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As a campus newspaper, we at The Scholars’ Avenue try our best to make sure that we address as many of the student issues as we can. In an effort to better ourselves in this regard we look to you, our dear readers, to pinpoint specific questions that you would like asked to the administration. We will be interviewing the Dean of Student Affairs for our next issue and we would love to pose your questions to him.

So if you have any questions that you think affects a size-able set of students, please do post them as comments here.

Thank You!!

The Scholars’ Avenue Team


  1. naveen says:

    Why the general category students can only isuue form the library at a time while the SC/St student can issue 13 book at a time. They are already priviledges guys for not giving tution fee per semester, acquiring admission through quota system, so many scholarship from government etc. Then why this extra facility in library. Thsi is not a rule from the government. then why IIT imposing this facility to the SC/ST students. Make equal facility in library.

  2. souparno says:

    This ain’t so much a question more a request. Students facing disciplinary charges after having punishments meted out to them also have to bear the infamy of having their names displayed in public in all notice boards.They aren’t really criminals, it would perhaps be easier for them to mend ways if the public embarrassment could be bypassed.

  3. ram_jaane says:

    The question that naveen is asking is really good. I was wondering about this and hope DOSA gives a proper explanation and in future the student are treated not on the basis of their surname.

  4. LL.B_SPEAKS says:


  5. Sri Nitya says:

    My query is regarding the accommodation. There’s been a population explosion on campus. With the increasing intake, there are bound to be more number of girls on campus too. Why do the authorities fail to recognize that? In my first year, we were forced to stay double in single seater rooms. Now, half the third years and all the second and first years are double (in SN). And yes, the second and first years have been doubled in single seater rooms. When the Institute knew they were expecting more people than they could accommodate why is it taking so long for the hostels to come up? We’ve been waiting for the new wing (which by the way has all triple seater rooms) for a long time and it’s still going to take at least another two months. The new wing in MT also has all triple seater rooms and it is full (already)!! But, this is not the end.
    Next year, there might not be an increase in intake, but the number will sustain and we’ll again face the same problems, if not worse.
    In short, what is the Institute doing regarding the accommodation of girls?

  6. DOSA says:

    @DOSA Do u know how to make DOSA? :P

  7. Ankit Sethi says:

    Does he prefer sambhar or chutney?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, Naveen i don’t think even DOSA will do anything in this respect. If you know, the minimum credits required to clear a semester are much lower for them compared to general category students and also they get more number of attempts to clear all credits before getting thrown out of the institute. But i guess many of them need these privileges to decently compete with general category students. (OR remove reservations if you want fair competition, which ain’t possible :|)

    I also used to get pissed over this.I had same question as yours…but i have learnt my way out…ask some of your SCs/STs friends to issue books for you. They are generally generous people & very down to earth( n i’m saying this from my personal experience)

  9. anusha says:

    Query regarding GUEST HOUSE BOOKING:
    “100% payment has to be done if cancellation is done within 72 hours”,”Management of the guest house may at its discretion, Cancel a booking or offer alternate accommodation” are two of the terms while booking.
    If an alternate accommodation is provided, why should we pay the money charged by that guest house? The charges vary from 60Rs to 1500Rs.What if i cannot afford it?
    Can the management of guest house cancel the room within 1hour.Is it justifiable?
    Cancellation must be notified within a period of time and we must be allowed to pay the price of the booked guest house when an alternate accommodation is provided.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wish to know about the Durga Puja holidays…It’s a famous festival here and everything from Mess to night Canteens to Security remain closed or least not fully open during last four days . In that case how are they planning to manage us (the big student population)…Also it’s a break for first year’s mainly to go home instead of getting lost here due to over enthusiasm of moving around KGP and getting lost..Would there be alternate arrangements ?!

  11. Sri Nitya says:

    The campus has a Counseling Center. How many Professors know of it?
    What exactly is the role of a Faculty Advisor or a Mentor? Please spell out their duties, regarding their role as a Fac-Ad or a Mentor.

