Aap Kaa HReview……

Our Verdict:  “HR, surroor and freewheelin’ autoHRickshaws”

As-salaam aleikum. Caps off to the one and only Indian HRockstaaa phenomenon, the Elvis of India, whose tunes have captured just about every loudspeaker you thought you could lay your hands on. Just when you thought HRepetition was the new wave in music nowadays after hearing JunooJunooJunuuJunuu and Aashiq Banaayaa from the aforementioned countless loudspeakers, ‘HR’ (more affectionately known among us as Himesh Da) sends your tune-numbed mind into yet another frenzy, by gracing the silver screen with his charm, and the omnipresent cap, looking like a cross of a Sunil Shetty-wannabe and a bare-chested Wolverine! Frankly, we believe the HRelease of Aap Kaa Surroor is an example worthy of a B-School case study: A successful campaign selling stupidity in its element, and en-masse.  It seems this monument of narcissism has dug a deep hole in the IQ chart of Indian viewers worldwide.

Himesh Da is truly the complete Indian Family Entertainment Man of Dreams – a hugely famous HRockstar, down-to-earth, likes HRomely girls for company, HRebuffs advances from busty lawyers in skin tight club wear, HRespects father-in-law-to-be, and sports no vices – the true Middle Class Media Messiah. The new-age SuperHRero™. Among his other repertoire of SuperHRuman™ skills, he can drive flimsy Beetles faster than top-end Audis, and decode complex safe codes in an instant because ‘har awaaz me sur sunaai deti hai’.

From being put into a jail, quite  obviously in the wrong continent (going by inmate nationality), Himesh Da realizes true fairytale love in the seemingly innocent character played by some grossly underage teen debutante who should really be trying as hard to complete school. At the same time, he’s managing a ‘HRocking’ career, so to speak, and valiantly resisting advances from an out-of-place Mallika Sherawat, desperately trying to play a Black Magic Woman. Cut to the night of the alleged incident, and the death of reporter Nadia Merchant who’s as much a daughter of HRaj Babbar, as Saddam being alive. HR Da is under influence, contrary to his wish of course, and later realises he’s been framed by his event manager over a few gHReenbacks. In a brilliantly devised plan, his manager thinks popping HR Da off will keep the loan sharks sated.  Huhaaa, you say! Wrong!

Enter SuperHRero™ HR. All he needs is a flimsy Volkswagen  Beetle, and a little bit of help from his friends – the hitherto unnoticably large Indian auto HRickshaw community of Germany – to tear across the city through the narrow alleys and backdoor routes (known thanks to his inbuilt SuperHRuman™ GPS system) and catch up with the gun-toting manager’s agents. After a long boring Bolly-style battle that has you glancing covertly at your watch, HR makes the manager confess and you know everything’s HRight with the world once again.
Hugo Weaving once famously said, “Everything that happens, happens for a reason”. This obviously excluded HR and his film. To HR and his band of merry ‘Junoon’ers, we recommend an ice pack, some sleeping pills and a CD of Gayatri Mantra.
In short, Aap Kaa Surroor is all about ‘H R’. Love him or hate him, it’s HR all over the place. As is this review.

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