18/8/05 Foundation Day Special: Open IIT Round – up

The Open IITs have begun once again, sporting similar adrenaline levels as witnessed in the past. Two literary and one athletics event are now in the history books. Hoards of second years paraded the literary events, making their voices heard as they vehemently supported batchmates as well as seniors from their halls.

Open IIT Debate – Being the first Open IIT event of the year, the debate was greeted with large crowds (mostly 2nd years). There were bouts of hooliganism and uncalled indecency on the first day as speakers were constantly interrupted by arbit hooting from the crowd. The second day however was quite the opposite, with a somewhat anti-climactical turnover (participants and audience). The event saw all top spots grabbed by second year students – Jagannath K grabbed the Gold with Shreyas Karkhedkar and Himangshu Hazarika bagging the Silver and Bronze respectively.

Open IIT Quiz – This year’s quiz was possibly the longest quiz in recent history, starting at 2 pm and ending at almost 7 (despite the audio round being removed due to unavoidable circumstances). The quizmaster G Sreekanth (a Mary Bucknell Trophy runner-up, currently working with TCS) concocted a smooth blend between Mr. Parnab Mukherjee’s massacres and Mr. Arul Mani’s high scorers. The prelims were held in a jam packed Raman auditorium, with the finals shifted to Netaji.

A few usual suspects were found missing from the final three positions -
1st:[Nishant Katoch, Rohit Shankar, Bharath Shekar, Pradipta Bora],
2nd:[SR Naveen, JS Tejaswi, C Kiran, BG Narssimha],
3rd:[Krishna, Narayan, Aneesh Jain, Akhilesh SV].

Veteran Ravi Handa reminded the teams on stage that he was still a force to be reckoned with by answering many questions which were passed onto the audience.

Open IIT 5 Km Race
– There was a good level of participation as well as crowd cheer for this event despite it starting in the wee hours of the morning. The prizes were available on the spot and were collected by the winners immediately after the race. Due credit must be given to the Athletics Secy for this initiative (he also managed to finish 4th). Lalan Kumar won the race

with Deepak Rathee and Pratyush Kumar following. A special mention for Prashant Rajera, a first year who managed to finish sixth.

- Rohit Shankar

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