Open IIT 5km Road Race

The Open IIT 5 km road race organised by the Technology Students’ Gymkhana took place in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, the 22nd of October. The event took off at 6:30 am with the starting line being located outside the Tata Sports Complex. From there, the 43 participants had to run to the Gymkhana, before completing two full rounds of the familiar 2.2 km stretch which characterises IIT Kharagpur. The winner was Rabin Kumar Naik from Azad Hall, who ran the distance and arrived at the finishing point outside the Gymkhana in an astounding 18 minutes and 25 seconds. Finishing as first runner-up was Ambrish Raigonde, also from Azad Hall, followed by Tushar Amruttkar from Nehru Hall in 3rd place.


This event is generally the first out of the sport Open IITs, however it was delayed this year due to untimely rains. Nevertheless, the timing was perfect as it served to be a perfect lead-up to its big brother which is to come – the inter hall 6.6 km road race scheduled on next Saturday, the 29th of October. The maximum number of participants from one hall is 4 for the inter hall event, while it was 6 for the Open IIT.


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