Street Fighting to be included in Sports GC 2015-16

In a landmark move, the Gymkhana along with the requisite backing of the institute administration (read, a ‘signature’ at the right place), approved the addition of a new inter-hall event, Street Fighting. This event will be a part of next year’s Sports General Championships. This is another one of several bold steps taken by the IIT Kharagpur administration as it draws the curtains on its ‘Vision 2020’ plans. “With only five years left to 2020, this would serve as our public demonstration of institutional boldness and would be instrumental in improving our international rank by a few tens at least,” exclaimed a very excited Mr. B. J. Som, an alumnus of this institute and one of the drafters of IIT Kharagpur’s Vision 2020.


The man behind it all

This event was an initiative/proposal put forward by Ankit Ghanshyam, one of the G.Sec Sports candidates this year. He is fondly referred to as ‘Anky’ by his wingies and ‘Anky Bhai’ by his juniors in the Hall-that-wishes-not-to-be-named. Despite his subsequent failure to secure the post of G.Sec., the administration, highly impressed by this young man’s vision and ideas, was able to look past the petty ‘pactization’ of elections and decided to give a go-ahead to his ‘new-age’ proposal. The Scholars’ Avenue had also given this candidate glowing reviews in its proposal critiques before the elections. Ankit is a hardcore Salman Khan fan and misses his 7:30 lecture every morning due to his rigorous workout routine. He prefers to follow TNA over WWE, but has a soft spot in his heart for the ‘Attitude Era’ WWE. He will oversee the smooth installation of this new event next year, despite his apparent failure to oversee the installation, smooth or rough, of anything, as of yet (not even the elections).


Great time for Street Fighting

Street Fighting is quite a popular sport among the students of the campus. The Kohli-Agarkar-Nehra (KAN) loop holds rudimentary street fighting tournaments every semester, attended by many students with much fanfare. These Street Fighting games were until now dependent upon the Hockey and Cricket teams for their equipment. The recent altercation between the supporters of the two VP candidates (outside KAN loop) suffered greatly due to scanty supply of good quality cricket bats and hockey sticks. However, the inclusion of Street Fighting as an independent event in the GC will allow hall authorities to set aside exclusive funds for high-grade street fighting equipment. Interestingly, Ankit, in his proposal details, also mentioned discussions with the Counselling Centre. Recently, a research done by the Counselling Centre in conjunction with its sister concerns in the other 22 IITs earmarked KGPians as having a higher affinity to resort to violent tendencies, attributed to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, easier access to alcohol and related stimulants, the climate of the region and a general lack of ‘things to do offline’. This fosters a dangerous environment, highlighted by the maniacal “MT Hall Day incident” last year and the regular scuffles between hall supporters during GC events and student council elections. In a situation where several Kohli residents beat up a resident of the hall-that-wishes-not-to-be-named, after losing out on WTGW gold, and where ‘Bandi GPL’ and ‘Punch the VP’ are fast becoming a new fad, the administration has finally decided to take a stand. To quote Mr. Raghuram from the laboratory of friction of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, “We have reason to believe that violence is a part of a KGPian’s DNA. Instead of stifling it, it is time to embrace it with open arms, and hockey sticks and cricket bats.”


What to expect

Student members of the Hall Council, the Hall Senate, the Hall Parliament and the Hall Administrative Board have all unanimously given the green signal to include Street Fighting into the Sports GC 2015-16. The respective secretaries of the various halls have also promised to coordinate with Ankit to draw up a general rulebook for the event over the summer. “These are exciting times”, says Ankit, and we, like always, disagree. TSA wishes the best to everyone involved in the new Street Fighting GCs. Also, we promise to continue delivering timely updates, like we always do, on every single round of Street Fighting and every other GC event next year!

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