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The Scholars’ Avenue is a non profit enterprise independent of any financial support from the administration. Completely run by a team of student volunteers, we seek to meet only our costs of printing, distribution and web hosting via sponsorships.  Our financial independence enables us to report, without bias, important issues on campus concerning everybody from current students and faculty to alumni. To maintain this level of journalistic neutrality,  we provide advertisement services through our print and web media and aid organizations with local publicity amongst the campus populace.

Current and Previous Sponsors

The following is a brief overview of our past sponsorship deals / publicity campaigns :

CL launched itself in a big way at IIT Kharagpur, amidst existing competition from other CAT training institutes. The Ad campaign saw over 500 students register for the CL test series in ’09.

FairIsaac (FI) benefited substantially from the advertisements that we ran in 2008. The FairIsaac Challenge witnessed greatly increased participation; largely as a result of the buzz created by advertisements published on the back page of The Scholars’ Avenue. Our enormous reach and our tailored schedule meant that just about every student on campus knew when and where the event was to be held and what was to be won. The Scholars’ Avenue increased the number of applicants to FI this placement season by almost 300%, and 100% as compared to those in other campuses.

Through our regular updates on the website regarding General Electric’s John F Welch Technology Center and its requirements, we were able to provide the HR at GE with a huge pool of students from which to pick trainees. Last year, after their association with us, GE Bangalore received its largest ever number of trainees from IIT Kharagpur.

  • We made regular updates regarding the Placements a reality, tremendously reducing the amount of manual labor a student had to put in during the already demanding phase. Notices and updates no longer had to be followed by physically visiting the Training & Placement office but could be read online. Several visiting companies also found it convenient to follow the status of their short-listed candidates through our website.

  • Our other notable sponsors include BARCLAYS CAPITAL and  MINEKEY.

For more details on advertising in The Scholars’ Avenue, send us a mail at editor [at] scholarsavenue [dot] org or alternatively, thescholarsavenue [at] gmail [dot] com.