9/8/05 Overheard…

The young, not so cool bachcha comes to kharagpur to become an iitian or shall we say to become a kgpian. And then his life gets a hint of the things to come.

Of course, his proud and rather tired parents have different notions. But the family shares an experience that is memorable. They came, they saw and then they sat down at Harry’s; thinking that they would be attended to. But, were left confused when nothing of the sort happened. Finally, the bachcha got up, he was quick to observe the system. And his parents felt proud like they had been doing for the few weeks.

The father called a boy cleaning a nearby table and said – Oye ! paani leke aa!!

The reply was short – Ye table pe kya rakha hai? pee lo!!.

The father – Arre! Glass lao!

The boy – Glass chahiye to apne leke aao!

And then he leaves. The father, not at all comfortable with whatever happened, says to his son – Kaise baat kar rahatha dekho to!

The people around had already started smiling. Our bachcha felt embarrassed and finished his meal soon.

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