  12. Ashish says:

    I wish to know why our institute doesn’t support full compensation for presenting research papers in international conferences abroad. IIT Kanpur gives complete travel fare and all the expenses to its students for presenting papers in conferences abroad. But in our institute, only Rs. 15000/= is given towards registration fees and a mere Rs.10000/= towards travel fare. Since in most of the conferences it is mandatory for one author to be present so that the paper comes in the proceedings and online archives like IEEE,ACM etc, UG students who have published papers with their own effort are sometimes forced to pay a huge sum of money while going abroad. And moreover one can achieve this facility only once during his/her entire 4-5 years duration of stay, which is a pity on those who do really hard work and publish multiple papers during UG studies. This is a very serious issue and mostly demotivating UG students from going for good conferences abroad. I request you to kindly look into the matter.

  13. Kgpian says:

    There has been a steep rise in the awarding of sem/year back this sem both related to academic as well as so called disciplinary reasons.

    The administration’s attitude is just to punish the students and if anyone tries to raise their voice, they would be setting up a DC on him as well.

    Open medical schools when you are not able to maintain the standards of an engineering college. After the medical schools comes up, most probably in the diamond jubilee year, students would be forced to triple up in single rooms.

    Also since the number of cycles will increase, cycles will also be banned in the campus.

  14. Dheeraj says:

    My question is also regarding the Durga Puja vacations . There is only this one festival that Bengal celebrates to full enthusiasm. We are not given holidays even on Deepawali. Then why all of a sudden are we denied of DP vacations. The sem has started on time and it will end on the same time as last years. So how are our respected professors planning to utilize the extra time ?? This is just the midway of the sem and 70% of our lab classes are over. If they are not allowing us to go home, then what do they plan to do with us … here ??

  15. saunak says:

    What are you planning to do with regards to registration for semester?The extremely long queues of people jostling for breathing space seems pathetic given that we are Indian Institute of “TECHNOLOGY”.Why can’t we have a fully online process ?

  16. Tanmay Ghonge says:

    Why cant we take Central Library’s books in for reading.
    It is allowed in other IIT’s. Why not in Kgp?

  17. skeptic says:

    Regarding Disciplinary Committee: There are rules for DC as well, is our honorable DOSA following it? Apart for forcing students out of there rooms & make them write confession letters in his office & imposing Sem backs has he done anythg for students for last 2 months? Our Diro has his explanation for his resignation which he said that was under students pressure, So Mr. Dosa wt abt this pressure on UG students? And for last 2 months he was trying hard to set an example of Disciplinary Actions against students which are involved in OP. I would bet that in this 2 months time they havnt given any thought regarding BC Roy Hospital this year.

    Another issue is regarding new furniture on campus. We want to know how much this cost them? because they are not worth 8000 rupees so as a regular fees payer i would like to know how much did this thing cost them?

  18. praween says:

    why the holidays are so less in Durga Pooja this time?

  19. pineapple says:

    There should be an arrangement for students to pay library fine in the library itself… as of now its bureaucracy at its height. In addition to it, there should be an arrangement for students to register for their semesters in their respective departments. The institution should live up to its reputation and name. Optimization and smart thinking should be inspired rather than bureaucracy and mismanagement.

  20. The Burning of Books says:

    This reminds me of the ingenious exigency arrangement in the library. In the event of a fire, the recently installed sophisticated alarm system shall spring to life. The glow-in-the-dark boards positioned at different locations in the library shall guide you to the emergency exits. When you arrive there, you shall see that the emergency exit doors are guarded by huge locks. If you try the main exit, you might find that it is blocked due to the fire. However, fear not, as the security guards are adept at handling such a situation. Despite the fire, they shall manage to obtain the key that opens a small cabinet on the inside wall of the main entrance. Here lie the emergency exit keys that they shall then retrieve, fight through the students and skillfully open the emergency exits.

  21. Soothsayer says:

    Why do we pay so much money for ILLU when it means loads of work for the hall boarders, sleepless nights, the terror of the odd semesters… when we can donate money to the orphanage/GYWS or atleast use it for Hall maintenance?? We have more and more people in the halls, and we do not have enough bathrooms. How do you expect 64 people to manage with 4 bathrooms & 4 toilets out of which a maximum of 2 can be used at a time? Where does the money we pay for go? We have termites, ants and other insects making holes in our clothes. Can we atleast expect a minimum level of maintenance? The mess is being ill maintained. Not even half the food ordered reaches us. People have been admitted at B.C.Roy with cases of food poisoning. Please look into the matter.

    SN Hall of Residence

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