FIRA Robot World Cup

In the most recent demonstration of IIT Kharagpur’s strong robotics culture, a team from the institute participated in the 15th FIRA Robot World Cup and Congress in Bangalore, held from 15th to 19th September. The FIRA World Cup, which started back in 1996, is the flagship event of the Federation of International Robot-Soccer Association, and is organized with the intention of generating interest in robotics in young minds. It includes several categories: the Micro-Robot Soccer Tournament (MiroSot), the Simulated Robot Soccer Tournament (SimuroSot) and the Humanoid Robot Soccer Tournament (HuroSot).

The IIT Kharagpur team, captained by fifth year student Sanjiban Choudhury, was called KGP Kubs and participated in two events – MiroSot (5:5) and SimuroSot (5:5), in the process becoming the first Indian team in the history of the competition to participate in MiroSot. To its misfortune, though, the team was handed a draw against eventual world champions Slovakia, and was unable to make further robotics history by winning (it lost 17-0). It fared better in SimuroSot with its strong defence but still suffered losses in all its matches.

The next edition of the FIRA World Cup is to be held in China next year. The Scholars’ Avenue hopes that this year’s experience will help the Kgp contingent stitch together a winning effort and bring home a trophy next year.

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