TSA interviews Mrigya

Mrigya performed at Spring-Fest this year. The Scholars’ Avenue catches up with them over email.

How was the Kharagpur experience?

IIT KGP was awesome.. It definitely is one of the best campus experiences of our 12 year existence performing live!!! Overwhelmed.. a complete loss for words actually!

Your website somewhat tells your story – ruled by fate. But we would love to have the details about your formation. How did different members of different bands and influences successfully come together as one?

With Mrigya.. it’s always friends first..we were close friends and started to jam together.. Music was just an effortless event thereafter. A band is always a result of the chemistry between the members and also a melting pot of their individual personalities.. music style and personality go hand in hand.. So we were and are the best of friends..!

Ganga, Pahari funk, Mitwa, Ali – the entire album of World Harmony 2010, shows a mixture of genres, like Hindustani classical, qawwali, jazz, funk and rock. What type of music do you focus on? Or is it different every time?

We don’t really start with a particular genre.. it’s a always a motif first.. be it indian classical or jazz or a rock one,, then the elements just come by themselves as we jam on that motif.. can be a style from a movie we’ve watched or some music we’ve heard or any random input by one member.. and then the whole band just takes it away… the good part is that everyone is very versatile and well versed with a lot of musical styles.

I feel you’re more of an instrumental band. Vocalists are in more of a playback role. Do you plan to bring out compositions centered around vocals too? Isn’t it quite a challenge, staying as an instrument-dominated group in this vocal world?

We are an Instrumental Band.. there is no ambiguity in that fact… having said that, we are working on vocal songs as well…You heard Kabira and Mitwa.. so there will always be vocal oriented songs as well.. but Mrigya is, and will remain a predominantly instrumental band! As far as challenges in a vocal dominated world is concerned… it also makes Mrigya a very unique band…probably the only instrumental band in India thriving for so long… as a BAND…otherwise most instrumental bands are more like temporary projects here.

For a relatively new band, you have travelled around the world quite a lot. How were your experiences in playing Indian instrumental pieces in places like New Zealand, Jerusalem, Montreal and even South Africa?

Well.. if 12 years is relatively new ? As far as experiences are concerned.. even a huge book would be less to describe our travels … but in a nutshell… we’ve realized that music has no language and good music is good music anywhere in the world..regardless of style or genre. Mrigya has been lucky to have been more than just well received everywhere we’ve performed in the world so far… and we feel it’s just the start.. 6. Have you guys ever been creatively stumped? If yes how do you mitigate the ‘writer’s block’ and times of creative lows? Good to have 6 composers in the band..thankfully someone always has an idea to take a tune forward… so it’s a very efficient team.  7. Any thoughts on a new album after your World Harmony 2010?  Lots more new stuff ready.. hope to hit the studios and finish the next album by the year end. So stay tuned in !

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