sreeja Nag | Suvrat Bafna

Reporters > Anup Bishnoi | Deepak Cherian | J. S. Deepthi | Mithun Madhusudan | Pranesh Chaudhary | Srinath Sinha | Vinayak Pathak

Jr. Reporters > AVN Murthy | Bharat Bhat | Mayank Kedia | Pallavi Jayannavar | Siddharth Singh | Suyash Bire

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our seniors, whose vision and hard work brought forth this newspaper and nurtured it through its eventful history.

Scholsave Veterans> Amit Gupta | Puneet Agrawal | Sandeep Rath

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