Technology Students’ Film Making Society

Are you fascinated by the art of film-making? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to direct, produce, shoot and edit your very own movie? The newest society in the Kgp pipeline, The Technology Students’ Film Making Society, seems set to provide answers.

Formed under the aegis of the Technology Film Society, this new group opens its agenda with member selection interviews, an open-to-all short movie making competition and workshops by professors and professional guests for interested students. Once workshops are over, members will be divided into various teams, viz. screenplay writing, cinematography, actor management and editing. An annual production in the form of a completely indigenous full-length movie is also planned. The new society will also be responsible for production of documentaries for the institute. They are planning to use cameras from the CET as of now but plans for acquisition of equipment are being worked on.

The sustained efforts of the founders,  Gaurav Kumar, Kaustubh Khare, Ravi Sinha and Vasu Kamboj came to fruition as the society was founded after one year of deliberations. With the blessings of eminent professors like Dr. Joy Sen of the Architecture and Regional Planning department and Dr. Priyadarshi Patnaik of the Humanities and Social Sciences department, this society hopes to go a long way. Says Ravi Sinha, one of the founders, “The advantage of a quality product from our society is that it can be easily transmitted and we will make sure we get as big an audience as possible. The portability of this form of visual communication beats others.”

The society will conduct member selection interviews for 1st and 2nd years on the 4th of September. Check the notice board nearest you for further details.

For more details, contact them at


  1. Tiwari says:

    Whoaa !! Amazing, looking forward for interviews !!

  2. Ravi Sinha says:

    We must mention two more names.. the seniors who streamlined the process for us.. our mentors.. our inspiration…
    Piyush Gautam (5th year) and Biswapati Sarkar (4th year).. Without you, it couldn’t have been possible..

  3. Dear TSFMS,

    Great initiative I must say. Future plan looks simple yet very nice.
    I have a question, is this platform open to MBA students too.

    Please keep us posted; I believe there is a big bunch of people who has keen interest on this initiative.


  4. Ravi Sinha says:

    Dear Ayan,
    We will surely chalk out a plan to include “all” the interested souls in the campus. As of now, there are some workshops planned and the short movie making competition which is open to “ALL”. You can stay updated at our page :-!/pages/Technology-Students-Film-Making-Society/142599389110357?ref=ts
    Thank you for showing your support.

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