Sumit Singh




My name is Sumit Singh. I am a second year student of the department of Industrial and Systems
engineering enrolled in its dual degree course. I am from New Delhi. I am a boarder of Rajendra
Prasad hall of residence. I am contesting for the post of General Secretary Sports and Games,
Technology Students’ Gymkhana, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur for the academic
session 2014-2015.

 Statement of Purpose

Throughout my two years of stay at IIT Kharagpur I have actively involved in various sports
activities which developed my personality as a sportsman and also as an individual. In my first
year I won two silver medals in 100 meters and 110 meters hurdles in the fresher’s event of
athletics conducted my Technology Students’ Gymkhana. I was a member of the gold winning
inter hall athletics team of Rajendra Prasad Hall of residence .I won two gold medals in 4x100m
relay, 4x400mrelay and a silver medal in 400 meters. For the dedication and amount of hard work
that I put in I was awarded the best fresher sportsman of Rajendra Prasad hall of residence. In
my second year I represented IIT Kharagpur as a member of its athletics team in the 49th
inter IIT
sports meet held at IIT Guwahati. I was the vice-captain of the inter hall sliver winning athletics
team of Rajendra Prasad hall of residence. I won a total of five medals which includes two gold
medals in 4×100 meters relay, 4x400m relay one silver medal in 100meters and two bronze
medals in 200 meters and 400metres.
Apart from my achievements in sports activities I have also excelled in various other fields. I was
a gold medalist in the 7th
National Cyber Olympiad. I was one of the three students all over India
who were awarded the prestigious Prime Minister Golden Jubilee Scholarship for consecutive
two years. This scholarship is awarded for the outstanding performance in academics and sports.
I have also been awarded a pre Rajya Puraskar in Bharat Scouts and Guides. I was a member of
the guest reception team of the inter hall gold winning illumination and Rangoli of Rajendra
Prasad hall of residence. I was also a member of inter hall gold winning product design team of
Rajendra Prasad hall of Residence.
My mentioned achievements indicates that I always strive for excellence. If elected as the general
secretary sports and games I will work with utmost dedication and will fulfil my duties to the
best of my abilities.


Proposal 1:

Part 1: Creation of an information dissemination system for sports and games

I propose to introduce an online portal which will focus on making radical changes in important aspects. The online portal will highlight the following features:

  • The semi-final and final matches of all sports in the General Championship will be video recorded and uploaded on the portal. Same will be done for prominent inter-IIT practice matches.
  • After the conduction of the final matches of all inter-hall sports, there will be an in-depth report on the portal in collaboration with The Scholars’ Avenue and Aawaz. This report will seek to analyze the entire tournament, highlight key players and turning points.
  • There will be extensive coverage of the inter-IIT sports meet as well via this portal. Similar to IIT Bombay Broadcasting Channel, a couple of sports journalists will accompany the inter-IIT contingent and seek to provide immediate results, statistics and key clashes. At the end of each day, a “Captains’ Speak” video will be made where all captains will sit together and analyze the overall performance and chances of the contingent.
  • Two newsletters, specifically for sports and games, one before and one after the Inter-IIT sports meet will be published in collaboration with The Scholars’ Avenue and Aawaz.
  • This portal would also a database for accessing and assessing past records and performances.


  • Will increase the awareness and motivation for freshers which will in turn increase the participation and promotion of sports and games in institute.
  • Will give much needed recognition to sportspersons in the institute which will increase their confidence, motivation and hence performance. For example, there are some famous inspirational stories about inter IIT players; this portal well serve as a common platform for all those stories about dedication and determination.
  • The web portal will serve the purpose of providing day to day updates and happenings in sports and games in IIT Kharagpur for both current students and alumni.

Ground Work:

  • Portal has already been created and can be accessed at
  • Following features have already been incorporated :
  • Video and Report of the final match of inter hall badminton
  • Inter-IIT records of Athletics and Aquatics.
  • Inter IIT results
  • Inter hall points tally
  • Gymkhana Awards of 2012-2013
  • Have contacted Technology Film Making and photography Society (TFPS). They have a keen interest in this proposal and agreed to collaborate with Technology Students’ Gymkhana to provide video footage for important sporting events in the campus.
  • The Scholars’ Avenue and the Aawaz have given positive feedback regarding this proposal and are eager to contribute to sports coverage in the campus.

