Whose footprint will guide your step?

Over six decades of its existence, the hallowed portals of IIT Kharagpur have been privy to many a success story taking roots and the grandeur of these stories woven by the alumni can go a long way in inspiring the interests of the present-day students, who are poised for a promising career but are equally clueless and inexperienced about analysing the different options available. Matching the wisdom and expertise of the former students to the interests of the present ones can go a long way in shaping the destiny of many a starry eyed college-going IITian. Building on this idea, the Students’ Alumni Cell IIT Kharagpur, started “The Student Alumni Mentorship Programme” which aims to enable the students to interact on a personal level with accomplished alumni of the Institute.  The second phase of the programme has been launched and it allows the students to select their prospective mentors from a list of interested alumni. The choice can be based on a variety of aspects including the field of study, career interests and the personal preferences of the mentor. So far there have been more than 240 registrations by interested alumni, and the list includes individuals ranging from key movers and shakers in Fortune 500 corporations to esteemed professors of Ivy League universities and people who have chosen to go off the beaten track. So, the advice of the mentor to the protégé is likely to be representative of the vision and expertise of the alumni, one that has enabled the preservation of the brand called IIT, and consequently the students will be beneficiaries of a lasting relationship that enables the holistic development of their professional careers.

The deadline for registrations is 00:00 hours, 9th February, 2013. Hurry Up!

For details, visit:  http://mentorship.iitkgp.ernet.in/

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