Survey on Student Life at IIT KGP

The Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya has circulated a notice inviting students to participate in a survey on student life at IIT KGP.

Students may submit their evaluation at In case of a problem with the proxy use Login using your roll no. as the user ID and your date of birth(in the ddmmyyyy format) as the password. Submit your feedback before 2PM on February 11th Thursday.

The Dean claims that your feedback will go a long way in improving student life on campus.


  1. rahul verma says:

    The professors instead of trying to convert this institute into a happy family, peaceful,calm nest try to provide the students the exposure to modern cities and the popular culture thats growing fast,the city culture.
    renovations strictly required at several places in campus,better sports facility,a handsome amount of concentration of he faculty and the institute should also be spent on extra curricular activities.
    promotion of spring fest, and introduction of several cultural events for the students to dream about.
    instead of sitting and shouting and being self contented about the biggest largest and mother of all iit’s and all sorts of crap , work is seriously required to maintain the tag of mother iit.
    no one cares if you are biggest oldest or anything,what students and outsider think is the quality of life the institution guarantee and in such a tough atmosphere of academics and almost pinch of entertainment its very obvious that students in coming years will consider this iit to be not the mother but a curse or a bad luck for a jee student who fills this place into his form and gets trapped for his years of graduation.
    don’t make this place that will be regretted by the basic foundations the students.
    nmake it a place that students dream of.
    and not a silent ,peaceful,faculty nest.

  2. Gaurav Rathi says:

    I found a small error in this article which I would like to bring forward. The IP, which must be is written as I hope it will be corrected soon.

  3. Akhilesh says:

    I filled in the survey form and i am not sure how useful that form is. They ask about gymkhana infrastructure, mess food… they already know that due to rise in number of students, we need more space fr sports etc. They could have added a comments/suggestion section.

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