Part 2:  Online sports equipment purchase portal for students

IIT Kharagpur has a location disadvantage in terms of buying equipment on a large scale. Through this portal, any student can enlist the sports equipment required by them and deposit advance money. After fifteen days the whole inventory will be purchased from a recognized and expert sports dealer on whole sale price. After that the equipment will be distributed to the students with the bill of their item. This will ensure students are able to obtain sports equipment at a low price. 


  • It will provide a common platform to the sports community of IIT Kharagpur to buy sports equipment at a much lower price.
  • Good quality products will be supplied, and the onus will be on Gymkhana to ensure quality of the product being supplied.

Ground work:

We contacted:

1)     Bajaj sports, New Delhi

2)     Sahara sports ,Kolkata

3)     Planet sports ,Kolkata

4)     Olympia sports house, Kolkata

for purchasing items at whole sale prices and we were confirmed the availability of items of brands like Nivia, Cosco, Adidas, Nike, Stag, BDM, SG, GM, SS, ATE, Yonex, Usi universal, Kobo, Vijanti, Head, Vinex and VI with lowest possible prices and superior quality.

This system is well implemented in IIT Bombay. I have spoken to Mr. Harmin Shah, General Secretary, Sports Affairs, IIT Bombay for the academic session 2013-2014. Also the current General secretaries sports and games Mr. Abhishek Malhotra and Mr . Shrrinesh Balasubramanian have given positive feedback regarding this proposal.

Part 3: Online feedback Portal Regarding Sports and games

This feedback portal will only be visible while using the proxy server of IIT Kharagpur. Anyone can login with their institute email ids and can register a problem on the portal anonymously. The General Secretaries of Sports and Games and the secretary of the concerned sport or game have to reply back on the portal within 7 days clearly stating what steps have been taken to solve that particular problem.


  • Any student of IIT Kharagpur who is facing any kind of problem regarding sports and games can register the problem and office-bearers will respond in a time bound manner.

I have already created by scroll account which is an online feedback portal with the help of alums Mr. Gaurav Srivastava (2005 batch) and Mr. Arvind Ravi (2006 batch) and have also answered several questions already on the forum

Proposal 2:

“To increase the functional timings of different courts in Gymkhana”

Since there are limited number of courts for around 10,000 students in IIT Kharagpur, hence during the evening hours there is a lot of which not only deteriorates the courts but also creates problems for players. Hence I propose to increase the timings of courts till 11 pm. During the opening hours it will be ensured that proper rules and regulations are being followed and that players are maintaining the decorum of the Gymkhana. I have spoken to both the current General Secretaries regarding this issue and have found them in complete agreement with this proposal.


  • Increased timings will ensure that courts are available to Inter-IIT players for a longer duration.
  • Problem of heavy rush during the evening time will be solved to a great extent.
  • Will motivate those players who didn’t come to practice because of rush to practice at an hour of their choosing.

Proposal 3:

“Availability of a dietician (Sports Nutritionist) and a permanent orthopaedic doctor”


The Sports Dietician provides individual and group/team nutrition education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes, on-site and during travel. Ultimately the aim of the sports dietician is to maximize performance. The dietician will come in the month of August and on the basis of the physique of the inter-IIT players will recommend an appropriate diet. This will be followed by analysis on a week-to-week basis. This will surely enhance the performance of our players in Inter-IIT.


  • Counsels athletes on optimal nutrition for exercise training (match nutrition to training phases and goals), competition, recovery from exercise, weight management, hydration, immunity, disordered eating, travel, and supplementation.
  • Proper guidance will be there about the different supplements available.

Orthopaedic doctor

In the competitive world of sports, players are frequently injured. In most cases, the players that are injured have a significant impact on the performance of the team. These injuries, if not taken care of in a proper manner, lead to more aggravated problems. Hence, an orthopaedic doctor is required to ensure that athletes undergo correct and effective treatment so as to ensure speedy recovery. It is also required that this doctor is permanent as only recurring and persistent treatment is the solution to these kinds of injuries and a permanent doctor will ensure this.


  • Effective and early recovery from minor injuries sustained during practice.
  • A professional healing plan for players who have sustained long term injuries.
  • Increased confidence in our players while practicing as they are aware of a support mechanism in place.


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