14th August ’06: RK: Seeds of change

Ex-SSM Aneesh Reddy writes on the renovation of RK Hall

R.K. Hall is undergoing major upgradation of infrastructure, being looked over and funded by Mr. Vinod Gupta, Chairman and CEO, infoUSA and an alumnus, R.K. Hall – batch of 1968.

The process started off as a request for around Rs. 3 lakhs to renovate the hall library and was approved by him during his visit as the chief guest of the 51st Convocation.

Subsequently, after a couple of visits by Maj. Gen. Narang, Director, Projects for Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundations, the proposal stood at 55 lakh Rupees, with a buffer of Rs. 5 lakh! Mehra construction, which has constructed VGSOM and SAM Hall, was awarded the contract for an overhaul of the mess and the toilets, renovation of the music room, common room, library, and building a tennis court, and a gymnasium. Roof repairs, painting of the entire hall, relaying of the floors, a new gate plus a mural and relaying all the lawns are also decided upon.

Then came the daunting part – taking permissions from the Institute authorities. Luckily for us, the Registrar, Dr. Gunasekaran extended his full support, and entire process turned out to be very simple with the Dean (AAIR) and Chairman (HMC) also approving the proposal quickly. Finally the work started towards the end of April.

As Mr. Gupta correctly pointed out, R.K. Hall should be the seed of change for IIT Kharagpur, a model hall, and hoped that looking at it, the other halls’ alumni will come forward for their respective halls, and thus bring up the quality of student life in IIT Kharagpur. Even for R.K. Hall this is just the beginning, we many plans which might take a couple of years to implement, but they will surely make R.K. a great place to learn and live. We had also tried to contact the other alumni of R.K. Hall, for renovating the rooms, and response was good, quite a few alumni came forward to get their rooms/wings renovated. But this plan had to be put on hold for various reasons, with a realization that such a mass mobilization in terms of the number of alumni involved per hall would mean more involvement from the Institute’s side, and greater coordination from all concerned.

A final word of thanks, to Mr. Vinod Gupta, for envisioning R.K. Hall as the seed of change for the institute and also to the Registrar, for extending his valuable support to the entire process.

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